Multiple Tools For Facebook – Best Extension For FB

Facebook is a powerful social network. It can be used to reach a large number of people quickly and easily. However, there are a Multiple Tools For Facebook (Toolkit For Facebook) that can make your life easier when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

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#1 Multiple Tools For Facebook – Addons

Multiple Tools For Facebook is tool that help you manager multi ads account, save time and get more out of your Facebook marketing. These tools help users with a few things:

This tool is available now with the name “L.O.C”.

You can also try another extension, Toolkit For Facebook by PlugEx (Free), from Google Chrome.

Multiple Tools For Facebook Features Key:

  • 1.Manage Your Facebook Post
  • 2.Download Image facebook
  • 3.Download locked profile image
  • 4.Deep search facebook profile
  • 5. Profile Picture Guard: This tool stops others from taking your Profile Picture. Privacy changer: Change the privacy settings of all your messages on Facebook.
  • 6. Interaction scanner: Check interaction between friends on a personal Facebook page.
  • 7. Message counter: Count messages between you, your friends and yourself!
  • 8. Get your message history!
  • 9. Friends Remover: Remove friends easily
  • 10. You can check who is online/inactive.
  • 11. Find and remove friends that have been deactivated.
  • 12. You can block the delivery mark to make sure that no one knows if messages have been delivered. This is also useful if you are using the Messenger app for mobile.
  • 13. To prevent others from seeing your messages, you can block “seen” from Facebook chat.
  • 14. When you are typing a message, block the typing indicator
  • 15. Your dashboard: shows you your Facebook analyzes.

How To Download Multiple Tools For Facebook 2022

This extension also provides many functions of the Multiple Tools for Facebook Chrome Extension.