How To Spoiler On Discord? Make Things Easier When Using Discord

 Discord is a communication platform allowing users to create and catch up with like-minded communities. However, in such servers with many participants, some messages you send may not be suitable for everybody.

Fortunately, Discord comes with a useful markdown feature to hide sensitive messages. It’s the spoiler tag.

In this article, you will learn the method to spoiler on discord texts or images, as well as how to disallow the spoiler tag.

Basically, there are three ways to style your messages with spoiler tags:

  • Add the spoiler tags before sending
  • Mark the message as a spoiler before sending
  • Use Markdown

For Discord images, you simply press the checkbox ‘Mark as spoiler’ and click on ‘Upload’ to add a spoiler tag to images or videos before sending.

Now, let’s break down these steps into details!

What Is a Spoiler Tag?

The Discord Spoiler tag is a useful feature.

As the name hints, a spoiler tag covers your messages (or parts of them) with an overlay to alert that the information you give may disturb some friends who are not ready for it.

Once you’ve marked a text as a spoiler, other participants will see a black or grey block over the content.

Those who are fine with the spoiler can tap this box to reveal the message, whereas others can choose to avoid it.

It will be visible only to people clicking on the black-outed content, so each one has to tap the overlay if they want to view the text.

Discord developers have released the spoiler tag recently to add to its nice collection of markdown features. The best instance for the use of this feature is film or show spoilers.

If you want to chat about a twist relating to a new movie that many people may haven’t seen, a spoiler tag is helpful.

This way, you can avoid spoiling too many details for other users. It’s the ground rule for talking about movies, isn’t it?

With Discord spoiler tags, you can hide both text and pictures. However, it doesn’t enable users to mark Discord videos as a spoiler. Another noteworthy point is that the feature can’t delete messages.

Spoiler tags apply to formatting Discord messages in your browser, the mobile Discord app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Discord app for Windows or Mac.

How To Create Spoiler Tags For Your Text Messages?

Discord publishers have made it tremendously simple to create spoiler tags to block out sensitive content you want to input.

You can easily put the three methods of adding spoiler tags on Discord below into practice with our help.

These steps are applicable to any operating system and mobile application. Let’s take a look!

Method 1: Adding The Spoiler Tags

Adding the spoiler tag is the most common way to spoiler on Discord.

Adding spoiler tags to Discord text messages is one of the simplest ways to hide information. The process takes just a few steps before you send the message.

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You can add spoiler tags either to a part of or the entire text.

If you want to style an entire text with a Discord spoiler tag, do the following:

  • Go to the Discord app.
  • Type ‘/spoiler’ at the start before you type the message. It’ll appear like, ‘/spoiler this message may not be suitable for you.’

This syntax helps blackout the entire text message until a recipient chooses to view its content.

Another alternative syntax is using two vertical bars before and after the text. For instance, you type ‘||be aware of the spoiler||.’ Your message will be displayed as spoilers.

When you want to unblock a spoiler text in a Discord chat, you need to click on it. After that, the message appears highlighted with a dark gray box in the background.

Should you want to add a spoiler tag to a part of your message, highlight it on the chat server:

  • Go to the Discord app.
  • Type your text message and highlight the words containing spoilers.
  • You’ll find the Discord text formatting box pop up above the part you’ve just highlighted. Click on the eye icon so that the app will help you display those words as spoilers.
  • After that, you’ll see two vertical pipes appear at the beginning and end of the highlighted part. So it now comes in the chat as a tagged spoiler.

Similarly, instead of highlighting it, you can type two bars directly at the start and end of the part you wish to hide using the key ‘|’ on your device’s keyboard. In a word, any text that has two pipes before and after will come in as spoilers.

Please note, if you want to add a spoiler tag to cover a message within a code block, it doesn’t work on this app. Maybe you have to use another method to cover it.

If you’ve accidentally unblocked a spoiler and not read it yet, you can quickly close the Discord app and reopen it. This way, the channel will re-hide it for you.

Method 2: Mark As Spoiler

Press the option ‘Mark as spoiler’ to hide your message.

Marking a message as a spoiler has become easier thanks to its newest upgrade.

After you type a text (and have not sent it yet), you highlight it and right-click on the part. You’ll see the option ‘Mark as spoiler’ pop up. Then, you simply press it.

After that, two vertical bars appear before and after the highlighted content. Now, once you send the message, recipients will not be able to view the information without clicking on it.

Plus, users can even cover web links with an overlay in this new update. They need to type two pipes at the beginning and the end of that URL link.

Method 3: Using Markdown

The traditional dual-bars markdown function still works when it comes to how to add spoiler tags to text messages.

Using Markdown to add spoiler tags is quite similar to the two methods above; however, it’ll be a bit different when you type on your desktop.

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Basically, you first type the phrase out and wrap it with vertical dual-pipes on either side. You type these bars using this keyboard command, ‘Shift + Backslash.’

For example, you put the words between ||the two vertical pipes||. That phrase will come in as a spoiler.

The dual-pipes will keep your text message in a solid block with a spoiler tag. Others have to click on it to reveal the content. If they want to ignore the spoiler, they just refrain from tapping the phrase.

How To Spoiler On Discord Images and Attachments?

You can also add spoiler tags to your files or images

Creating spoiler tags is also available for text images and other attachments in a Discord community.

Unfortunately, you can’t go for the option ‘Mark as spoiler’ as well as using the syntax ‘/spoiler’ (all the above methods) for this kind of content on mobile applications.

In other words, you can only add spoiler tags to Discord images and attachments through the Discord website or the apps in Windows or Mac – all desktop versions.

To add spoiler tags to your images and attachments in a Discord chat server, do the following:

  • Go to the Discord app in your browser or on your computer and open a chat.
  • You can upload the document in two ways: Drag and drop a file into your server, or press the plus icon (+) next to the chat bar’s left side, choose the file you need to send, then select Open.
  • You’ll see a preview box containing your attachment pop up. You can type some comments or emojis before you send them to the chat.
  • Look at the lower-left corner, and you’ll find the checkbox ‘Mark as spoiler.’ Press it to hide the file or image, and click ‘Upload.’

After you send the attachment, it will come in the Discord chat behind a spoiler tag. Your friends can click on ‘Spoiler’ to remove the hidden view and check the file as normal.

How To Disallow Spoiler Tags?

Go to Text & Images to disallow your spoiler tags.

For some reason, like you’ve realized that everybody in the community is ok with the spoiler, you may want to forbid Discord spoiler tags and remove them from the text.

As handy as adding spoiler tags, you can disable them simply by doing the following:

  • Open the Discord app in your browser or on your desktop, go to the panel User Settings, then select the option ‘Text & Images.’

Next, scroll down to see the tab ‘Show Spoiler Content.’ A list of options will pop up as below:

  • On click: This option is the default setting, meaning that the recipients can tap the spoiler tags to unblock the content.
  • On servers I moderate: This option means you have the control over spoiler tags in any server you manage. You can disallow some or all spoilers as long as you’re taking the role of Manage Messages.
  • Always: This option means disabling all spoiler tags. There won’t be any spoilers available.
  • If you want to forbid all your spoilers, select ‘Always’ or ‘On servers I moderate’ (in chats whose manager is you) to turn off existing Discord spoiler tags.
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If you want to activate them again, similarly, head to the same menu, follow the same path, then press ‘Always’ again to get rid of the option.

Is It The Same As Using Spoiler On Mobile Devices?

Indeed, the Discord spoiler tag on mobile devices (iOS) works exactly the same as on mobile applications.

The process is somewhat similar to the methods above. Here’s how to add spoiler tags on Discord on mobile devices:

  • Type the phrase that will be the spoiler out, and don’t send it yet
  • You can add a spoiler tag to that text in two ways:
    • Wrapping it by dual-pipes ‘||’ at the beginning and the end to mark it as a spoiler
    • Highlighting the portion containing the spoiler. Next, you’ll see a menu pop up on your screen. You simply click on the right arrow ‘>’ to show more options. Then, press ‘Mark as spoiler.’
    • It’s time to go for the send button. Your text message now comes in behind a gray or black overlay. Curious recipients will tap and reveal the content.

The same process goes for adding spoiler tags to embedded links. However, it’s not applicable to Discord-based server links.

Another limitation is that users can’t add spoiler tags to videos, images, and additional attachments from mobile applications.

Now, you’re ready to browse Discord communities without confusion about what the grey covers are and how to use them correctly.

It’s a good idea to use this useful function as you can protect other participants from catching spoilers via the content you share on Discord.

All in all, this article digs deeply into how to take advantage of the Discord spoiler tag feature to hide messages, images, and files in Discord chat servers. You can redo and undo the tag many times if you change your mind.

Final Words

The Discord spoiler tag is so far a helpful yet simple-to-use feature for Discord users. What can be better than browsing your chat with similar-minded buddies and sharing fav stuff without any disturbance or inconvenience?

A tip to avoid exposing others to intrusive content is to join the communities that share the same interest as you. So you won’t have to worry about any slip of the tongue.

How to spoiler on Discord? Hopefully, you’ll find our instructions helpful and can follow them with ease. You should research well to decide which method is the easiest for you.

Should you be about to unveil a surprising secret in your Discord chat, then a spoiler tag is a must.

Thank you for reading!



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