Here is an overview of my publications (chronologically per category). Unless stated otherwise, all conference papers, short papers/posters, and workshop papers were selected through international peer review.

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Book Chapters

B.1 James Helms, Kris Luyten, Robbie Schaefer, Jo Vermeulen, Marc Abrams, Adrien Coyette and Jean Vanderdonckt.
Human-Centered Engineering of Interactive Systems with the User Interface Markup Language.
To appear in Seffah, A., Vanderdonckt, J., Desmarais, M. (Eds.), Human-Centered Software Engineering, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Vol. 10, 2009.
pp. 141-174.

Conference Papers

C.4 Nasim Mahmud, Jo Vermeulen, Kris Luyten and Karin Coninx.
The Five Commandments of Activity-aware Ubiquitous Computing Applications.
To appear in Proc. of HCII ’09.
9 pages.
C.3 Jan Meskens, Jo Vermeulen, Kris Luyten and Karin Coninx.
Gummy for Multi-Platform User Interface Designs: Shape me, Multiply me, Fix me, Use me.
In Proc. of AVI ’08.
pp. 233-240.
[~27% acceptance; 117 submissions]
C.2 Jo Vermeulen, Yves Vandriessche, Tim Clerckx, Kris Luyten and Karin Coninx.
Service-interaction Descriptions: Augmenting Services with User Interface Models.
In Proc. of EIS ’07.
pp. 447-464.
[~41% acceptance; 91 submissions]
C.1 Kris Luyten, Kristof Thys, Jo Vermeulen and Karin Coninx.
A Generic Approach for Multi-Device User Interface Rendering with UIML.
In Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces V, Proc. of CADUI ’06.
pp. 175-182.
[~40% acceptance; ~60 submissions]
Best talk award

Short Papers and Posters

S.1 Kris Luyten, Jan Meskens, Jo Vermeulen and Karin Coninx.
Meta-GUI-Builders: Generating Domain-specific Interface Builders for Multi-Device User Interface Creation.
In CHI ’08 Extended Abstracts.
pp. 3189-3194.
[~38% acceptance; 414 submissions]

Workshop Papers

W.4 Jo Vermeulen, Ruben Thys, Kris Luyten and Karin Coninx.
Making Bits and Atoms Talk Today: A Practical Architecture for Smart Object Interaction.
In Proc. of DIPSO ’07Ubicomp ’07 workshop.
pp. 331-336.
W.3 Jo Vermeulen, Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx and Ruben Thys.
Tangible Mashups: Exploiting Links between the Physical and Virtual World.
In Proc. of WoSSIoT’07EuroSys ’07 workshop.
pp. 1-5.
W.2 Kris Luyten, Jo Vermeulen and Karin Coninx.
Constraint Adaptability of Multi-Device User Interfaces.
In Proc. of MAFOC ’06CHI ’06 workshop.
pp. 40-45.
W.1 Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx, Mieke Haesen, Jo Vermeulen and Luk Vloemans.
ImogI: Take Control over a Context-Aware Electronic Mobile Guide for Museums.
In Proc. of HCI in Mobile Guides, in conjunction with Mobile HCI 2004.
6 pages.


T.1 Jo Vermeulen.
Study and Implementation of Widget Set Independent Layout Management for UIML.
Unpublished Master’s thesis, June 2005.
91 pages.