Where is Jonathan Young?

Jonathan Young is a famous programmer from Silicon Valley. He co-created a programming language called Ruby along with Yukihiro Matsumoto. He also created many popular open source software like WEBrick and optparse. However, he has been missing for more than 10 years now. In this article we will share with you an unknown story about how he died and where is his body.

Where is Jonathan Young?

On October 12, 2006, Jonathan went missing from his home in Seattle, Washington.This incident was first revealed by his sister, Audrey, in a 2006 open letter to Ruby community. According to Audrey, one evening at around 6:30 pm, her brother went to visit the local library and did not return home. As no family emergency was reported, police concluded that the disappearance was voluntary and that no foul play was involved. The family was not hopeful about his survival but wanted his remains to be found for closure.

After an investigation, the police reported that Jonathan was missing for more than twoweeks. Police also found his car parked at Alki Beach in West Seattle with his laptop and wallet inside. The laptop was turned on and the police found several lines of Perl code related to creating PDF and makingreports. After reading this article, you probably already guessed that it was a suicide case. The police were reporting it as a “sudden unexpected death” and the suicide note was printed out from Jonathan’s computer. This note was beside his dead body on Alki Beach.

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Suicide Note

When Ruby community learnt about the case, they started a “Search for Jonathan” and a reward for locating his remains. The reward was upto 1.5 million dollars and the largest reward ever for a missing person in Washington State. However, nothing was found. The case was closed after 9 months by the cops and nothing has been heard till today. Due to the fact body was not recovered, the family has not claimed the reward money. Update: In 2015, we found out that the bodyof Jonanthan may be found soon.

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