Is there a free HR software?

Is there a free HR software? : Free cloud-based HR software called WebHR is made to handle every situation , from hiring to retirement . Its free version features employee self-service, file management, onboarding, leave tracking, time and attendance tracking, employee records, and a dashboard. It supports up to five users.

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Here’s the list of the best free HR software solutions that I’ll cover in this article.

  • HR.MY

    Best multi-lingual HR system

  • QuikHiring

    Best free video interviewing platform

  • Homebase

    Best free employee scheduling

  • Freshteam

    Best free applicant tracking software

  • Zoho People & Recruit

    Best for scalability

  • HRLocker

    Best HRIS database solution

  • WebHR

    Best free HR iOS & Android apps

  • Bitrix24

    Best free open source HR software

  • Apptivo

    Best HR software for startups

  • OrangeHRM

    Best free performance management

  • Every company’s top priority is running their staff effectively, and human resources software can be very beneficial in this regard. But many of these solutions have hefty price tags.

    Fortunately, there are some options available for smaller businesses who are watching the purse strings. In this article, I’ll take a look at the best HR software that’s available for free. You’ll learn about the most appealing no-cost tools and get details on what they offer. 

    Comparison Criteria

    What do I look for when I select thebest free HR solutions? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  • User Interface (UI): I look for an interface that both HR staff and other team members can easily understand.
  • Usability: I prefer to see clear navigation and features that do not require high tech skills.
  • Integrations: I look for existing integrations with popular business software suites.
  • Value for $: I like to see freeplans that offer genuinely helpful features and functions.
  • Free HR Platform Key Features

    Here are the core features I believe all HR software should cover:

  • Recruitment & hiring: Using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to help find the right new employees.
  • Time tracking & leave entitlement: Managing tasks such as time worked and vacation time accruals.
  • Payroll: Calculating and payingsalaries while withholding the correct taxes and deductions.
  • Employee portal: Self-service employee data, covering everything from compensation tracking and insurance plans to banking and tax details.
  • Learning management: Managing employee development by enhancing skills sets and expertise.
  • Performance evaluation: Keeping track of employee development and identifying candidates who are ready for promotion.
  • Talentretention: Analyzing employee behavior to identify who is likely to quit and suggest possible solutions.
  • Benefits administration: Dealing with non-cash compensation, ensuring that employees receive all the benefits they are entitled to.
  • Keep in mind that free HR software may only cover 1 or 2 of these items—for a more robust, scalable, comprehensive HR software solution, check out our list of the10 best HR software solutions for paid, enterprise-grade options. 

    Overviews Of The 10 Best Free HR Software

    Here’s a brief description of each of the free HR apps to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the interface. 



    Best multi-lingual HR system

    HR My offers payroll processing, time off and attendance management, announcements, and notice boards in a cloud-based HR solution.

    The software includes a self-service portal where employees can submit leave requests, check entitlements, and view their records. The document management feature makes importing existing timesheets, expense claims, or other paper-based documents easy.

    In addition to the standard English option, HR extra 66 languages are supported by my. By typing keywords into the Search field, you can filter all messages or translate them. You can perform a search using both the original language and the translated language by using the filter function.

    HR.MY is free to use.



    Best free video interviewing platform

    A mobile app called QuikHiring enables video connections between recruiters and job seekers. Employers can use smartphones or tablets to conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates. Interviews can be scheduled quickly thanks to pre-defined QandA templates for each role, which speeds up the process.

    This app replaces the old-school resume/interview process with a fast, efficient video alternative. Video interviews of promising candidates can be shared with senior executives for approval.QuikHiring is an excellent choice when speed of hiring is a priority.

    QuikHiring is free to use.



    Best free employee scheduling

    Homebase is a cloud-based talent management solution that’s focused on organizing schedules, timesheets, and payroll. This HR suite integrates with point of sale software such as Clover, Poynt, Talech, Square, Lightspeed, Breadcrumb, and Revel Systems. Homebase offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

    A drag-and-drop interface makes building employee schedules a breeze. These can then be sent to employees by text message or email. Managers can get insights intolabor costs by tracking employee hours and overtime.

    Homebase is free for 1 location and unlimited employees.



    Best free applicant tracking software

    Developed by Freshworks, this free applicant tracking tool aids recruiters in the sourcing, screening, and hiring of candidates. Additionally, they can use email templates to create offer letters and send hiring panel members reminders about their feedback. For current employees, the suite also includes tools for managing leaves of absence.

    The applicant tracking system and users can sync conversations about candidates. Senior hiring managers can then view a consolidated view of the conversations as a result. Additionally, HR managers can alter Freshteam by including unique application form questions.

    Freshteam is free for up to 50 employees.


    Zoho People & Recruit

    Best for scalability

    Two key applications from Zoho, Zoho People and Zoho Recruit, both offer free HR software.

    Zoho People features leave management, time tracking, attendance management, and form customization. There is also an employee self-service option, allowing workers to access, update and modify their own records.

    An applicant tracking system, including resume parsing, automated posting to job boards, resume storage, and scheduling of interviews, is provided by Zoho Recruit. The software can also create career pages that list job openings and accept and process applications.

    With Zohos’ broad range of business suites, both programs integrate. Because of this, as the needs of the business grow and expand, the HR processes can scale into larger automation solutions.

    Zoho modules with limited features are free for up to five users.



    Best HRIS database solution

    Customers can perform human resources tasks with HRLocker, which frees up businesses to focus on making strategic choices and increasing productivity. While managers can use the applicant tracking system for hiring, candidate search, social referral, job boards, and screening, tasks can be delegated to staff members or departments.

    For human resources teams, this platform offers a solution for employee databases. It automates processes like timesheets, holiday and absence management, employee data, training development, remote and dual working, performance reviews, and hiring and onboarding. Additionally, users can log employee training sessions and upload completion certificates using the HRLocker database.

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    HRLocker is free for up to 4 employees per month.



    Best free HR iOS & Android apps

    WebHR assists HR departments in managing the entire employment lifecycle, from hiring to retirement. Benefits administration, payroll, and personnel tracking are features. Additional features of the software include performance evaluation, onboarding, and applicant sourcing.

    Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devices so that employees can quickly log time worked with geo-tracking. Managers can monitor employee hours using the time andattendance features. In addition, the software integrates with biometric devices such as card readers and finger scanners.

    WebHR is free with some feature limitations.



    Best free open source HR software

    The top of your list is probably Bitrix24 if you’re looking for an open-source HR software solution. This business suite comes with a ton of tools for managing people in addition to many other management features.

    The free version includes standard HR features like a directory of employees, a company structure, and a knowledge base. These can be utilized by an endless number of people. However, some crucial features, including time tracking and leave management, are only accessible with a paid subscription.

    With some additional technical or coding know-how, you’ll get the most out of Bitrix24 because the public source code access permits almost limitless customization and integration.

    Bitrix24 is free with some feature limitations.



    Best HR software for startups

    Apptivo is a collection of tools for running small businesses. The suite includes supply chain management and financial controls in addition to human resources. The Employees App, which you can use to create and maintain a list of employee profiles, grant access to employees, fire employees, and transfer their roles to other people, is the heart of the HR management system.

    Apptivo has an appealing entry-level plan, which makes it perfect for startups. Eight apps are available to a single user without charge. Apptivo is ideal for business owners on a tight budget because it offers apps for everything from project management to a CRM.

    Apptivo is free for one user and allows access to up to 8 of their first-party apps.



    Best free performance management

    Small- to medium-sized businesses can use OrangeHRM as a scalable HR solution. The entire employment life cycle is managed by the software, from hiring to retirement or termination. Time and attendance, candidate sourcing, absence management, performance evaluations, and benefits administration are considered core features.

    A clear understanding of each team member’s contribution is provided by 360-degree employee reviews, which are a component of performance management capabilities. To fit a specific role, review questions can be customized as needed. Features for goal tracking assist in keeping staff on the right path.

    OrangeHRM is free with some feature limitations.

    Need Expert Help Selecting The Right Human Resources (HR) Software?

    Together, People Managing People and Crozdesk, a platform for software comparison, have formed a partnership. To help you find the ideal tool for your needs, visit com. To assist you in choosing the software options that best meet your company’s needs, Crozdesk’s Human Resources (HR) Software advisors can compile a customized shortlist of options. You can access their free, individualized software selection advice as a result of our partnership, saving you time and trouble in the search process.

    It only takes a minute to submit your requirements and they will give you a quick call at no cost or commitment. Based on your needs you’ll receive customized software shortlists listing the best-fitting solutions from their team of software advisors (via phone or email). They can even connect you with your selected vendor choices along with community negotiated discounts. To get started, please complete the form below:

    The 10 Best Free HR Software Summary

    ToolFree OptionPrice



    Best multi-lingual HR system

    Unlimited free trial

    Free to use Visit Website



    Best free video interviewing platform

    Unlimited free trial

    Free to use Visit Website



    Best free employee scheduling

    Unlimited free trial

    Free for 1 location and unlimited employees Visit Website



    Best free applicant tracking software

    Unlimited free trial

    Free for up to 50 employees Visit Website


    Zoho People & Recruit

    Best for scalability

    Unlimited free trial

    Free for up to five users Visit Website



    Best HRIS database solution

    Unlimited free trial

    Free for up to 4 employees per month Visit Website



    Best free HR iOS & Android apps

    Unlimited free trial

    Free with some feature limitations Visit Website



    Best free open source HR software

    Unlimited free trial

    Free with some feature limitations Visit Website



    Best HR software for startups

    Unlimited free trial

    Free for one user and allows access to up to 8 of their first-party apps Visit Website



    Best free performance management

    Unlimited free trial

    Free with some feature limitations Visit Website

    Get the Latest HR Software Management News

    According to Grand View Research, the human resource management market is worth $17.56 billion and growing at a rate of 12.2% per year. In such a fast-moving sector, you need to stay ahead of the curve—so be sure tosign up for updates.

    We’ll keep you informed about the most recent developments in the field of people management. View the development of the free HR software market and learn from leading thinkers’ insights.

    The top 10 HRMS for human resource management in 2022 should also be looked at if you are also thinking about purchasing HR management tools. With the right software, you’ll be prepared to maximize your human resources and grow your company to new heights of success.

    Is Orangehrm free? : Open-source HR software that is totally FREE.
    Does Google have HR software? : The best HR software for Google Apps is CakeHR. Utilizing Zoho People’s integration with the G Suite environment, automate HR management for your people-powered businesses.
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    Connect people to your Google Drive account with GoFileDrop. Visitors can upload files to your Google Drive, just embed our upload tool on your site or use the ready made page.


    Org Chart – Best Chart Builder

    Time is Ltd.

    Organizational chart builder with instant Google Workspace sync. You can create multiple org charts and the org chart core.


    Appogee Leave

    Appogee HR

    Absence Management Solution for Google Workspace


    Greenhouse Report Connector

    Greenhouse Software

    Import Greenhouse data to Sheets to easily combine reports and create and manipulate charts.


    Worklytics – Analytics for Google Workspace

    HR Software for Google Apps – CakeHR

    CakeHR is the leading HR Software solution for Google Apps.


    Zoho People

    Automate HR Management For Your People-Powered Businesses using Zoho People which integrates with G Suite environment.



    JobScore Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software


    Together Mentoring

    Together App

    Together Mentoring App’s Gsuite integration for SSO + Calendar Integration.




    The No. 1 online HR software for small and medium size business



    At work, more than ever, we need a place to bring everyone together and help each person succeed. That’s Jostle. The employee successplatform.


    Docs Creator – Mail merge for letters

    copa webservices

    Create Google Docs™ or PDF documents based on a individual Google Docs™ template and merge Google Sheets™ content like texts, links and images.


    Zoho Recruit

    Zoho Corporation

    Zoho recruit is a smart online recruitment software that helps you manage job requirements, track the applicants and recruit a right person for the job.

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    Clio for Gmail™


    Log emails, save documents, and add contacts to Clio with Clio’s Gmail™ Add-on.



    Modern leave and attendance management. Remote work, time off management and clock in with iBeacons.




    CavinHR automates HR processes and lets you focus on your most important asset – your employees


    Resume Template

    Barry Welch

    A small collection of nice-looking resume templates that will give you a polished appearance when looking for yournext job.



    Timetastic Ltd

    A modern staff leave planner for your organisation.


    Small Improvements Calendar Integration

    Small Improvements

    Create 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements automatically from your calendar.


    Comeen Workplace


    Comeen Workplace is the platform for today’s modern workplace environment. Make your workspace enter the hybrid officeera!



    WebHR – Everyone’s Favorite All-in-One Social HR Software – Trusted by 20,000 Companies in 197 Countries


    Trakstar Hire

    The most user-friendly recruitment software for growing organizations.


    Appogee Leave for Gmail™

    Appogee HR

    Add-on widget for Appogee Leave


    Appogee HR

    Appogee HR

    HR Management for Google Workspace



    Leave management made easy



    Instant company directory for G Suite


    Docebo LMS

    Docebo LMS Installer & SSO


    Appogee Time


    Time, Activity & Location Recording for Google Workspace


    S.Time Card

    Sateraito Office, Inc.

    Sateraito Office Time Card for Google Workspace (Free Version)


    Bizneo HR

    Bizneo HR

    Bizneo HR is a leading company in human resource management, including its HR Suite and its ATS (Applicant Tracking System)


    Apptivo Employees


    The HR Employee Tracker App allows you to keep track of your employees and vital information about their employmentrecord. You can also control & modify employee email signatures using this app.


    Time Doctor

    Time Doctor is a productivity app that helps you to get a lot more done each day and eliminate distractions. It’s great for teams or individuals that want to increase their productivity.


    Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager

    Looking for a paperless and hassle-free solution for managing employee leaves?


    Zoho Recruit for Gmail

    Zoho Corporation

    Add candidates and contacts straight from your inbox to Zoho Recruit

    5.014,512 is an intuitive online solution for Time Off and Absence Management for teams and companies.


    PracticePanther for Gmail


    Add emails, attachments, tasks, and time entries to new or existing contacts in PracticePanther without leaving Gmail.


    Employee Onboarding App


    This Google sheets add-on automates sending an offer letter to candidates & adding them to online tools.



    Easy HR is simple & intuitive HR Software for SME & Enterprise. It provides HRIS records, leaves & attendance, Payroll, expenses, travel making it very easy to manage.


    ChartHop Sheets


    Sync data directly fromChartHop into Google Sheets.



    Behind every great product company is a great team.


    Small Improvements Calendar Integration EU

    Small Improvements

    Create 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements automatically from your calendar.




    Assign emails to actions. View action details and organize attachments.



    Bjorn Backlund

    Quickly reuse and re-purpose content – easily include other documents to create new ones.




    happierWork is a cloud-based feature rich software which automates HR process like recruitments, attendance and payroll forsmall and medium scale organizations..



    Primalogik is an affordable and easy-to-use performance management solution.


    Quidlo Timesheets – time tracking app


    Simple time tracking tool. Unlimited users for a very low flat fee. Check it out!



    Rain Solution

    Placeholder allow user(s) to replace multiple keywords in document template in one go. User can use symbol {{ beforekeyword and symbol }} after keyword as placeholder. eg. {{keyword}}



    Beautiful, invisible people software that lives and grows with google apps, learns on its own, nudges to do the rightthing, and offers insights to enable people decisions.




    All-in-one Human Resources Software, that helps thousands of businesses, from startups to large enterprises build a high-performance culture.


    Achievers for Gmail


    The Achievers for Gmail add-on puts recognition in the flow of work by adding the ability to show appreciation for colleagues’ great work right from within Gmail


    Vacation Tracker

    Vacation Tracker Technologies

    Vacation Tracker is an effortless leave tracking system for organizations collaborating on Google Workspace.



    Travelperk S.L.

    TravelPerk, the travel booking platform offering the largest inventory andmanagement & reporting.




    Attach emails and documents instantly to Filevine projects


    Waiver Electronic

    WaiverElectronic is the leading online waiver system with app available for iPAD,Android Tablets




    Respond to TINYpulse surveys, submit anonymous suggestions, send Cheers and more.



    Recognizing great work has never been easier. Send thank yous thatcount by giving out Mahalos in emails to coworkers. Redeem earned Mahalos for prizes and a culture of appreciation is born.


    Free Recruiting Software by 100Hires ATS

    Applicant tracking system

    Attract, interview & hire the best candidatesfaster. Powerful Recruiting Software with G Suite integration


    n-aos HR pack



    Trustbot for Gmail

    Trustbot Software Inc.

    Trustbot is the best way for teams to take care of non-disclosure agreements, without leaving Gmail.


    HackerRank Interview


    Add a HackerRank remote interview to any calendar event.


    Weekly Update

    Collect short status updates from your team each week.


    Deskera HRMS

    Deskera HRMS provides a integrated solution which is the centerpiece of employee lifecycle, which includes hiring,personal administration, payroll, compensation, performance management and more


    Athri Talent Manager

    Athri talent manager

    Talent Manager for the Enterprise


    Oorwin Labs for Gmail

    Oorwin Labs Inc

    AI-powered, integrated CRM, ATS, and HRM



    IceHrm is a Human resource management system for small and medium-sized organizations who want to streamline hr management with aquality and fairly priced HR product


    Culture Cloud

    O.C. Tanner

    Recognize great work anywhere



    G-71 Inc.

    LeaksID is a cloud-based solution that deters malicious users from leaking valuable data.You can now share documents securely and identify the person responsible in case of a leak.


    People Hotsheets

    People HR Apps

    People data load made simple.




    Bucketlist is a rewards and recognition platform that motivates employees to grow, thrive and be more productive by helping them achieve personal life goals. Connect your company’s Bucketlist site to Gmail to make it even easier for employees to recognize each other – and achieve their Bucketlist goals. To get started, you must have a paid Bucketlist account.



    Eureka Work Technologies Inc.

    Eureka helps you integrate new hires onto their teams faster and with less overhead.


    App4Legal Google Connect

    App4Legal DWC-LLC

    Google Connect is an off-the-shelf integration with all your favorite Google Apps; Gmail,Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and your Google Calendar.


    Sapling HR


    Sapling Admins can view their employee data directly from their inbox through a Gmail Add-on.


    StarMeUp for Gmail


    Add-on to use StarMeUp inside Gmail: acknowledge your work mates for their helpful emails!

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    This add on enables you to work directly with LawVu from your existing Gmail based workflow. It streamlines the process of creating and updating your legal matters by enabling you to import email content and attachments.


    Oorwin for Gmail


    AI Enabled Intelligent Integrated ATS, HR and CRM Platform



    Waive Me! is the most advanced digital waiver form solution. Share and securely sign your waiver forms in the cloud.


    Place Snippets

    Rain Solution

    Place Snippet can be use to insert snippets / clauses for document template, document builder,knowledge management, clause management, contract management, document automation




    OKR software to accelerate growth 🚀



    Lolly Law

    Log emails and save documents to Lolly Law from within your inbox. This Gmail Add-on works from your mobile device with the Gmail app and on your computer from Gmail on the web.



    Use to easily schedule, join, and customize interviews from GoogleCalendar.


    Plexus Gateway


    Quickly create new tasks on Plexus Gateway without leaving your inbox.


    UKG Dimensions Integration Admin

    UKG DimensionsIntegration Admin

    Generate settings files which enable users to connect to Dimensions from their Google Sheets.



    Bruno Rochet

    Flex-office – L’agenda partagé du télétravail et des déplacements professionnels




    Greater onboarding. Faster belonging.


    Trustbot for Google Calendar

    Make sure a non-disclosure agreement is in place without leaving Google Calendar. Checks agreement statusof the participants and adds it to the event notes.


    HR candidate Search


    Find candidates for open positions easily! Developers, Data scientist, Designers or any other role



    Cultivate Technology, Inc.

    The future of leadership development. No surveys required.


    Vacation Requests


    Request and approve vacations quickly and easily. You can do that with Vacation Requests.


    UKG Dimensions Integration Schedule

    UKG Dimensions Integration Schedule

    UKG Dimensions Integration Schedule allows users to login to their Dimensions account and import valuable workforce management data for analysis, visualization, andcollaboration.


    TrainingRoom for Slides

    Online Training : A Sidebar for Slides that will allow you to configure and upload a presentation as a training course in our platform


    UKG Dimensions Integration Export

    UKG Dimensions Integration Export

    Import Dimensions data into your Sheets. Save reports and refresh them as needed.


    Clerky for Gmail

    Clerky, Inc.

    View your Clerky activity directly within your Gmail inbox.


    Is Grove hr free? : Grove HR Grove HR is an all-in-one free HR platform for small and medium-sized businesses.
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    Swap Hero BG

    Item Bounce 1

    Item Bounce 2

    Item Bounce 3

    Item Scroll move 100%

    Item Bounce 2

    Item Bounce 3

    Circle classes

    Rounded LG on Mobile

    Join over 1,000companies around the world that trust the Grove HR Platform.

    Traditional HR software is outdated. Why Grove, why now?

    Prioritizing people over processes has never been more important than now.‍That’s why you need an agile HR platform thatadapts to your organization, empowers your employees with self-service tools, and allow them to connect with each other in a personal way.

    Mobile HR

    With the help of our mobile app, employees can manage their HR tasks whenever and wherever they are.

    Social HR

    Create a digital space where remote workers can interact and stay engaged.

    TheNew Approach to Human Resource Management. Agile, Mobile and Social.


    Empower employees and automate HR processes.

    Agile companies require agile ways of working. ‍For HR, staying agile requires automating administrative tasks while empowering teams to maketheir own people decisions.‍With Grove HR management software, agile teams can run their own performance reviews, employees can design their own career paths and HR teams can centralize everything in a single source of truth.

    Employee Management

    To manage employees and processes in one location, centralize and organize all of your HR data, including employee records and documents, organizational charts, HR policies, etc.

    Learn more

    Recruitment & Talent Management

    Hire talent more quickly with your own customized career page, an intuitive hiring pipeline, automated offers, and more.

    Learn more


    Construct and plan everything that must occur for each of your new hires to make a great first impression.

    Learn more

    Time Attendance

    You can easily track employee timesheets and keep tabs on who is working on which projects, accounts, etc.

    Learn more

    Performance Management & Enablement

    By enabling 360-degree performance reviews across all your agile teams, you can give employees the impression that they are developing rather than just receiving grades.

    Learn more

    Integrated Payroll System

    Reduce management time and streamline payroll processing. Spend less money by having your payroll prepared automatically each month.

    Learn more

    Employee Engagement

    Create a workplace culture and atmosphere where people feel like they belong.

    Learn more


    Offer a mobile-native experience for your mobile-native employees.

    Discover Mobile HR

    Your employees expect mobile access to their most-used apps Why should it be different for HR?

    With Grove HR, empower employees to do all their HR from the most elegant HR app you have ever seen and build an inspiring Employer Brand

    Create an engaging employer brand by enabling employees to manage all of their HR tasks from the most beautiful HR app you have ever seen with Grove HR.

    from our customers

    Don’t just take our word for it.

    “I had to process about 25 or 30 people very quickly, like in a day, and we did not have Grove at the time so I was doing that all manually. Using it (Grove) helps me automate my work,which is important if you want to scale and bring new employees and just operate better.”

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    Nguyen Huu Phuc

    Marketing Director, Grove HR

    Get started for free, forever. Seriously.

    Your financial concerns are put to rest by Grove HR. As you grow, acquire advanced capabilities and start managing HR effortlessly for free, forever.

    Additional Question — Is there a free HR software?

    How do you use Grove HR?

    What is Grove app?

    Description. With the Grove app, maintaining a happy home is simpler than ever. Review and manage your upcoming Grove orders wherever you are, at any time. Additionally, learn fresh, healthy recipes for each space in the house and for each family member. NON-TOXIC and ECO-FRIENDLY.

    How do I change timezone in Grovehr?

    To open your profile, click on your name and then on your avatar in the top right corner. Select Account Settings from the Account Settings tab. To choose a suitable Timezone, click Edit. To apply the modification, click Save and then Confirm.

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