What do we mean it is redundant?

What do we mean it is redundant? : Definition of redundant 1a: Going above and beyond what is required or normal . using more words than necessary; b: characterized by or containing an excess.

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A small team of software engineers can leverage decades worth of theoretical work and tool build-up to make thousands of office workers redundant.

Online , explicit source citation tends to be redundant: you don’t need notes, because, ideally, you can click to an original source.

Using statistics, the scientists determined which combinations of descriptors were the key ones — those used most often without being redundant.

The thing is, most of these coordinates are redundant, because many of the shapes share borders.

Developers realize that much of the functionality they need to build into an app is redundant to what many other companies are toiling over.

The goal is to reduce redundant doses and increase coverage levels in developing countries.

And few had the automation or redundant power sources to keep pumps running.

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Translations of redundant

in Chinese (Traditional)

額外的, (尤指詞、片語等)多餘的,不需要的,累贅的,囉唆的, 不被僱用的…

in Chinese (Simplified)

额外的, (尤指词、短语等)多余的,不需要的,累赘的,啰唆的, 不被雇用的…

in Spanish

redundante, redundante [masculine-feminine], redundante (by cutting template).

in Portuguese

supérfluo, ser demitido por falta de trabalho, redundante…

in more languages

in Japanese

in Turkish

in French

in Catalan

in Arabic

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Polish

in Malay

in German

in Norwegian

in Korean

in Ukrainian

in Italian

in Russian

işsiz, boş,ihtiyaç fazlası…

superflu/-ue, licencié/-ée, licencié…

superfluo, eccedente, licenziato…

уволенный, сокращенный, излишний…

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Is redundant means repetitive? : Repetitive does not equate to redundant. Because the word “redundant” implies repetition, people occasionally become perplexed. In actuality, the word has a completely different meaning. redundant translates as unnecessary or superfluous.
What is an example of redundancy? : When we combine two or more words that have the same meaning, such as “adequate enough,” we are using redundancy. When a modifier’s meaning is already present in the word it modifies, such as “merge together,” we also refer to something as being redundant. We should strive to be as concise and clear as possible when writing.
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Interviewer: Could you briefly describe two of your strongest qualities? Candidate: I rarely make mistakes. I’m able to fix my mistakes when I make them. Interviewer: OK. List your two weaknesses. I overuse expressions, therefore I am the candidate. Every time, I continue to make the same mistakes. A group of two or more words that repeat the same concept is referred to as a redundant expression. Examples of redundant expressions include the following: brief summary, repeat again, return back, current trend, few in number, absolutely necessary, twelve noon, and twelve midnight. Each of the phrases lacks a necessary word. For instance, the phrase “brief summary” is redundant because the word “brief” repeats the definition of the word “summary.” Pleonasm is another term for redundancy. Look at this illustration. Both am and in the morning have the same meaning in the sentence “We will meet at 7 am.” To make the sentence more readable, it would be wise to remove either of the phrases. Another illustration would be: I’m positive he took my pen. I personally witnessed him stealing it. With my own eyes is redundant in the second sentence because seeing is the same as noticing something with the eyes.

Learners of English should know what redundancy is and why they should avoid it while speaking and writing. If learners do not understand the meaning of the words in redundant expressions, they may continue to use them while speaking and writing. Some erroneously justify usingredundant expressions as they think redundancies are used for emphasis. Redundancy kills readability and harms beauty in a piece of writing. It is good to follow George Orwell’s advice: “If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.” Look at these sentences: – What was the final outcome of the meeting? – Will I get my added bonus by the end of this month? – Each and every member shouldpresent their proposal at the meeting. – We will decide whether to have the programme based on the general consensus of opinion among the teachers.

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In the sentences above, the phrases in bold are redundant expressions. To make the sentences more readable, the words ‘final’ in ‘final outcome’, ‘added’ in ‘added bonus’, ‘general’ and ‘of opinion’ in ‘general consensus of opinion’,‘each’ or ‘every’ in ‘each and every’. As the word ‘bonus’ means something additional, ‘additional’ is unnecessary.  Similarly, a consensus is a general agreement among a group of people and therefore, the phrases ‘general’ and ‘of opinion’ in ‘consensus of opinion’ are unnecessary.

Actual fact, blatantly obvious, collaborate together, free gift, future plans, historic milestone, join together, prior experience, proceed further, various different, vitally important, and whether or not are examples of common redundant expressions that we should avoid using when writing.

What is the synonym of redundant? : adj over the top; repetitive.

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Is redundant a negative word?

In rhetoric, the term “redundancy” tends to have a negative connotation and may be perceived as improper because of its use of duplicative or unnecessary wording (and some people expand the definition to include self-contradictory wording, similar to double negation); however, it remains a linguistically valid way of

What are the types of redundancy?

The different types of redundancyCompulsory redundancy comes in two flavors: staff reductions or a complete business closure. In either case, it’s a necessary step that must be taken in order to keep your business running. When you give employees the option to voluntarily be fired, this is known as voluntary redundancy.

What is redundancy in the workplace?

Redundancy refers to the process used by employers when they must fire one or more workers due to reasons unrelated to their performance on the job or behavior.

What does redundancy mean in business?

When an employee is let go due to redundancy, it means that their position is no longer necessary. The reason for this could be that your company is altering what it does. using new equipment or performing tasks differently. either moving or ceasing operations.

What is redundancy in human resources?

Being redundant or extraneous is the state of being redundant. Having an excessive number of people working the same job is known as redundancy in the field of human resources. This may be brought on by organizational downsizing, older workers retiring, or employees being moved to different departments.

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What are the 5 stages of redundancy?

The redundancy process has five main stages that need to be taken into account: Stage 1: Preparation. stage two: selection Individual Consultation at Stage 3. Stage 4: Redundancy Notice and Appeals. Fifth Stage: The Termination Procedure.

What are the 5 fair reasons for redundancy?

Fair Reasons for RedundancyAttendance history and punctuality Skill and experience level Performance history Disciplinary records Length of service

Why do employees become redundant?

A business may use new technology or machinery, experience slower sales growth or relocation, or undergo a business restructure, all of which could make an employee’s position obsolete. Essentially, it occurs when the position itself—not the worker—becomes obsolete.

Do you get paid if made redundant?

Your redundancy pay should be given to you by your employer on the day you quit your job or a mutually convenient date shortly thereafter. You will receive payment in the same manner as your salary, such as into your bank account. You should also receive a written statement detailing the methodology used to determine your payment.

How much do you get paid for redundancy?

If you lose your job, the amount of your redundancy settlement will be determined by your gross pay, which is your income before taxes. Furthermore, your age has an impact. You will receive one-half of a week’s pay for every full year of employment up until the age of 22.

Do employers have to pay redundancy?

Your employer is required to provide you with redundancy pay if you’ve worked there for at least two years. Statutory redundancy pay is the legal minimum, but if you check your contract, you might get more.

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