Is Wilcom embroidery free?

Wilcom software and files can be quite expensive. Free embroidery design may seem too good to be true. We are going to answer if this is true and how can you use Wilcom designs for free.

Many people want to learn and master the art of sewing and embroidering. Wilcom is one of the most popular names in the sewing machine andembroidery business. Thanks to this popularity, many people use its software to design and create their own embroidered items. There are many benefits of using design files such as not having to make mistakes on an actual item and having all yourspare material already in hand. If you are not a professional, it is also a great way to impress your friends and relatives with your personalized gifts.

Finding and UsingFree Embroidery Designs

Now, the trick is where to find these free designs. The good news is that there are plenty of websites, forums and social groups that offer them. The bad news is that these are often pirated or modified and can contain malicious code. Therefore, it is important to be careful while downloading these designs. In this article, we are going to list some of thefree places to download and use Wilcom Embroidery Designs.

Free Designs for Beginners

There are many websites that offerfree designs for newbies. It is a good way to start learning the craft. Try sites like that offer free 3′′x4′′ designs. If you have a small hoop in your machine, use these designs and test your machine. You can find some of the basic monogram and alphabets and use them as yourfirst project.

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Free 3′′x4′′ Bernette Design from Emb Library Design Site

Another site that offers similardesigns is It has numerous freebies such as frame kits, patterns, etc. Some designs are even available for commercial machines. Although, you may need to register to see the free software and download them. Check all the search results and you might find a treasure of freeWilcom.

Bernette Applique Design in Stitch n Seeds

Forums for Freebies

There are many needlework and other forums where people share free designs and ideas. Sign up to some of the bigger forums such as, search for threads like ‘free’, ‘giveaway’, ‘exchange’ and ‘freebie’. You will find many posts related to such topics with links to other useful files and sites. You can also sign up for someother forums that have a smaller community. These will have less user interaction but will give you a few good sources.

For example, pinterest has many links to sites that offer beautiful downloadable files for your design projects. Some of these are available for free while some others may require payment. You will have to search and browse through different posts and pages to find your desired files. You could also find Pinterest boards ofspecific pattern styles. For example, Pinnerboard has pins to many spring pattern styles and you can find ones for fabric, embroidery and quilting. Try searching for ‘wilco’ or ‘wilpro’ and you will find more results. You can easilyfind the official website of the designer or website offering the design by checking the pinned link.

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