What do u mean by trivial?

What do u mean by trivial? : A trivial objection is considered trivial , and trivial problems are considered trivial . A trivial solution to a linear equation and all variables being equal to zero are characteristics of the mathematically simplest case, which is defined as b. 2: typical, typical. 3: a particular sense

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any of the three liberal arts that make up the trivium.


Concerned with or involvingtrivia.


(biology) Relating to or designating the name of a species; specific as opposed to generic.


(mathematics) Of, relating to, or beingthe simplest possible case.


(philosophy) Indistinguishable in case of truth or falsity.


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The definition of trivial is insignificant, or of no importance.

Forgetting to make a grocery list before heading to the store is an example of something trivial.

An example of something trivial is the day-to-day chore of washing dishes.


Of little significance or value.


Concerned with or involving unimportant matters; superficial.

A trivial colleague; a trivial remark.


Other Word Forms


Origin of trivial

  • Middle English trivialle of the trivium (from Medieval Latin triviālis) (from trivium trivium trivium) Latin triviālis ordinary (from trivium crossroads)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5thEdition

  • From Latin triviālis (“appropriate to the street-corner, commonplace, vulgar”), from trivium (“place where three roads meet”). Compare trivium, trivia.


Can trivial mean easy? : Trivial is not the same as easy. It means unimportant or insignificant.
What is the synonym of word trivial? : Commonplace, trivial, incidental, immaterial, irrelevant, pointless, meaningless, minor, negligible, paltry, petty, superficial, trite, unimportant, atomic, beside the point, diminutive, evanescent, daily.
How do you use trivial in a sentence? : It might be trivial, but it was a crucial component of their marriage. I replied that I didn’t know in response to her trivial question. It was completely ridiculous to cry over something so unimportant, but it felt good. However, fewer people visited me for unimportant matters.
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The differences, while statistically significant, are generally trivial (for example, the means on the democratic values index are 3.35 in 1996 and 3.27 in 1998).

The only non-trivial case concerns the operation of functional composition; proofs forthe other high-level operations can be obtained easily by applying the semantic definitions.

The challenge here is rather small, and trivial for any theory of grammar which allows one word to be realized in more than one way.

Kinematic analysis of maximally regular parallel robots is trivial and no computation is requiredfor real-time control.

This requirement is essential in the simply typed calculus for obtaining non-trivial inequalities.

A topological field theory should be trivial on the sphere, since the sphere is a topologically trivial manifold.

The system remains simple and intuitive, but it enjoys a strong soundness property whose proof is non-trivial.

These bounds follow from elementary, but non-trivial computations, which we omit.

It was a non-trivial, epistemological move to define change as lawful, and to conceive of a series of changes as a meaningful unit.

All four patients had trivial regurgitation of their left atrioventricular valve as documented by epicardial echochardiography performed at the completion of the original repair.

Hence, we can conclude the existence of at least one non-trivial steady state.

Women with other than trivial complaints were excluded from further participation, as were those who took oestrogens or progestins and those who became pregnant.

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Additional Question — What do u mean by trivial?

What is the opposite trivial?

Trivial denotes something that is “of little value or importance.” It also has the meaning “insignificant” or “unimportant.” The word “serious,” which means “important or significant,” is opposite of this.

What is trivial issue?

having little value or significance: I don’t understand why he gets so upset over something so insignificant. It is serious business when sexual harassment occurs at work. Getting computers to comprehend human language is not a trivial problem; a trivial problem is one that is simple to solve.

What does not trivial mean?

A small but nontrivial amount is a nontrivial problem when designing a power plant around the technology. This is how nontrivial 1 is defined: not trivial: significant, important. John Fleck having a nontrivial solution in mathematics, where at least one variable or term’s value is not equal to zero.

What is the sentence of tyrannized?

The father was a cruel dictator who ruled the home. She is oppressed by her husband and mother-in-law. People were ruled by the dictator’s secret police. We are under the control of language, and we have become soulless.

What is it to be Tyrannised?

: to use arbitrary oppressive power or severity to rule over the dying Thomas Powers in some way. the transitive verb. oppress a government that tyrannizes its people.

What is the sentence of harmony?

Together, they functioned in unison flawlessly. She gets along well with her classmates. The wall and carpet both have complementary colors. We must develop the ability to coexist with nature.

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What is harmony in a person?

non-countable noun If people get along with one another, they coexist peacefully rather than fighting or bickering.

What is harmony in human values?

Commonly used to describe compatibility and agreement in feelings, actions, relationships, opinions, interests, etc., harmony is often considered to be a human value. It indicates a state of equilibrium between forces that are influencing and even at odds with one another.

What is a synonym for the word harmony?

conformity, agreement, consistency, partnership, good will, harmony, rapport, calm, understanding, unity, integration, integrity, togetherness, tune, chord, and composition.

What does polyphony mean?

Polyphony is a type of musical composition that uses two or more melodic lines that are played simultaneously but are largely independent from one another.

What is a synonym for friendship?

In this page you can discover 101 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for friendship, like: amity, bond, fellowship, camaraderie, comradeship, harmony, concord, friendly relationship, familiarity, attachment and good will.

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