What is SA on TikTok?

TikkTok is one of the biggest apps in the social media world. The app has its focus on short videos, similar to Instagram or Snapchat. Recently the app has introduced many new features to make the video sharing experience more fun. One of the latest features is “S.A.” which helps you express your feelings in your videos. In this article, we will explain what isSA on TikTok and how you can use the feature.

What Is SA on TikTok

When you post a video on TikToK, there are 3 different reactions from viewers i.e, love, watch and sad. A viewer can react by swiping up/down on the screen. While you record a video, you can enable “S.A.” option. When this option is enabled, you can see 3 heart shaped emojis at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to select any of the emojis to trigger aspecific reaction from your viewers.

By default, the “S.A.” option is disabled when you start recording your video. You can enable it by selecting the “3 dots” button on the top right of the screen as shown below.

Enable “S.A.” Option on Screen

Once you enable the “3 dots” option, tap on the “3 hearts”button at the bottom right of the screen to enable “S.A.” option for the current video.

Confirming Enable “3 Hearts” Option

Using SA on Your Videos

When you record a video, the eventual goal is to get more views and share videos to forward to more users. When “3 hearts” option is on, a viewer can tap on any of the 3heart shaped emojis to view the reaction. Alternatively, they can tap on the emoticons and swipe up/down to reveal your sentiments. The emoji also shows the count of times the button was tapped to show more emotion. This result in more views and likes, making it more attractive to other users. This in turn helps to increase your followers on your app.

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Fake Reactions

Initially,you might think it is great to slap on the “3 love” emoji to see an immediate increase in reactions and more likes. This is not how it works on TikTok. When “3 hearts” feature is on, the emoji shows your true emotions to thevideo. This means if you slap on the emoji at the start, the number of taps will be low. Your others followers will not find any emotion in your expression and will ignore even liking the video. This will in turn reduce the number of likes you get from the offensive use of “3 loves” emoji also. This has been proven as one of the ofcauses of decrease in popularity of some accounts. So, be careful when you turn on the “3 loved” or “3 hates” button. Any real user will know the difference and will use your expression to judge you.

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