Where can I draw in PC?

Drawing is a hobby for everyone. Whether you are a kid or an experienced artist, you feel your picture or sketch is the best. Using smartphone for this purpose is easy and convenient. But there are times when you don’t have access to a smartphone. Drawing program for Windows is probably the only reason why you should stay with Windows and buy a new laptop or desktop. The programs allow you to draw,sketch, edit photos and have some fun with your creations.

Soon after Windows 7 release, Microsoft released Paint 3D as the default image editing program. Itis still there on Windows 10, but Microsoft has updated it and added new features. Now Windows 10 comes with various apps including Paint 3D, Sketchbook, Sticky Notes, Snipping Tool and so on. In this article, we will explain some of the apps and show you how to use one of them to draw in Paint 3D.

Draw inSketchbook App

One of the reasons to stick to Windows PC is the availability of the Microsoft Store. You get all the apps on your computer by default. The store is categorized in various Apps, Games and Tools sections. You can install any of the available apps from the store. Additionally, the Store app has a Featured section which displays some of the top apps on thestore. You can install any of these top apps on your PC from the store.

Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Sketchbook App

The Sketchbook app is one of the top featured and widely used drawing and designing applications in the store. The app is originally developed by Autodesk Inc. You caninstall the app from the Microsoft Store and sign in with your user credentials. The app is free to use and integrates directly with OneDrive to provide cloud storage for your images. It has a Classic and Express mode. The Classic mode is available to you from the launch screen of the app. It has all the drawing tools available at one place using the ribbon interface. The Express mode is available from thescreen which has a guide area on the left and shortcuts for quick access to the tools on the right.

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Launch Sketchbook

Canvas Area

  • When you open the canvas, you will see all the controls on the screen. It has a ribbon interface on the top with different colors for the different tools. The left part has the guide area with a painting tool. It is simply there to help you fill the blank areas on the canvas. Some of the tools in the guide area are broken ininto more than one subcategories. For example, Paint Brush has different sizes and color picker options. On the right side, you will find the options for Undo / Redo, Eraser / Eraser tool / Erase

    The Full Canvas With Ribbon Controls

    • Brush / Fill / Text / Color / Add New Layer / Layers / Toggle Grid.

    The Shortcuts

    Tools Overview

    • The Zoom / Pan / Rotate / View / Foreground Color / Background Color / Undo and Redo tools are pretty muchessential and available in the common list.
    • You can change the size and color of the brush from the options. Additionally, you can increase the hardness of your paintbrush with settings.
    • The Erase / Eraser / Erase tool / Brush / Fill options enables you to erase a specific portion of the image or fill the background with a specific color. You can paint on the image byusing the Foreground / Background / Gradient colors.

    A Few of the Drawing Tools

    Painting With Line Tool / Ellipse Tool / Rectangle Tool / Hand / Translucent Pen / Sculpting / Smooth / Smudge / Smudge / ArtPen / Artistic Painting / Watercolor / Oil / Autumn Leaves / Snowflake / Type / Stencil / Marker / Stipple / Airbrush / Black Ink / White Ink / Metallic / Glitter / Glow / Shade / Chalk / Pencil / 64 Colors / 100 Colors / 1000 Colors / 100 Markers / 200 Markers / 3000 Marker / 5000 Markers / 15000 Color.

    The Different Available Tools

    Brush Strokes / Save / Print / Share / Preview / Reset to Default.

    The Capabilities of the Different Items

    The Draw Feature in Notepad App

    Another drawing application available in theMicrosoft store is Notepad. Unlike the classic notepad, this application allows you to directly write your notes in text format. You can actually add images, but it is not a sketching or painting application. In the app, click the “+” button and select “Draw +” from the drop-down menu. You can place any SVG file from your computer’s “My Documents” folder. Alternatively, you can use the “File > Open” option to locate the file.

    The Draw Buttons in Notepad

    Create a Doodle in Sticky Notes

    Sticky Notes isthe default note taking application in Windows 10. You can enable the doodle option by clicking on the hamburger menu and clicking on “Add doodles”. You can enable it for the entire sticky note or individual lines of a note. Then you can simply click on doodling icon and start doodling inside the sticky note.

    Enable Doodling in StickyNotes

    Colored Pencils in OneNote

    OneNote is another important and essential app in Windows operating system. You can take notes, copy entire pages from a book or article and add your own notes. OneNote is available on Android and iOS as well. The notebook in the app is shared between all your devices. You can install the Windows desktop application on anycomputer to start creating your notebooks, sections, pages and post your notes. The tablet version is available for iPads and Android devices. Similar to other apps, you can click the “+” button in the top panel and choose the “Draw +” option. From the drop-down menu, select the “Colored Pencils +” item and start creating your drawings inside the OneNote notebook.

    Choose Colored Pencils fromRibbon

    Using a Camera Photo in Paint (Advanced)

    All the apps and games in the Microsoft Store are installed in a writable location. You can uninstall any app from the folder. However, all the files and settings will still be there. This isdefinitely not working for games which become useless after you uninstall them. For other apps, you can simply delete the files from the “AppData\Local\Packages” folder. For educational purpose, you can disable this capability by changing the DWORD value to 0. This will stop other applications from writing to the operating system folders. The instructions are available on MSDN help page.

    This is not the solution when you want to save or open your artwork from an external source. Forthat, you need to install an advanced photo editing program. The inking capabilities are integrated into the advanced photo editing programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW and so on. You can use any of the programs to open and edit your images. Moreover, these programs have their own specific inking options like brushes, pens, watercolor and so on. They are available as separate Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions.

    We have already explained the steps on how to install and use Photoshop in our previousarticles. You can also watch the video below that shows the process of installing and using Photoshop. The video also shows the inking capabilities and how to create a simple painting with pencil and watercolor.

    The program is very powerful and very CPU demanding. Hence, it is not advisable touse it on an old computer with many features disabled like Aero or animations. Additionally, the 15-day free trial is not sufficient to learn the basics of the program. We recommend you to create yourself a 30-day free trial account from Adobe website. That way, you can try the program fully and you will belikely to buy one of the subscription plans.

    The other solution is to use an online photo editor. There are plenty of online editors available in the market, but you can save the files to a device connected to your computer. Unlike offline editors, you cannot save the images in high resolution. This is mostly because storing high-res images on the cloud would require high storage space. For example, Adobe Photoshop has a camera support which allows you to insert a photo directly fromyour mobile device into the software. The online editors do not have this option. Though you can still upload your photos from your device, then start editing them in the cloud. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can download the images in original resolutions. You can also share the URL of the pictures with others.

    There are several free online photo editors likePixlr, Fotor, BeFunky, SumoPaint, Ribbet and Canva. We have already written an in-depth comparison of these applications. Theyre all great and have their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Pixlr and Fotor are both free and offer a lot of customization options. On the other hand, BeFunky and Sumopaint are premium apps and you have to pay a small subscription fee to use them. Before making a decision, you should test all the online and offline alternatives forpainting and drawing.

    The editor you choose should have some essential features. Some of the important ones are importing external pictures, layers, brushes, background inking and exporting the final image. If you are a beginner, then the editor should have a simple user interface with a floating toolbar. The toolbar should be able to access most of the editing options easily. You should then create a few paintings with different types of brushes to understand how each of the features work.

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