Which version of fences is free?

There are two versions of “fences”: the paid version and the free one. The question which version of fences are completely free and which one is a paid service?

The free version is available in the Mac App Store. However, it is not called as “fences” in the app name. Instead, it is called as “spaced” and downloads as “Spaced Free”. The “spaced” app does not contain anyfencing features and is available only as a free option to install and run on your computer. The free version of the app will allow you to schedule important events such as reminders and to-do’s. The app is visually similar to other popular to-do apps such as Wunderlist.

Free Spaced App

The paid version of “fences” is available at theapp store. The free trial gives you a 14 day trial with full features unlike the free version that gives you only 30 days trial period. As of the 2017, the cost for the single user license is $39.99 and the Family pack is $69.99. If your Mac came with AppleCare support, you can get an extra 60 days with your purchased license.

Fences and Spaced – Similarities

We like the similarities between Fences and Spaced. In addition to the 30 day trial period, boththe apps allow you to add your logins in to the app. Thus, once you install the app along with the login, you can access the username and password through the app. This makes setting up a new computer using the existing stored password easy. Both the app have their desktop applications and a web interface. Both work on iCloud and Dropbox to share the data. The interface is clean and pretty similar to each other, so you can understandthe app without using any instructions. The primary difference is the “Fences” offers advanced options to set up and manage private and work projects compared to the “spaced” that only allows tasks/to-do lists. We will describe the advanced features of Fences below.

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Fences forwork and home projects

This is the premium feature of “fences”. You can create unlimited projects and access them from anywhere. You can group your projects for work and home and create separate portals for different projects. This is an effective way of organizing multiple ongoing projects and keeping them away from your day-to-day activities. When you launch the project, you will see the list of all the tasks. You can drag and drop the tasks to assign the priorities. You can also set reminders, due date and tag the task as necessary. Note: the non-premium version of “Spaced” has a similar feature to group the todos. We suggest you try out the free version of “Space” then upgrade to the “Fence” for more features. Trying out“space” first will be like testing the fence before buying it.

With thepremium version of the “fence”, you can add your team members and can keep all the team activities in one place. Team members can access the same through a website as well as through a free app on iOS and Android. This allows you to share the todos between members of your team. You can assign the tasks and set status update for the team. You can also get the email notifications for all the new updates in the projects you are working on. Multiple users can collaborate on a single project and you can keep the clean organization of your work by grouping thetasks in different groups. Rolling out new features of the “project” will require some time as the developers are still making updates to the product. Currently, you can create the “projects”, add contacts and assign the tasks to them only. There is no options for adding notes, scheduling time and assigning timings to the task. These features will be available in the future updates.

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The “password director” is another interesting feature that allows you to store and share your passwords securely. You can put all your passwords in the vault and share it with your team members. No need to write passwords or share them through insecure mediums such asemail. The “password director” is available on all platforms including iOS, Android, desktop and the web. It allows you to store the credentials of websites, software, documents, and applications. You can organize the entries by tagging them and assigning a timer to them. In future, the password manager will be integrated with all the “Project” features so youcan keep all the passwords and credentials in one repository.

Overall, “fence” is an advanced tool to keep all your works organized. There is much more you can do with the premium version. You can try out “space” to get the similar experience before upgrading to the “fence”.

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