Is AutoCAD one time purchase?

AutoCAD is a very expensive program and many people are of the opinion that it is a one time purchase. This is not correct. As many users discovered, the “one time” is not just limited to one year and you need to renew the license every year. In this article we will discuss whether you need to renew the subscription of AutoCAD and what the process is. We will also explain what you need to do inorder to opt out from the subscription plan.

AutoCAD Subscription Plans

The current Autodesk licensing system requires every user to subscribe to an“Autodesk Account”. This is an optional step during the installation, but you need to go through the process and agree to the terms and conditions to use any Autodesk software. Don’t worry though, there is no hidden agenda and you are not forced to subscribe. However, if you don’t complete the sign up process then you will be stuck with the trial version. You cannot use the full fledged licensed version until you have subscribed to the “autodesk account”.

Subscribe to Autodesk Account

Rates for Subscription Plans

Before you can see the plans and prices of AutoCAD, you need to subscribe to the “Autodesk account”

Standard License

  • For the standard license, you get 1 year ofaccess and updates.
  • Annual cost is $360 for downloading the software or $730 for CD delivery.
  • You need to subscribe from your “autodesk account” each year for renewal.
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Subscription Advantage

  • You get 1 year of access and updates.
  • Annual cost is $360 for downloading or $730 for CD delivery.

Cloud Subscriptions

  • You get access to the “cloud” version of AutoCad for 1 year. This will only function on internet enabled machines.
  • You can download the software from the cloud or opt for a physical copy shipped in the post. The annual subscription for download is $240. The software is notavailable on CD.

Automatic Renewal Process

Subscription Advantage Automatic Renewal

At the time of downloading or subscribing to the “cloud” version, you will be asked to choose “yes” or “no” to automatic renewal. If you select “yes” then your credit card will be charged for renewal. You need to make sure that the credit card on file is a valid and sufficient to cover the annual charges.

If you select “no”, then the software will have limited functionality. For example, you will not get the latest updates andyou will need to renew your subscription for one year. You can continue to use the “cloud” version of the software until your 1 year subscription is over.

Note: This automatic termination also applies for subscriptions done with vouchers or coupons. You will need to select the “no” option to continue using the free license.

Standard License Automatic Renewal

It is a 1 day trial for standard and 30 days for cloud and benefit licenses. This period starts from the day you install the program. During the trial, you can stop theautomatic renewal by clicking the “no” button. This will start the 1 day or 30 days count down for automatic termination. Make sure to remember to do this before the expiry date. Once the trial period is over, the software will assume that you have renewed your subscription and you will not be notified again.

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Once the autorenewal is completed, you can get the full benefits for another year. The “standard” and “Cloud” licenses will continue to be active for 1year unless you cancel them. The “License Advantage” option will expire after a year along with the benefits.

If you have purchased an “all in one” pack that includes “standard” and “license advantage”, then both license will work for 1 year. You can not renew the “standard” without the “license advantage” option. This means that if you purchased the “all in1” pack with 1 year validity, you will get the “standard” for one year and the “license advantage” for a year.

Once the 1 year period is over, the “all in one” package will automatically terminate and you will not be able to use the “all in 1” package.

If you decide not to subscribe on “all in 1”, then you will be able to use the “all in 1”package for 1 month from the registration date. You will be using the “cloud” and “feature” versions. After 30 days, you will need to go in to the “my products” section in your “autodesk account” and deactivate the package. From this time, the “all in 1” will be terminated and you will not be able to use the “all in 1” anymore. You can, however, use the individual packages at the point of activation by removing the “all in 1” package frommy products section.

Note: If youhave a subscription for the “all in 1” or an individual “add on”, then you need not disable the same. You will be able to use the same for a period of 1 month from the registration date. After 30 days, the “all in 1” or “add on packages” will automatically terminate and you can use the individual 1 month licenses until you terminate them.

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