How To Take Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop: A Useful Guide For You

When you use any laptop, you sometimes need to create a screenshot to do something. However, some people do not know how to do this, and they are often in trouble when they want a screenshot. You can refer to our article to learn how to take screenshot on Toshiba laptop.

In this post, we will mention 4 options. You may consider picking a proper method and apply it whenever you need it correctly. Let’s scroll down and follow the article right now.

Now, let’s check our table content and learn about taking a screenshot on a Toshiba computer.

The main content of the article includes the following items:

  • How To Take Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop
  • Notes About Take A Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop
  • How To Take Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop: Frequent Questions
  • Conclusion

How To Take A Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop

There are 4 options to take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop. You can apply 1 of 4 or all ways we will introduce to you. Let’s check it now and pick a proper method for you.

Way 1: Use Your Keyboard To Create A Screenshot

To use a keyboard to get a perfect screenshot on a laptop, you have to do the following steps.

Step 1: Open the window that you need to capture.

Step 2: We need to press keystrokes, including PrtSc and the Windows logo key. The screenshot will appear on the current screen. The unit can store it automatically.

In case these keystrokes do not operate, or your keyboard does not have PrtSc, you may try to use End/PrtSc, Windows key, and FN at the same time, you can get your capture picture.

Step 3: If you want to see your screenshot images, you can access the picture folder via the link C:\Users\username\Pictures\Screenshots.

How To Take Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop

In case you do not like your screenshot, you may delete it and repeat all the above steps.

I think it is accessible to you. This way is suitable for static screens. However, if you can use keystrokes competently, you can apply this method anytime.

If you do not like to use the keyboard or need to make a screenshot for an active window (when you watch a movie or music video), we will find a replacement method. Let’s scroll down and learn it right now.

Way 2: Make A Screenshot On An Active Window

If you are watching a film and you need to capture to save any wonderful moment on the screen, there are 2 options for you.

First option: Microsoft Paint software

Paint is one of the built-in applications on Windows. The Paint app owns basic features to fix your images. However, this software has a disadvantage. That is, your screenshot may not be sharp if you change sizes.

Step 1: Open Paint app by clicking and looking for it on the Start or using the search box on the desktop (typing “Paint” and click on it).

How To Take Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop

Step 2: Open the screen that you are working on it. Press the End key or PrtSc key.

You also can try to hold down the alt key and press the Print Screen key.

The clipboard will save your captured picture.

Step 3: Moving to the Paint app, press Ctrl + V.

You may click Edit (on the Toolbar) or right-mouse and press “Paste” button to paste the screenshot.

In case you have to resize or crop your screenshot, just click Crop or Resize to adjust the desired sizes.

Step 4: When you finish editing, press Ctrl + C or clicking File -> Save on the Toolbar. Then, choose a position to save your captured picture.

Besides, you should pick picture formats depending on your demand by clicking to “Save As.”

Let’s pick a location that you can find screenshots easily for your work.

Second option: Snipping Tool utility

If you use the operating system from Windows Vista and above, the Snipping Tool app will be a utility that you need.

Step 1: Find Snipping Tool in the Start or use the search box to look for it.

You can type Snipping Tool to seek fast.

Click on the Snipping Tool and open it.

Step 2: Picking New on the Snipping Tool panel. Next, click and drag the mouse across the area you want to capture.

Step 3: Lastly, release the mouse and store it by clicking Save Snip.

Choose the place to hold your captured picture after using the Snipping Tool.

How To Take Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop

After saving your captured pictures from Snipping Tool, you should recheck them; if you are not satisfied, you may erase some photos you do not like and start again with the above steps.

Way 3: Use A Powerful Screen Recorder

If you have to create a screenshot to record audio output and capture video displays, Snagit Editor is an excellent application to do this.

Below are the steps you have to follow.

Step 1: Download and install Snagit Editor on the computer.

Initialization app, run, and sign in, then click to the Capture button.

Step 2: Click and choose the window that you need to take a screenshot.

Click the Camera button to save your picture.

Step 3: Use the editor to fix your screenshot according to your demand (add text to create notes, blur, crop, scale, resize, share, add a shadow effect to make it outstanding, etc.)

Lastly, keep your screenshot on your unit.

To get the best effect, you may try the newest version that was released in 2021.

Way 4: Aiseesoft Screen Capture

One more choice is for taking a screenshot on Toshiba laptop – Aiseesoft Screen Capture. This application is suitable for Windows 7, 8, 10 versions.

Aiseesoft Screen Capture is an application that helps you experience and enjoys exciting features when you make a screenshot.

You can use it to capture photos and record screens while seeing a video on your Toshiba screen.

Aiseesoft Screen Capture owns some following valuable features.

  • Capture on the selected or entire screen comfortably and freely.
  • Drawing any shape (an arrow, line, ellipse, or rectangle) depending on your demand.
  • Adding text to create the caption for images.
  • Delete or blur unnecessary factors on the screenshot.
  • If you make a mistake while editing, you can redo or undo your actions easily.
  • You can pin your screenshots directly to take further photos.
  • This application is compatible with Toshiba Chromebook, Toshiba Satellite, etc.

Step 1: Download and Install Aiseesoft Screen Capture on your Toshiba computer.

Run the utility, navigate your window that you need to take a screenshot Toshiba.

Pick “Snapshot” on the interface. Then, you have to run Screenshot Tool on your equipment.

Step 2: Select the screenshot zone

You have to move the mouse to choose the screenshot zone on your pop-up window of the Toshiba screen.

Next, click the left pointer to get the captured zone and release it to confirm that area.

Lastly, your picture file will be stored.

Step 3: Edit the captured picture

According to your desire, you can draw any figure or add callout, text, or blur the image or pin it to continue to screenshot.

Hold your picture by clicking the save button. You may choose image formats such as TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP based on your hobby.

You may also use the professional version to get advanced editing functions by paying an amount of money. If you do not need them, you can still use the free version.

You may refer to this video to know how to take a screenshot on a Toshiba screen.

Notes About Taking A Screenshot On Toshiba Laptop

When you create a screenshot on the Toshiba print screen, I believe you will meet some issues. You may follow the below part to solve them easily and get the perfect captured images.

Plug the equipment into a power outlet and charge it fully

If your Toshiba laptops’ battery is almost out, you should plug your unit into the power outlet.

Your computer cannot take a screenshot if it is not full of energy.

First, you need to take the unit’s power cord to plug the smaller end into its power port. This action can keep the battery more durable over time.

Next, plug the other end into an electrical outlet. Don’t plug at the same time with many types of equipment to avoid overcrowding that leads to electric shock, fire situations.

Where to save the screenshot file

In case you use method 1 that we introduced, you can access the link and see your screenshots easily and quickly.

However, the C drive cannot hold your data if you reset the equipment. Therefore, you have to move your picture to the D or E drive to hold them safely.

You should create a new picture folder if you need to use screenshots for specific work. Thus, you can find them fast and do not waste time to finish work on time.

Furthermore, cloud storage is an excellent method when your laptop’s memory is full. You can free-save all screenshots. Cloud storage can remove the risk of data deletion due to viruses, so you will use screenshots whenever you need them.

Edit your screenshot

Depending on your demand, you can use edit features that are built-in in each screenshot software.

Applications often have such functions as add text, blur, erase, draw shapes, crop, scale, change sizes, etc. You can use them to make the desired Toshiba print screen.

Besides, some captured picture programs have advanced versions that you must pay to install. They will provide you professional features; so you can fix and get the highest quality photos.

Don’t regret your money when you buy any screenshot application because you download an application from an unclear source, the virus may attack your equipment, and you will spend a cost fix or worse, you have to reset, lose all data, or buy a new laptop.

Consider your demand

Before choosing any way to take screenshot Toshiba, you should consider your demand to get a suitable method.

If you need to get a picture on a tranquil screen, you may try way 1. When you are watching a video and want to capture an exciting moment, method 2 is perfect.

If you want to record a video on the entire screen (including picture and sound), you should use methods 3 and 4 or any support utility you like.

Consider resizing your captured picture

Resizing your captured images may make them blurry. Hence, the quality of screenshots will decrease, and you can’t get sharp images. This causes terrible effects on your work. Thus, it would help if you considered resizing.

If you really need to, adjust the size just right so that the image doesn’t blur too much.

How To Take Screenshots On Toshiba Laptop: Frequent Questions

Question 1

When I use the Satellite Toshiba laptops, the keyboard has 2 buttons: PrtSc key and End. If I press these keystrokes, the pointer will move to the page’s end. How do I solve this issue on the print screen Toshiba Satellite?

While you are working on a print screen Toshiba Satellite, you can try to hold down Ctrl and press the PrtSc or End. In case the keyboard has an Fn key (function key), you may also use it.

Question 2

My new Windows 10 Toshiba laptop’s keyboard does not include the standard “F” or “Fn” or “PrtSc” key. What alternative method do I have?

You could try to use Snipping Tool, Snagit, Aiseesoft Screen Capture, or the same support applications for the Toshiba print screen on Windows 10.

Question 3

What if I don’t want to save the screenshot on a Toshiba laptop?

You may take the following screenshot to delete the previous picture that was recorded on the clipboard.

After you finish all fixing steps, you can remove the screenshot you do not like to Recycle Bin or do not click Save on the Toolbar.

Question 4

Where should I download the screenshot applications?

To ensure your equipment is safe, you should download from reliable sources to prevent viruses or hackers from attacking to steal private data and information.

You can search for this software on the Microsoft Store; most of the application on this platform is free.

In addition, you can access the software programmer’s website to download the desired program freely.

If you want to install professional or VIP versions, you must pay via some services, such as an international debit card or Paypal.

It would be best never to use crack software because they have many potential dangers to your beloved unit.

Question 5

After downloading and installing the screenshot program, I cannot run it. Why? How to solve this?

Before downloading any utility from the Microsoft Store or any website, you should check the operating system (Windows 7, 8, 10, or Vista), its requirements, and computer specifications. You can search for this info on the Internet easily and follow the instructions simply.

Thus, you can choose the correct application version and start to click “Download.”

If you do not install the incompatible software with your Windows, it cannot run on laptops, and you are not able to use it.


How to take screenshot on Toshiba laptop; I think you found the answer. After reading our post, we hope you will want to make the Toshiba laptop print screen easily and quickly with simple actions.

In addition, you also know more helpful info about this topic via frequent questions and notes about taking a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop.

If you have other related exciting knowledge about the Toshiba laptop print screen, you can write a comment to share them with people immediately.




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