How to Use the Alexa Cast Feature to Beam Music to Echo Devices

The Amazon Alexa app has a cool new feature called Alexa Cast to Device that can allow you to send music to one or more Echo devices at once.

With the Amazon Alexa app for Android, you can quickly send a Skill request to one or multiple devices. Now, you can also use a new feature called Alexa Cast to Devicethat will allow you to send music to one or more Echo devices at once. So, you can send a signal to one device, multiple, or all. Here’s how it works.

Send an Echo Signal Using AlexaCast to Multiple or All Devices

The process is fairly simple. Basically, you go to the Skills > Music & Alarms > All Skills and browse until youfind the Alexa Enabled Skill (Amazon Music) from Amazon.

Then, you tap on the Send to Device button and select Echo / Fire TV. Now, there is a dropdown option that should say Echo / Fire TV / Other (see list). If it says Other, then you have theother version and you will need to tap the Dropdown and then select Echo / Fire TV. Either way, once you have selected the ECHO or FIRE TV, it will automatically disappear. So just tap

Now, depending on what version of the APP you have, it should say now, it will show a list of your ECHO or FIRE TV devices that are connected. Select the ones you want to send the signal to or select All. And then confirm and your message will becasted to your various ECHO or FIRE TV and will begin playing.

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Get the App

You can get the Amazon Alexa app for Android from either the GooglePlay Store or from the Amazon App Store. However, for some reason, the Amazon App Store has a newer version. Therefore, if you want the latest version, then get it from the Android Market.

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