Is fences for Windows 10 free?

Fences is a free tool to organize your desktop icons into groups . But does it work as expected on Windows 10? We take a look at the pros and cons of this tool.

What is Fences for Windows 10?

The oldFences is a freeware program to let you organize your desktop icons into groups. Each group is called “fence” and you can organize the icons inside each fence as per your needs. For example , you can create a folder for each project you are working on and inside each project folder you can place all the related files. Fences also allows you to open multiple instances of the same application. This is useful if you are using the sameapplication for different projects.

Windows 10 has introduced a feature called “Taskbar Thumbnail Preview”. When you have multiple applications open using Task View, you can see a thumbnail preview of each application directly in the taskbar. This really makes your life easier because you can immediately identify which application is currently running. However, this feature isnot available when there are multiple applications running natively on the desktop. In this situation you can use the “group” feature of Fences. Groups are similar to the fences but they exist only in the desktop. In Windows 8 or 8.1 you could create groups using the Quick Access Toolbar feature. InWindows 10 you simply have to create groups and place all the desktop applications in that group. You can also drag and drop files to the desktop to create folders within different groups. This arrangement gives you similar functionality to the sidebar of Windows 8/8.1.

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You can findout more about how to use this features in our previous article titled “How to use Taskbar Thumbnails and Grouping feature in Windows 10”.

Fortunately,Fences for Windows 10 is Free!

Since the features are identical to Windows 8/8.1, we checked out the features of Fences on Windows 10 and the program works just fine. When you launch the “fences” from the Start menu, you will find an option to run the program with “run as administrator” option. This is because you need to configure the system permission to use the“taskbar thumbnail previews” feature.

Enable Advanced Features in Fencing

  • You can enable advanced settings by selecting the “Tools > Options” menu. This will open the settings window as shown below.
  • Select the “System” tab and in the “Show thumbnails” select the“Turn on thumbnails” option under the “Desktop” section.

Edit System Options in Fencing

  • Click the “Apply” button to save the settings and restart the system.

Save Settings and Restart

  • Once you restart your system, you can go back to “Tools > Options” to enable the option to “allow fences to create new Context menus entries”. This option is not available in the “System” tab. With the context menu, you can right-click on a file orfolder and create a shortcut in a fence.

Enable Create Context Menu Entry in Fencing

  • You will have to click “Apply” and then “OK” to save the settings. You will then see a new “contextmenu” option when you right click on a file or a folder. Select this option and you can select a fence as shown in the below image. This shortcut will have the same icon of the selected fence. When you double click the shortcut, the fenced will display all the available files in that fence. You will be able to see the preview of each file before opening it. The context menu will also show theshortcuts for deleting or renaming the files/folders. You can drag and drop the shortcuts to the desktop and the group will be created automatically. This way you can use “fences” in Windows 8/8.1 style without the Quick Access Toolbar.

    So,you can use the fence functionality without upgrading to the paid version. The only limitation is the inability to create a toolbar in the task bar. Otherwise, you will likely get all the features you had with the previous version. In case you are still interested in trying the advanced features of fencing, you can upgrade to thepaid version for $19.99, but we recommend just using the program without upgrading.

    Additional Question – Is fences for Windows 10 free?

    Which version of fences is free? :

    The first version of Fences is available for free forever. 01, does exist, but it’s not close to as feature-rich as the most recent release. The free version’s age is also a problem because, at more than 10 years old, it frequently conflicts with Windows 10.
    Does fences work on Windows 10? : Fences are resizable, shaded areas on your desktop that you can use to organize your PC by automatically placing shortcuts and icons there. Fences is the most widely used desktop enhancement in the world and is designed to work with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

    How do I use fences in Windows 10? :

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