Is wherever one or 2 words?


Does the keyword “free” fit in the title of your page? How about “top”, “review”, “comparison”, “cheap”, “cheapest”, “download” etc.

  • If so, then Google will think your content is not credible and so will not rank it.
  • Forget about ranking. The content is never going to be found.

This is especially a problem if you are tryingto build a popular site. However, even if you are starting a small niche site, this is an important issue to consider.

The “Free” Problem

If you are building a niche website, one of the things you need to do is determine the best keyword phrases to target. One of the most important things to pay attention tois the number of searches performed per month for that phrase. If the search volume is high enough, then it could be worth writing an article about that topic. The better your article, the more likely it is to rank on the search results pages. This means it will be seen by those searching for thattopic.

However, while your valuable content should be mostly related to your keyword phrase, your title should not. Your title is the most important part of your page. While your content should answer the searcher’s question, the title is what gets their attention. If your title is an exact match to your query then it will likely not be displayed at all. This is because most searchers would not click on a title if they see it on thesearch results page. They already know what webpage contains the information they are seeking. Instead, they might just click on the linked text that surrounds your title to get to it faster. And we all know that is a bad SEO move!

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Using Free Trials to Test Your Keyword Phrases

To determine the viability of akeyword phrase, you can do a trial run. Create a free blog at and put up examples of your intended keyword phrases to see if they fit with the guidelines. For example, if you want to write an article on “Affordable Auto Repair”, create a post in WordPress andput up a quality article on the topic. Then, see how your result shows up in the search results. If it works, then great! You can go ahead an create your post at a domain name you own, not a blog domain. If it doesn’t work, well then either consider a different subject or change the wording in your blog post. You may change the phrasing quite a bit at first, and that’s fine. Just keep repeating thisuntil you find a version that switches the light bulb on in people’s minds when they see the title in the search results. Don’t give up!

And remember, for search engine purposes, “affordable” may be better than “free”. This brings me to my next point…

The “Free” MarketingProblem

When you start a new niche site, one of the strategies you employ is to get people to your site. When they arrive, you want them to see your great content, click on your links, and buy the products you are promoting. One popular way to do this, is to offer something for free. You offer a valuable article, video, or software, with the intention of enticing your visitor to doclick on your links and buy your affiliate products. You hope this will result in you being paid a commission. Simple, right?

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In most cases, this tactic does work. Think about it, if you are searching online for information or help, are you going to pay for something? In most cases, you are not. It’s much more preferable that someone is giving away something for free, versus charging you for it. So, if you are giving them something for free they are looking for, they most likely will pounce on it. Then,when they arrive at your site, hopefully they will also see something else they like and take some action to purchase. So far, so good. Just consider this…

Is Your Visitor Looking For A “Free” Product?

Not everyone who arrives at your niche site is there for freebies. Some people actually like to pay for things. Instead of offering free stuff, which is preferred by most, why not focus on offeringsomething of value? Something that is better and worth more than what people currently get for free online. This is where you should be spending your time. Write some longer, more detailed articles. Add some videos. Create some cool graphics. Add some cool interactive functionality. This is going to take you more time, but in the long run it will pay off. You’ll have something of value to hand over to your visitor. They’ll be happy you used your time to create something of quality. And they’ll likely be happy to pay you for it, too!

Forexamples of sites that offer true value, check out: LivePlan, Sumo Me, and the WebEx Webinar service. These are services where you pay for quality. You are getting the “Best of the Best”. You’re getting what you pay for, and are willing to pay for it. So, maybe you should consider doing the same! All of LivePlan’s features are free to try for 30 days. If you do, and decide to keep it, you are only paying $50month. Not bad! SumoMe, on the other hand, has a free version with limited features. But if you like what you see, you can purchase a Pro account for $19/month. Or, youmay even decide to become a SumoMe partner and get paid to promote its services! Or, maybe you’ll think to yourself, “I can do something better.” If that’s the case, then you could build your own WordPress plugin, or internal web app, and charge people to use it. The point is, there is opportunity in offering something of value.

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If you are not ready to create your own product, consider instead, selling affiliateproducts. What solution can you give to your visitor that is so valuable that they’d be willing to pay you for it? Hopefully, if you found this article, you’ll think about upgrading your readers’ current “free” stuff! Or, if nothing else, sharing some tips and tricks so that your readers can have a better experience online!

Dannie Jarrod

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