Knowing How To Type Exponents Is A Good And Simple IT Skill

You of course see exponents in many places. Such as in textbooks, math books, accounting documents, and so on. And of course, to write it, you will need to know a quite different manipulation than writing normal text. That is the reason why we will let you know how to type exponents in Microsoft office in this article today.

Exponents became an extremely familiar and almost indispensable component in many kinds of texts. Therefore, if you just know the way to type normal text, you will have no less difficulty in typing documents with exponents. Because typing exponents is not like it. And soon, we will show you all methods from the slightly complicated to the simplest. They will be placed in these parts:

  • When Do You Need To Know How To Type Exponents?
  • Simple Ways To Make An Exponent In Your Documents
  • Questions And Answers
  • Conclusion
  • Our Opinion About Typing Exponents

Now, start this article with us. You will know all about them soon.

When Do You Need To Know How To Type Exponents?


What are the exponents? It is a character that is smaller and located to the upper right of the other normal characters. And it may not be too foreign to everyone. You can see them in many documents. Especially in business documents, compound interest formulas, and mathematical expressions, you can see exponents there. That is the reason why people who usually type documents in business, maths, etc. have to know how to raise a number to a power.

In addition, typing exponents in Word applications and on Google Docs is different from each other. Not only that but there is also more than 1 way to type exponents. Therefore, today, we will introduce to you all the ways we know. Now, let’s get to know about them.

Simple Ways To Make An Exponent In Your Documents

Because typing exponents in Microsoft Word is different from in Google Docs, we will divide them into 2 parts to show you in detail each step to make an exponent symbol. Briefly talk about ways to write exponents. You will be able to write thanks to the built-in Superscript feature. And the second method is using the symbols which represent the exponent.

How To Make Microsoft Word Exponents

First, we will instruct you to do it in Microsoft Word. And because this is the first way, we will try to tell you in most detail. Hence, we will use the answer to the question “How do you type to the power of 2 on a keyboard?” for example, for you to understand more easily.

Way 1: Using the superscript feature in word

Step 1: Turn on and launch the Microsoft Word application.
Step 2: Type the text, document, or expression you need to write. And of course, this document has to have exponents.
Step 3: Turn on the Superscript feature to create an exponent symbol.

  • Turn on the feature manually.
  • Now, let your application be at the “Home” tab.
  • Then, choose the “Font” section of the toolbar.
  • Click on the “Superscript” in it. The icon “X2” is for upper exponents and the icon “X2” is for the lower exponents.
  • So this feature is enabled you to write exponents.
  • Turn on the feature on a keyboard: In this method, you will turn on it by using a keystroke.
  • You will press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “=” to turn on the upper exponents feature.
  • In addition, to write the lower exponents, you only need to press “Ctrl” + “=”.

After you turn on this feature, you can see that the text cursor will become smaller and will jump up or down depending on the feature you select.

Step 4: Type the exponents you want to write.
Step 5: Turn off the Superscript feature to be able to write a normal text.

After you have typed the exponents and you want to write normal text like before that, you need to turn off the Superscript feature first. If you don’t turn it off, everything you write will be raised to become exponents.

To disable this feature, you can do all steps like when you turn it on one more time (at “Home” tab –> choose “Font” –> move your cursor click on the icon of Superscript you chose before). In addition to that, you can also disable the exponent on keyboard with old keystrokes “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “=” or “Ctrl” + “=” which you used.

Way 2: Make an exponent in word manually

This is the second way for you to write an exponent in case your Microsoft Word application doesn’t have the Superscript feature.

Step 1: Enter the symbol representing the exponent

In this way, you have to do this step before you write the exponents. And we have 2 types of symbols for you to choose from.

  • 1: Press “Shift” +”6″  to make a caret symbol like this “^”.
  • 2: Or you can press “Shift” + “8” + “8” to make 2 asterisks like this “**”.
Step 2: Type the number or text you want to rise to power after that symbol.

For example: If you want to type “a3” in this way, you will write:

  • Type the “a”.
  • Type the symbol “^” or “**”.
  • Type the number “3”.
  • The result for you is “a^3” or “a**3”.

Like what you can see, this way will give you an unprofessional document and not neat. The exponents in this way will look quite like what you type in pascal. However, people will still understand it so don’t worry about this problem.

But the biggest minus point of this method is you can make lower exponents. Therefore, we don’t advise you to use it this way. You just ought to write an exponent symbol when your application doesn’t supply a Superscript feature.

How Do You Write Exponents On Google Docs?

Next, you will need to know how to make an exponent on Google Docs. It has some similar points and some different points. Let’s check it right now.

Way 1: Using the superscript feature in Google Docs

Step 1: Type all your documents first.
Step 2: Highlight parts you want to raise to the exponent.
Step 3: Choose the “Format” section.
Step 4: Next, choose the “Text”.
Step 5: Turn on the Superscript like what you do in the Word application. That X2 for upper exponents and icon X2 for lower exponents.

This way is extremely similar to how you do in Microsoft Word. Hence it also doesn’t have any difficulty.

Way 2: Type exponents on the keyboard with a simple keystroke

In addition, you can create an exponent sign on keyboard in Google Docs too. However, its keystroke is a little different.

Step 1: First, you still need to highlight the parts that will need to make exponents.
Step 2: Write exponents.

Press the keystroke “Ctrl” + “.” to raise it to become upper exponents.

In the case you want to make lower exponents, you will press “Ctrl” + “,” (using the “,” instead of “.”).

Those are all methods for you to type exponents in your documents, text, or many other things. With some simple steps, you will not have any obstruction in your work.

Questions And Answers

Q: Can I write the documents of exponents before raising it to power?

A: Yes, of course. You can choose to write all documents first. Then raise the parts you want to make exponents after that in a similar way. But before you turn on the Superscript feature for those parts, you need to highlight them.

Q: What is the keyboard shortcut for exponents?

A: It is a keystroke that will turn on the Superscript more rapidly and simply. Like in this article, we also shared with you 4 keystrokes: “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “=”, “Ctrl” + “=”, “Ctrl” + “.” and “Ctrl” + “,”. If you know how to use these keyboard shortcuts fluently, you can type documents with exponents more effectively and faster.

Q: How do you write using exponents?

A: It depends on your condition about Word application or Google Docs. In addition, you can choose one of the ways we instruct based on your model of Microsoft Word application, your habit, your hobby, or the requirements of the documents.

Q: How do you type to the power of 2 on a keyboard?

A: If you want to write “a2” and “H2O”, follow these steps:

  • For “a2”:
  • 1: Type the “a” first.
  • 2: Press the keystroke “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “=” or choose the icon “X2” in the “Font” section.
  • 3: Type the number “2”. It will become “2”.
  • 4: Now, you have “a2”.
  • For “H2O”:
  • 1: Type the “H”.
  • 2: Then, press 2 buttons “Ctrl” + “=” or select the icon “X2” in the “Font” section too.
  • 3: Type the number “2”. It will become “2”.
  • 4: Repeat step 2 one more time.
  • 5: Type the “O”.
  • 6: And now, you have the result that is “H2O”.


We gave you many ways to answer the question “How to type exponents?”. And you also know how you write using exponents. Here, we will gather all ways in both Word application and Google Docs shortly for you to learn more easily:

  • Microsoft Word exponents:
  • Method 1: using Superscript feature:
  • Using manually:
  • 1: Open Microsoft Word.
  • 2: Type your documents or text.
  • 3: Turn on Superscript: “Home” tab → “Font” section → Superscript “X2” or “X2”.
  • 4: Type exponent text.
  • 5: Turn off Superscript like turning on to continue typing normal text.
  • Using keystroke: Do all steps similar to the way above. Just replace step 3 to the keystroke “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “=” or “Ctrl” + “=”.
  • Method 2: using exponent symbol:
  • 1: Open Microsoft Word.
  • 2: Type your documents or text.
  • 3: Type exponent symbol: “^” or “**”.
  • 4: Type exponent text and other parts of text normally.
  • Google Docs exponents:
  • Method 1: using Superscript manually:
  • 1: Type your documents.
  • 2: Highlight parts that need to be made exponents.
  • 3: Choose: “Format” section → “Text” part → “X2” or “X2”.
  • Method 2: using Superscript on keyboard: The manipulation is the same as the method above but replaces step 3 with keystroke “Ctrl” + “.” or “Ctrl” + “,”.

These are all ways we know and we want to share them with you. Hope they will be helpful for you in your word.

Our Opinion About Typing Exponents

Knowing how to type exponents is a good thing for everyone. Because it is not too complicated, and you also don’t know when you will need to use them. Thus, knowing and remembering it is good.

At first, you will feel that it is quite difficult and time-consuming too. But for a long time, you can type them easily and quickly like the way you type normal documents. You will feel that writing those small numbers is a very small thing and nothing can make it difficult for you. That is the reason why you ought to learn about it.

If you find it is useful for you and your friends, don’t forget to share it with them.

And in the case you know other ways or have any suggestions, leave them in the comment box, we will improve as soon as possible.

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