What schema means?

What schema means? : Definition of schema 1 : a diagrammatic presentation broadly : a structured framework or plan : outline . 2 : a mental codification of experience that includes a particular organized way of perceiving cognitively and responding to a complex situation or set of stimuli.
What’s an example of a schema? : Schemata represent the ways in which the characteristics of certain events or objects are recalled , as determined by one’s self-knowledge and cultural-political background. Examples of schemata include rubrics, perceived social roles, stereotypes, and worldviews.
What is a schema in a database? : A database schema specifies the logical constraints, including table names, fields, data types, and the connections between these entities, that govern how data is arranged in a relational database.

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1. Instances : Instances are the collection of information stored at a particular moment. The instances can be changed bycertain CRUD operations as like addition, deletion of data. It may be noted that any search query will not make any kind of changes in the instances. 

Example – Let’s say a table teacher in our database whose name is School, suppose the table has 50 records so the instance of the database has 50 records for now and tomorrow we are going to add another fifty records so tomorrow the instance have total 100 records. This is called an instance. 

2.Schema : Schema is the overall description of the database. The basic structure of how the data will be stored in the database is called schema. 

Schema is of three types: Logical Schema, Physical Schema and view Schema. 

  • Logical Schema – It describes the database designed at logical level.
  • Physical Schema– It describes the database designed at physical level.
  • View Schema – It defines the design of the database at the view level. 
  • Example – Let’s say a table teacher in our database name school, the teacher table require the name, dob, doj in their table so we design a structure as :  

    Teacher tablename: Stringdoj: datedob: date 

    Above given is the schema of the table teacher. 

    Difference between Schema and Instance: 


    It is the overall description of the database. It is the collection of information stored in a database at a particular moment.
    Schema is same for whole database. Data in instances can be changed using addition, deletion, updation.
    Does not change Frequently. Changes Frequently.
    Defines the basic structure of the database i.e how the data will be stored in the database. It is the set of Information stored at a particular time.
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    What is another word for schema? : OTHER WORDS FOR schema 1 outline, framework, model.
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    • architecture
    • arrangement
    • blueprint
    • chart
    • comp
    • composition
    • conception
    • constitution
    • construction
    • delineation
    • depiction
    • diagram
    • doodle
    • drawing
    • dummy
    • form
    • formation
    • idea
    • layout
    • makeup
    • map
    • method
    • model
    • outline
    • paste-up
    • pattern
    • perspective
    • picture
    • plan
    • project
    • scheme
    • strategy
    • study
    • tracery
    • tracing
    • treatment
    • game plan

    How to use schema in a sentence

    Even less may a logical schema of this sort be regarded as representing a universal law of development.


    In the first place, the schema is a conception which relates not to the reality apprehended but to us.


    Yet, on Kant’s general account of a schema, the schematizing must actually bring a manifold under the corresponding conception.



    OCTOBER 26, 1985


    • action
    • aim
    • angle
    • animus
    • big picture
    • brainchild
    • child
    • conation
    • conspiracy
    • deliberation
    • end
    • enterprise
    • game plan
    • gimmick
    • goal
    • intendment
    • intrigue
    • lay of the land
    • machination
    • meaning
    • notion
    • object
    • objective
    • picture
    • pitch
    • plan
    • play
    • plot
    • point
    • project
    • proposition
    • purport
    • purpose
    • recipe
    • reflection
    • scenario
    • scene
    • schema
    • scheme
    • setup
    • story
    • target
    • thinking
    • thought
    • trick
    • undertaking
    • view
    • volition
    • what’s cooking
    • will
    • architectures
    • arrangements
    • blueprints
    • charts
    • compositions
    • comps
    • conceptions
    • constitutions
    • constructions
    • delineations
    • depictions
    • diagrams
    • doodles
    • drawings
    • dummies
    • formations
    • forms
    • ideas
    • layouts
    • makeups
    • maps
    • methods
    • models
    • outlines
    • paste-ups
    • patterns
    • perspectives
    • pictures
    • plans
    • schemes
    • studies
    • traceries
    • tracings
    • treatments
    • flow diagram
    • flow sheet
    • schema
    • schema chart
    • scheme
    • step-by-step diagram
    • structural outline
    • bare-bones
    • cage
    • carcass
    • fabric
    • frame
    • frame of reference
    • groundwork
    • plan
    • schema
    • scheme
    • shell
    • skeleton
    • structure
    • bare bones
    • cages
    • fabrics
    • frame of references
    • frames
    • groundwork
    • plans
    • schemas
    • schemes
    • shells
    • skeletons
    • structures
    • adjustment
    • approach
    • arrangement
    • channels
    • course
    • custom
    • design
    • disposal
    • disposition
    • fashion
    • form
    • formula
    • habit
    • line
    • manner
    • mechanism
    • mode
    • modus
    • modus operandi
    • nuts and bolts
    • plan
    • practice
    • proceeding
    • process
    • program
    • receipt
    • recipe
    • redtape
    • ritual
    • rote
    • routine
    • rubric
    • rule
    • rut
    • schema
    • scheme
    • shortcut
    • style
    • system
    • tack
    • tactics
    • technic
    • technique
    • tenor
    • the book
    • usage
    • way
    • ways and means
    • wise
    • wrinkle
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    Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

    Additional Question — What schema means?

    What are the four types of schema?

    Four schemata help us makes sense of experiences: prototypes, personal constructs, stereotypes and scripts.

    Where do schemas come from?

    Schemas are developed based on information provided by life experiences and are then stored in memory. Our brains create and use schemas as a short cut to make future encounters with similar situations easier to navigate.

    How do you use schema in a sentence?

    The data can become meaningless in the absence of a schema. Returns the index in self’s schema of the first column with the given name. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to matter how many of them I come across, I remain incapable of modifying the schema.

    Is schema same as database?

    In MySQL, schema is synonymous with database. As the query is written to create the database, similarly the query can be written to create the schema. Logical structure can be used by the schema to store data while memory component can be used by the database to store data.

    Who is related to the word schema?

    Jean Piaget, a developmental psychologist, coined the term “schema” in 1923. Schemas were one of the main elements of Piaget’s proposed stage theory of cognitive development.

    How do you say the word schema?

    What is a mental schema?

    Mental schemata are more generally thought of as long-term memory stores for abstract problem frames. from: Acquisition of Complex Arithmetic Skills and Higher-Order Mathematics Concepts, 2017.

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    What does schema mean in reading?

    SCHEMA: Schema is a reader’s background knowledge. It is all the information a person knows – the people you know, the places you have been, the experiences you have had, the books you have read – all of this is your schema. Readers use their schema or background knowledge to understand what they are reading.

    What is self schema in psychology?

    In order to organize information about oneself, people often have beliefs and thoughts about themselves, which are referred to as self-schema. Self-schemas are broad generalizations about oneself based on one’s behavior in the present and their past experiences.

    What are the 3 types of schema?

    There are three different kinds of schema: logical, physical, and view. It describes the database created at a logical level. Physical Schema The database’s physical design is described by this schema. View Schema This specifies the database design down to the level of the view.

    What are the 3 types of schema theory?

    2 Three Types of Schema Schema can be classified into three types: linguistic schema, content schema and formal schema (Carrell, 1984).

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