Retailers to Offer Windows 7 Upgrade Discount

In just a few weeks, on January 31st, Microsoft will be ending support for Windows XP. That means no more support updates, no more security updates, no more backups or security patches… It’s a scary scenario. So, if you’re still using XP, it may be time to considersome alternatives. Luckily, Microsoft is offering some discounts to help.

Starting on January 31st, you can get $15 off an upgrade toWindows 7 or $30 off a new PC with Windows 7 pre-installed. The promotion expires on January 21st, so you still have about a month to save some dough.

To get these discounts, you’ll need to head over to this page (Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Offer). Once there, it will take you to the Windows Anytime Upgrade page. Click the “Get it now” link on the upper right side of the page. From there you’ll enter in your Windows Live ID and password, then click “Continue”. Once the process is complete,you’ll see the discount applied and the coupon code to use. At this point, you can purchase your discounted copy of Windows (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate).

The best part of this deal: thisis an UNLIMITED number of licenses that you can purchase. This differs from the offers we saw with Office 2010. If you wanted to install Office 2010 on five computers, you got five licenses. With Win 7, you get 5 copies for the price of one. That’s what I call a deal!

I would recommend checking out this savings as soon as possible, however. In a few weeks when everyone realizes the end is near for WinXP, no doubt these coupons will be snapped up pretty quickly. So, if you’re using XP and you’ve been thinking about switching over, now’s the time.

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Dannie Jarrod

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