How To Stop Ccleaner Popups Alerts With Windows 10?

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CCleaner is an excellent system scan optimization program that may help you save a significant amount of hard disc space. The cleaner tool in CCleaner may remove junk files from Windows.

How to turn off CCleaner’s notifications

  • CCleaner’s enable active Monitoring System Settings should be deselected.
  • CCleaner Pro’s Monitor Settings can be tweaked.
  • CCleaner Notifications Can Be Removed Using Windows Settings
  • CCleaner’s Notification Bar Icon should be closed.

How To Stop Ccleaner Popups Alerts

1. Uncheck the Active Monitoring System box in CCleaner.

You may disable pop-up notifications with both the free CCleaner version’s 2 data settings.

To access more settings, firstly open the computer’s window and select Options.

Then, under the active Monitoring tab, select one of the choices listed below.

Remove the checkmark from the Enable access management box.

To turn off program update disables the CCleaner alert popup, uncheck the Enable Statistical Modeling option.

To turn down active monitoring, a dialogue box screen will appear, seeking additional confirmation. To be sure you wouldn’t need the CCleaner alerts, press the On ok.

2. Using Disable CCleaner Alert Popup Pro, change the System Monitoring Options.

The extra process involves settings, as well as a browser monitor setting, which are available with CCleaner PRO, that is greyed out from the freeware edition. With those options, PRO users may further customize the CCleaner alerts.

For example, you may reduce the number of warnings by entering a larger amount in the When cleaning saves much more text field.

Alternatively, choose Automatically cleanup on closing no notice from the break option to disable the notifications while keeping the system active monitoring.

The option of enabling internet system monitoring expands the software’s warning. If the checkbox is checked, PRO users may need to remove it.

3. Using Windows Settings, disable CCleaner’s notifications.

Alternatively, you may configure Windows options to disable CCleaner as well as other program alerts.

To do so with Windows 10, hit the Cortana CCleaner icon to bring up the search bar for that program.

Within the search box, type the term “notification.”

To open a window seen in the screenshot below, go to Notifications and or actions settings.

Turn off the ability to get disable CCleaner alert popup from applications as well as other senders by scrolling down to it.

4. CCleaner’s Notification Bar Icon should be closed.

When you’re about to stop your software’s notifications, you may close the notification area icon in CCleaner. The monitor can then be kept on and briefly turned off as needed.

Unless you turn off the Automatically show all indicators in the warning area option, the CCleaner symbol will appear in the Microsoft Windows system.

Right-click the CCleaner notification zone button and select Exit to momentarily turn off the notifications. CCleaner’s system monitoring will be disabled till you relaunch the program.

Click the tiny arrow to display the icons that would otherwise have been on the notification center if the Automatically show all symbols option is disabled, as seen right below.

There are a few options for turning off CCleaner’s notifications. You may turn them off completely, adjust the CCleaner alert popup throughout the Premium upgrade to appear less frequently, or temporarily disable CCleaner’s monitoring via Windows’ notification center or Task Scheduler.

How Do I Disable Ccleaner Updates?

Click the Options icon in the left pane of the CCleaner home window, then select the Smart cleaning option.

Uncheck the item that says “Notify me when there are junk files to clean” here. After that, deselect CCleaner’s monitoring options Enable Smart Cleaning.

When you receive the warning notice, click Yes to disable Smart Cleaning.

How Do I Get Rid Of Annoying Pop Ups On Windows 10?

Download the newest version of CCleaner from the official CCleaner website.

Open CCleaner after it has been installed on your computer and select Options from the left side.

Uncheck the Show offers for our other items option on the Privacy tab.

How do I remove CCleaner from my taskbar?

It’s possible that upgrading Windows will break anything, or that the CCleaner settings are corrupt. If you haven’t already, you may need to perform a clean/fresh install of CCleaner, which includes the following steps:

1. Remove CCleaner from your computer.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Download and reinstall CCleaner.

What Is A Good Replacement For Ccleaner?

CCleaner, one of the most well-known hard drive cleaning applications available, has built a reputation for being free and simple to use, with clear indications of what’s being cleaned and how much free space your hard drive will acquire as a result of the procedure.

Small BleachBit iconBleachBit, an open-source and purportedly more thorough alternative to CCleaner, is highly recommended by our community for Windows and Linux. There are, of course, numerous other options for Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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