Master’s Theses


Yannick Kalokerinos
Activity Detection.
Supervised together with Geert Vanderhulst and Johannes Taelman.


Tijl Lathouwers
A User Interface Metadata Layer to Support Intelligent Adaptation.
Supervised together with Carl Bruninx.
Neal Robben
Composable and Splittable User Interfaces for Distributed Device Federations.
Supervised together with Geert Vanderhulst.


Jan Meskens
A Graphical Design tool for Multi-Device User Interfaces based on UIML.
Supervised together with Kristof Thys.
Ruben Thys
Augmented Physical Objects Driven by Semantic Web Technology to Bridge the Gap Between the Digital and Physical World.
Rob Van Roey
Multimodal interfaces on mobile devices: mangling speech and graphical interaction.

Bachelor’s Theses


Kristof BampsDetecting the user’s presence with sensors.
Bram Bonné
A multi-device presence agent.


Ingo Berben
Flexible user interface behavior in
Peter Bollen
A Location-based Instant Messenger with Voice Chat.
Supervised together with Tim Clerckx.
Geert Olaerts
Real World Interaction Using Camera-equipped Mobile Devices.


Jan Meskens
Towards a generic template mechanism for UIML.

Student Jobs

Stijn Brouwers and Tom Cuypers
Extending a mobile guide with photo blogging and photo stitching.
Supervised together with Frederik Winters.

Undergraduate Projects

Christophe Lambrechts and Jonathan Slenders
An open source YAML parser for .NET.
Guidance mostly by Tom Van Laerhoven.