Is Acer i5 good?

Is Acer i5 good? The Acer Aspire 5 is a decent business laptop. It’s portable and feels well built, with a decent port selection that should be enough for most people. The keyboard feels good to type on, and the plastic touchpad tracks well.

What is the price of Acer Core i5? 

Acer I5 Laptops Price List
Best Acer I5 Laptops Price List Models Price
Acer Aspire E5-575 (UN.GE6SI.002) Laptop (15.6 Inch | Core i5 7th Gen | 8 GB | Linux | 1 TB HDD) ₹41499
Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-52 (NH.Q53SI.013) Laptop (15.6 Inch | Core i5 9th Gen | 16 GB | Windows 10 | 1 TB HDD 256 GB SSD) ₹99990

Is Acer Aspire i5? The highly versatile Acer Aspire 5 laptop is powered by the latest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors1 for multitasking and NVIDIA® graphics1 for accelerated photo and video editing performance.

Which series of Acer laptop is best? 

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  • Best overall: Acer Swift 5.
  • Best convertible: Acer Spin 5.
  • Best with an OLED display: Acer Swift 3 OLED.
  • Best business laptop: Acer Travelmate Spin P4.
  • Best gaming laptop: Acer Predator Triton 500 SE.
  • Best for content creators: Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel.
  • Best budget laptop: Acer Aspire 5.

Is Acer i5 good? – Additional Questions

How much RAM is enough?

As far as phones and tablets go, there’s been a race to the top recently when it comes to RAM. So although you reasonably only need 4 GB of RAM on your Android or iPhone, the standard for newly released smartphones is 8 GB. And unless you’re really tech savvy, you can’t upgrade your phone’s RAM.

Is Acer Swift 3 or 5 better?

You also get good memory and storage options on both notebooks but the Swift 5 is a better pick here since you get LPDDR5 dual-channel memory to go with the new 12th gen Intel chips. On the display and build quality side of things, we think the Acer Swift 5 beats the Swift 3.

Which is better Acer Aspire or Acer Swift?

The Acer Swift 3 14 (2020) and the Acer Aspire 5 15 (2020) are very similar Windows laptops. The Swift 3 has a smaller but more colorful and color-accurate display, a better port selection that includes Thunderbolt 4 support, and its battery lasts much longer.

Which is the best Acer laptop for students?

Acer Chromebook Spin 311

For those people who are looking for the best Chromebook laptop from Acer, then the Chromebook Spin 311 is a good choice. The best Acer laptop for students and beginners.

Which is best Acer or Lenovo?

Lenovo vs Acer Comparison. Lenovo make far better laptops than Acer. If you’re looking for a laptop with better performance, which is going to last for a long time, then it would pay to opt for Lenovo over Acer.

Do Acer laptops last long?

The Acer laptops on average last for up to 5 to 6 years only when you handle and maintain it properly. Try to do the following to increase the life of your laptop: 1.

Is Acer or Dell laptops better?

Dell laptops are among the most durable in the consumer market. Although they’re still not as long-lasting as HP or Apple laptops, Dell laptops are more durable than Acer laptops. Laptops that carry this brand have an average lifespan of up to five years, although this can vary between different Dell laptop models.

Which brand of laptop is best?

Top 10 Laptop Brands: A Short List
  • Lenovo.
  • Dell.
  • Acer.
  • Asus.
  • MSI.
  • Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface is a crowd pleaser for various reasons.
  • Razer. The gaming laptops from Razer with their powerful sensors and amazing display features justify their high price tags.
  • Samsung.

Is Acer better or Asus?

– Brand Comparison. ASUS is a better choice than Acer. The only area where Acer is better than ASUS is price – everything else like customer support, design and performance, ASUS is the better option of the two. Plus, for those looking for a gaming laptop, ASUS has a lot more options to choose from.

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