Is sketchbook free for PC?

Sketchpad is a software used by designers and engineers to draw layouts, diagrams and designs. It is handy tool for professional use. However, Sketchpad is available only for Mac and iOS platforms. Microsoft Visio and Adobe Illustrator are alternatives to sketch designs on Mac and iOS devices. In this article, we will explain whether Sketchpad’s Windows version isfree or not.

Is SketchPad Free?

SketchPad is originally developed by PASCO Scientific. It started as a paid software for Windows with free trial. Later, the company was acquired by EDISCO for over $100 million. Now EDISCO owns the copyright of SketchPad offering only full versions. Unlike Adobe, EDISCO does not promote a free edition of their tools.

Their website does not allow to download or register fortrial version. Only a few selected partners can download and register a 30 day trial version. But the trial download link is not available in your browser. Instead, you have to submit a request to get a download link via email. The email support will reply in 1-2 days and send them a link to download a trial version of Sketchpad.

After 30 days, if you decide not to buy the full version, the application will shutdown automatically. It is not possible to continue using the trial version evenif you found another link. Instead, you have to purchase the full version to continue using the application.

Alternative to Sketchpad

With the limitation of the license, it is not feasible for many users to buy the fullversion of sketch pad. Though you can download and run the trial version, the only way of testing it is by paying for the full license. As an alternative, you can try the below mentioned 2 different sketching applications which are available for free.

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Fabricate is developed by SOLIDWORKS which is popular 3D modeling solution. Fabricate is a free 2D CAD application with wide range of features. It allows you to draw 3D sketches as well. The interface is easy to use with many features. The export feature allows you to save and share your sketches as PDF, PNG and SVG files. The editingfeatures of the tool is quite impressive. It offers all basic shapes, colors, text styles and formatting options for drawing the sketches.

Fabricate Diagram Tool

  • It has a simple interface similar to MS Paint.
  • The tool is light and simple and especially designed to create simple drawings.
  • Annotative arrows, dimension annotation, center lines and material annotations are handy options.

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