Pin Websites as Apps to Windows 10 Taskbar with Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Windows 10 makes it easy to pin web pages to the taskbar for quick access to your favorite sites.

Chrome has a neat feature that allows you to pin anywebsite to the taskbar for quick access. This is helpful if you’re visiting a frequently visited site. Having it pinned to the taskbar means you don’t need to open your browser and navigate to it. Instead you can just pop the icon on the taskbar and get to it right away. Here’s how to pin websites to Chrome on Windows 10.

When you’re on a website, right-click anywhere in the page and select “Pin Site to Taskbar” from the context menu. If you don’t see this option, you may need to turn on the “Pinning” option in Chrome settings. I’ll show how to do that in the follow upsection.

After you click “Pin to Taskbar” a small, white icon will appear on the edge of the browser window. You can drag it anywhere you want on thetaskbar, let go, and it will stick there. Alternatively, you can right-click on the icon and select “Move to position” from the menu. This will let you drag the icon to a new location on the task bar.

There’s also a “Remove from Taskbar” option on the context menu.Personally, I’ve taken to pinning my favorite sites and just leaving them there. However, if I need to change a pinned site, I open the context menu, select “Move toposition” and drag it where I want it. Then I just remove the other pinned app. It’s much easier than removing the app from the Start Menu or by deleting its file from %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder.

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Enable Pinning in Chrome Settings

If you don’t see the “pin” option, itmay be disabled in settings. There’s a checkbox in the “Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security” section called “Enable Pin”. Check that option, and you should see it when you’re on a site and right-click in the page. You may need to restart Chrome for the change to take effect.

Not all the websites I visit are a place where I need to leave the site open all the time. Sometimes I need to visit a site fora short time, then close it. In those cases, I actually like having the favicon (the small, white LinkedIn logo) in the toolbar, but I don’t want it taking up space on the task bar. That’s where the “Hide Pinned Icons” feature in Google Chrome comes in handy. With the Enable Pin and Hide Pinned Icon turned on, you can toggle from the toolbarbutton between having the favicon or the website. It’ll even hide your pinned icons when they’re not showing, so there’s nothing cluttering up your screen when not needed. Just hover over the favicon or website and you’ll see the “X” appear in the upper-right corner.

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