Where is my apps store?

Windows 10 has a new application model called “Universal Windows Platform” (UWP) . You can use your Universal Windows App (UWP) either in the Windows 10 Store or sideloading it on another computer running Windows 10.

Why should I use the Windows 10Store?

The main reason is that the users can easily find and download your app. These users can also rate and review your app in the store. The developers get analytics data about their app downloads , views, crashes, etc. Also, the apps can consume other services like location, contacts, calendar, etc. from the operating system. So, if you are developing any app, it is better to install it in the Store.

  • The end users can find your apps and install it from the store.
  • You get more control over thecode and stability of the app.
  • You can use background tasks, push notifications and other features (like Cortana integration).

Can I install my app in another computer?

You can sideload the UWP package on another computer without installing it in the store. This is useful for testing or troubleshooting issues with your UWP app. Sideloading is possible if both computers are running the Enterprise version ofWindows 10, but you can use a workaround if you are not using Enterprise version. The limitation is that you will need to manually install the updated version of the UWP app. So, it is not recommended to use sideloaded apps regularly and go through the complicated process every time.

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For more details, see our article on how to install and uninstall UWP apps.

Managing Store Apps

  • Click on the “Task View (desktop view)” button on the task bar. Alternatively, press “Ctrl + Tab” and then press “Tab” again to open the tab view. This will open the task view under the “Settings” category. Click on the “Microsoft Store” button to open the MicrosoftStore.

Open Windows Store in Task Manager

  • You can switch back to the normal desktop view by clicking “Show desktop” button in the task manager or pressing the “Esc” key.

Switch to Desktop View in Task Manager

Accessing Apps in Task View

  • You can click on the “All Apps” button in the top right corner to view all yourinstalled or purchased (free) from the Store. The apps are sorted alphabetically, so you may need to scroll down to the view your apps. Each app can be expanded into subcategories to see more details. When expanded, you can see the last updated time, rating and comments. You can also click on “Install” or “Uninstall” buttons to activate the tile. If you need to access the installed version, click on the “Launch” button which will open the app. Be careful, this will launchthe installer to install a newer version of the app. You need to donwload the new version through the store and install it from there. The new version of the app will be installed with the “Launch” icon. You can right click on the “Launch” icon to see all the previous versions of the installed app. You can uninstall the previous versions.
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View All Installed and PurchasedApps in Taskview

Installing Additional Extensions for an app

Most of the built-in apps for Windows 10 have extensions for other services. For example, if you have the “Movies & TV” app, you can install “Evolve” extension from “Extensions” category. The extension is developed by Microsoft itself and is open source. The app has many additional features, such as multiplayer, achievements, DVR and more. To install, click the “Get”button, then follow the installation instructions. The installation process should download a .zip file and extract it. You may need to restart theapp for the extension to activate.

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Additional Question – Where is my apps store?

How do I install App Store? : On Android devices that support Google Play, the Play Store app is pre-installed, and some Chromebooks support downloading it. Go to the Apps section of your device to find the Google Play Store app. Touch Google Play Store. You can search for and browse through content to download once the app has launched.
Can I download App Store app on Android? : You cannot download the Apple App Store onto an Android device because, right down to their programming languages, they are two entirely different platforms. iOS and Android OS are so dissimilar from one another that they essentially cannot coexist.
Is the App Store free? : Distribution of free and paid apps for iOS and Android in 2022. In the Google Play app store, 97 percent of the apps were free as of July 2022. The number of free apps has consistently outpaced the number of paid apps in both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

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