What is a very logical person?

A logical person is one who’s brain is organized in a way that makes it easy to understand. In this groovyPost, we’ll look at some signs of a logical thinker.

  • Logical thinkers are confident, precise, and decisive.
  • They have a high tolerance for ambiguity and don’t panic in high-pressure situations.
  • They usually understand that things rarely make sense the momentthey happen. They think about things, then come to a conclusion.

Examples of Logical Thinkers

Logical thinkers are
capable of understanding complex ideas and explain them to others. You know the kind of person, they’re always the person who you want to share information with. They’re also thekind of person you want working for you, or leading a team.

Giving Explanations from a Logical Thinker

Being a logical thinker doesn’t mean that a person is necessarily considered “smart,” or “good at math.” In fact, many people we consider “smart” are not technically known as “logical thinkers.” Many of the school subjects that emphasize logic, like philosophy,science, and mathematics are traditionally (and unfortunately) viewed as “heavier” or “more difficult” than other curriculum, which purports to “dumb-down” content to make it more “accessible.”

This essentially means that “brainy” people who may have trouble with things like reading social cues, or daydreaming, are instead encouraged to focus their energy on “mental gymnastics,” and “puzzle solving.” This, sadly, leads many people to believe that being “smart” or “educated”is equivalent to being “strange” or “weird.” However, being “logical” and being “unsocial” are not the same thing. Being “busy” does not equate to being “smart.” Being “creative” does not equate to being “stupid.” Being “studious” does not equate with being “weird.”

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Lacking Social Skills While Being Smart

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