What is OG in gaming?

For many people, the OG in online gaming is “out-of-game”. However, it has a different meaning in the online world. OG in online gaming stands for “original gangster”, where gamers use this word to refer to themselves and other experienced players that are respected by others. It might also be referred to as “OG” for short.

For many gamers, being “OG” is a status that they gain as they rise through theranks of a game. They might be a diamond or master 1 rank. The ranks could be in League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, or any other game where it is possible to obtain such ranks.

How To Get “OG” in Gaming

How you get “OG” depends on your specific game. Most games will have rankings for players to show that they are better than others. In Dota 2, aspoints are collected, you will get promoted to the next rank. Once you reach level 25, you are also considered to be an “OG” in that game. However, just like in real life, becoming “OG” is harder than you think. So if you ever want to be “OG”, you need to play the ranked matches. You will also continually learn new skills and improve your gameplay as you play more matches. This will increase your chances of getting “OG”.

Getting “O.G.” in League Of Legends

  • Play in the ranked leagues. In Leagueof Legends, your ranking is based on your win-loss percentage.
  • Always play a game that is within your skill. When you lose, you should review your gameplay to see where you went wrong and fix it.
  • Join a support group and work with your team. This will help you win more games as teamwork is so important inLeague of Legends.
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Getting “O.G.” in Dota 2

  • Your Dota 2 ranking is based on your MMR or matchmaking rating. This rating is calculated based on the games that you play and the ratings of youropponents. You can get a higher MMR by playing better characters and improving your skills.
  • If you are struggling to get “O.G.”, you can boost it by buying Dota Plus. Dota Plus will raise your MMR for 7 days, and you can increase your rank as you play more games.

Get “O.G.” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Youget a CS:GO competitive skill rating based on your total kills, assists, and deaths. The more points you have, the higher your skill rating will be. The skill ratings range from silver I to global elite and above. The average skill level of a player is silver III, but to reach “O.G.”, you need to play at the top skill level.

Being “O.G.” in Fortnite

Fortnite is an interesting case, since you can not have a complete ranking system like the other mentioned games. The reason is their monetization with skins and a market for trading skins. Despite this, you can still be recognized asa “noobie” or noob and “pro” or pro.

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What Is an “Original Gangster”?

Whatever your definition of “original gangster” is, we can all agree that it is something admirable. Being “the original” means that you are the first or one of the first people to do something. In online gaming, being “the original” means you have been playing your game for a long time, and youhave developed the best strategies. You might not be the best gamer in the world, but you are better than everybody else. This might be hard to grasp at first, but to some people, it just means that you are top of the food chain.

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