Uiml.net is a free software UIML renderer. Prof. dr. Kris Luyten started the project in 2003. Uiml.net is written in C# and can render a UIML description using different widget sets and platforms. Fully supported toolkits include System.Windows.Forms, System.Windows.Forms on the Compact.NET framework and Gtk#. We used to have support for Wx.Net, but this backend is now deprecated.

I started working on Uiml.net when I did an internship at EDM in July, 2004. I ported Uiml.net to Windows (it used to run only on Linux with Mono) and implemented the System.Windows.Forms backend for the desktop and for Windows Mobile devices. During my Master’s thesis I extended Uiml.net with support for layout constraints using the Cassowary.net constraint solver. I have guided two Bachelor’s theses (Jan Meskens and Ingo Berben) and four Master’s theses (Jan Meskens, Rob Van Roey, Neal Robben and Tijl Lathouwers) on improving the software.


A number of people have been involved with Uiml.net. Here is a list of colleagues that have worked on Uiml.net:

Students that have extended the renderer:

  • Ingo Berben
  • Rob Van Roey
  • Neal Robben
  • Tijl Lathouwers