How To Set Video As Lock Screen? – The Best Ways In 2021

How to set video as lock screen? Creating a video for your telephone is a standout amongst other approaches to redo it and put it aside from every other telephone.

Typically when you pick a backdrop, you may choose one of the default pictures that accompanied your telephone or quest your exhibition for one of your photographs to add that individual touch truly.

However, video backdrop makes customization a stride further by allowing you to remember a critical second in the entirety of its magnificent movement. The live photos wallpaper looks shocking, yet it doesn’t get as tedious as quick as basic live screen wallpaper.

Here are our methods to set video as a lock screen.

Set Video As Lock Screen On Your Phone

On iPhone

How To Set Video As Lock Screen
How To Set Video As Lock Screen

Method 1: Set Live Wallpaper iPhone

The apple’s backdrops, the pictures showed on the iPhone 6s version, for example. These are the pictures we notice more than others each time we take a gander at our telephones.

In any case, setting live video wallpaper as your apple phone’s backdrop is an incredible method to set video as your wallpaper.

And keeping in mind that you can’t utilize an actual live photos wallpaper as a backdrop, you can utilize animated wallpaper for iPhones, a document that is not difficult to make with the application.

Regardless, not all telephones support setting a live photo. To partake in the iPhone live wallpapers, just touch and hold a finger on your iPhone 6s for about a few seconds, and it will abruptly, no doubt arousing a lot of rush for the apple users who view it.

Step 1: Open the camera on your iPhone, parchment, and hit the Live button. The symbol will become yellowish when the method is enacted.

You can now take a photo, choose a new wallpaper on your phone, choose a file or record a video as your wallpaper on your iPhone. By then, the camera will likewise catch any development previously, following the primary live photo.

Step 2: Settings -> wallpaper -> Choose a New Wallpaper-> Live classification and tap to pick the live photo wallpaper you have just captured in your device or data-> Set that photo as Lock Screen on your iPhone device-> tap to save it. Now, Apple users will have iPhone moving wallpapers.

Method 2: Create And Set Photo Or Video As Your Wallpaper Using intoLive

As referenced above, iPhone clients can’t edit and set animated wallpapers for iPhone background straightforwardly.

Because of the improvement of innovation, some outsider icon apps assist with changing over clasps for you to set your ios live wallpapers on your iPhone.

Our suggestion is to use intoLive to set the animated wallpaper for iPhone. You can get this app online. It can do ios live wallpaper in under a few seconds from a clip cut. Its expert adaptation requires cash, yet the available form will do.

Start the application and pick the icon or video to transfer over on your devices. Utilize the bars on the course of events to manage the catch.

Click the Bolt in the uppermost right hand, pick No Repeat, and then save your live picture wallpaper. You can now set it as a live photo.

On Android

Android proprietors desire to assume that their telephones are more adjustable than the iPhone, and they’re regularly correct.

It is a great design. Aside from a genuinely restricted stunt, including custom live wallpapers, it’s unrealistic to transform the picture into your backdrop. However, it’s not difficult to do it on Android utilizing quite a few available applications.

Some telephones even have the element implicit. Remember, however, that the explanation this isn’t finished as a matter, of course, is that running a photo on the phone ceaselessly will deplete the telephone’s battery all the more rapidly every time.


On the off chance that you demand to insert a live lock screen on the Android telephone, you have to get an application from Google Store. There are a modest bunch of applications that can do this – to observe a rundown, search that store for “live picture wallpaper.”

In this article, we pleasure utilizing video live wallpaper. It’s an available, solid, and reliable application that can turn your experience into a flash.

At present, just outsider applications can assist with making your video lock screen or wallpaper on Android. We suggest you Video Live Wallpaper.

Step 1: Pick Your Favorite Video Or Live Photo

To start with, you’ll need to select the video to set it as your live lock screen wallpaper. As we referenced before, it has to be in the MP4 or 3GP configuration, yet there’s unity more pucker.

After you select the video, it ought to be in picture design (upward); else, it will be vigorously trimmed to round out the whole home screen and lock.

In the settings, you choose “Gallery” to stack up the video you’d prefer to set as the backdrop from the application’s fundamental card. The chosen video will doubtlessly show up before you in the “Later” segment.

However, there’s a possibility you’ll have to skim out the burger card in the uppermost left-hand edge and review it to “Downloads” or “Recordings” for it. Whenever you’ve discovered the picture you want, just hit it to select it.

Step 2: Change Your Chosen Video To The Right Configuration

Regardless of whether your document is a 3GP, there’s as yet a possibility it will not be viable with the application we’ll apply to transform it into a live backdrop. Some of the 3GPs are delivered with codes that your phone may not perceive.

In case you’re utilizing a clip you caught with your telephone, you can skirt this progression. Indeed, most of the time, you can get that from the website, which comes with standard codes. So most clients can presumably skirt this progression.

However, simply on the off chance that you’re attempting to select a video document that your phone or the live backdrop application will not perceive, essentially go to the “Android video converter” website.

On this site, you then select “Pick Document,” then, at that point, choose “Records” to peruse your telephone’s stockpiling.

From that point, you can choose a video you need to utilize, then, at that point, bequeath the organization alternatives installed as they are as of now.

At long last, you click “Convert record,” then, at that point inside a couple of seconds, your program will naturally download the changed-over document.

Step 3: Install Live Picture Wallpaper

Then, you need to introduce Video Live Backdrop on your telephone, which is the application we’ll handle to replace the video into a live lock screen wallpaper.

As you want to get live wallpaper, you should look for “Video Live Backdrop.” You should now download the chosen app and introduce it; then, at that point, you open the app to start making a video.

Step 4: Set The Video Sound

Then, you’ll feel free to choose how to edit the sound that accompanies your moving wallpaper. The principal setting to know about on this front is “Play Sound.” It decides whether your video will represent sound — when the crate is terminated, it’ll present the sound.

The framework that peruses “Show video offscreen” decides whether your clip will perform while you open other applications or then again when your telephone’s lock screen wallpaper turns off.

By monitoring this crate notwithstanding “Play Sound,” your telephone will perform the chosen picture with sound consistently, so possibly do as such on the off chance that you will feel free to require to continually listen to your video’s sound.

Step 5: Video Loop

Then, you should try to adjust this case so your video will circle backward throughout after it closes. Else, it’ll blur to gloom externally playing your live wallpaper again.

Step 6: Zoom Or Stretch The Aspect Ratio

Regardless you do, the application guarantees the image or video you want to use rounds out your telephone’s whole shade. It can cause a few issues when the video’s angle proportion doesn’t coordinate your phone’s.

For instance, when you’re utilizing a small picture wallpaper on a larger telephone’s cover, it will be extended upward to compensate for any shortfall, bringing about a somewhat tall and thin-looking video.

You should ensure the crate that states “Keep Angle Proportion” or “Keep Aspect Ratio” is terminated on the off chance that you require to keep your live wallpaper from being slanted.

However, realize that this will make the videos be somewhat plentiful zoomed-in than it would have been something else (zipped, yet not extended).

On the off chance that the videos’ angle proportion coordinates the cover, you will not need to stress over this framework.

Step 7: Set A Live Lock Screen Wallpaper

At the point when you finished tweaking your backdrop backgrounds, you now hit “Set Live Home Screen.” Your telephone’s negligence backdrop picker will currently show up before you, so hit “Apply” to affirm the chosen backdrop.

It will install the video you have chosen as the phone live wallpaper. One thing to remark is that you can quit your video whenever by twofold hitting any unfilled space on the lock screen wallpaper.

It is a helpful element, yet it might meddle with the signals on the off chance you come with any settings.

On Other Phones

Firstly, you open the Google Play Store up. Then, you should search for your favorite Video Live Wallpaper app. You download your chosen app.

When you introduce and present the chosen application, you will notice the app screen that gives the entirety of the backgrounds for setting your photo live wallpaper or video wallpaper.

Then, you snap on the container with the camera symbol and afterward pick the photo or video wallpaper you need to transform into your backdrop.

Snap Scale is fit to alter the measurement and presence of the video you want.

Once the alters are finished, you can now close the Wallpaper application, and your video wallpaper will consequently turn into your backdrop.

Set Video As Lock Screen On Your PC’s Desktop

We need to concede that you can’t set a video wallpaper as a live lock screen other than fault vibrant backdrops and lock screen.

Since once you utilize VideoLan Client to place your data goes in whole lock screen style, the PC desktop symbols and alternate routes are absent. You can present it a shot and verify whether it accommodates you.

Download the VidelLan Client-> tap to choose your favorite video -> Tap to set as photo live wallpaper.


What Is A Video Wallpaper?

Additionally described as live photos or video backdrops that perform your telephone’s experience move or confers a brief video cut. Live backdrops can flavor up a telephone past the average, motionless backdrop settings.

Some cell phones accompany live backdrops pre-introduced, such as skimming spikes, meteorites, or befalling snowfall. Be that as it may, you can likewise create your favorite photo live lock screen easily whenever you like.

What Should You Do To Design The Most Effective Method To Step Up Your Video Lock Screen?

Presently, you have made a clip of the phone’s lock screen or backdrop. Nonetheless, is your video backdrop truly adequate? What about making your video backdrop a mite like a flash?

FlexClip, a clear and simple-to-utilize editorial manager, can loan you some assistance. It is furnished with comfortable sovereignty-free media assets to make your telephone’s lock screen or live picture wallpaper into a more extraordinary level.

Other than that, this app likewise provides delightful impacts to make your photos and videos more noteworthy. When wrapping things up, we think this incredible app will permit you to send out recordings in various goals, fitting all stages.


This article has given you the most suitable and wonderful point-by-point elective approaches to set video as a lock screen.

What’s your opinion about our article? On the chance that you discover this article accommodating, we’d see the value in it when you can impart it to other people.

We hope you can easily learn how to set video as lock screen after reading our detailed data, tips, steps, etc.

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