How To Screen Share In Discord Server? Helpful Tips To Stream On Discord

Discord is a full-featured communication app letting users set up and join large chat servers for gaming, business, or social interests. The beauty of this platform is that it comes with a useful screen sharing and video calling solution.

It allows you to add up to nine people to your server and make video calls while sharing your desktop screen.

In this article, you’ll learn the method to screen share in the Discord server and fix common problems when sharing the screen.

Our instructions on sharing your screen in Discord server on a computer include two easy methods:

  • Screen share in a voice channel
  • Screen share in a private call

Let’s dig into the details now!

What Is Discord Screen Share?

How To Screen Share In Discord Server

Discord’s publishers focus on appealing to gamers and developing a mainly gaming-focused app. That’s the reason the screen share function has grabbed great attention from its users.

Introduced in August, 2017, this feature on Discord lets other participants in your server chat view and engage with your screen.

In particular, you can add nine coworkers to a live call and show your computer screen simultaneously. The viewers will see everything running on the display in real-time.

This function is extremely useful for game interaction and streaming. Gamers can stream their gameplays from mobile devices or show their D&D groups the map of the dungeon, for instance.

Besides, many non-gaming users also go for screen sharing. They use it as a free yet flexible substitute to other telecommuting apps.

With Discord screen sharing, it’s easier to share your presentation from an iOS or Android-based device while holding a video meeting. Image or video sharing with friends via Discord is also available.

When sharing your screen, the only thing to note is that the notifications or other private material may pop up if they’re visible on-screen.

So please make sure to close all the apps or extra tabs to avoid accidentally swapping to and enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to mute notifications before showing your display.

Why Screen Sharing On Discord?

Screen sharing on Discord provides users with plenty of practical benefits.

The first to mention is the feature helps improve the productivity of meetings. Nowadays, online conferences have been more popular among organizations and small groups.

During the meeting, members can directly share their screen and show the PowerPoint presentation instead of sending and requiring everybody to download it. Truly, this feature is barely an inconvenience.

Besides, Discord screen share makes it more interesting whether you’re watching YouTube or playing games. You don’t want these experiences to be lonely, so you can add more people to engage with you.

Professional streamers are those who usually need to use screen sharing. You can talk to your audience, play games, and let them see your gameplays simultaneously.

Features of Discord Screen Share

Discord comes with tons of excellent features of screen sharing, offering great comfort. Here are some of the prominent ones:

  • Mute sound during meetings

You can turn on or off the voice whenever you want to during screen share by opening Application Windows, then enable or disable the Sound option.

  • Video marquee

If you only want to see a person’s screen share or video in a group call, you can choose that one while others simply swipe to the next slide in the marquee. Similarly, if you want to change to another screen, pick anyone in the marquee.

  • Swap Screens

Swapping from a screen or video by clicking on the icon ‘arrow’ in the center bottom and picking the display you wish to share.

  • Toggle Full Screen

Users can share their full screens by clicking on the icon ‘double arrow’ on the screen’s right side. Your screen will expand to the fullest.

  • Leave Call

If you want to stop screen share, tap the Leave Call button to disconnect the meeting quickly. If you accidentally slip on this option, the call will end as it will not warn you in advance.

How To Screen Share In Discord Server On A Computer? 

The process of starting a screen share in the Discord server on your desktop is not complicated at all. So if you haven’t been used to this application, don’t panic!

You can take the two easy methods below into consideration.

How To Share Your Screen In A Voice Channel?

You need to adjust all the settings before sharing your screen.

The first step to take is to enable the video settings properly. You’ll need to prepare the app so that it would serve you right during a screen share.

Next, look at the bottom left wide of the screen (if you’re running it in a web browser) or app and tap the icon ‘little cog’ on the right side of your profile name.

You’ll see a range of various settings pop up to adjust. You press the‘ Voice and Video’ option on the list and adjust all the settings according to your requirements.

In particular, you can choose the ‘input device’ to set up your speakers or headphones to the input source. If you frequently use your desktop’s built-in speakers, set it as default.

After selecting the input and output, it’s advisable to test the sound out to make sure nothing goes wrong. Simply press the blue button ‘Let’s Check’ to see if the voice works properly.

Next, scroll down to check for your video settings. Here, you can pick which video camera you’re going to use. Again, if you frequently use your PC’s built-in webcam, leave it as ‘Integrated Camera.’

Similarly, you’ll need to inspect the video. Press the blue button ‘Test Video’ and check if the image is vividly bright and clear.

In case you’re in a browser, remember to grant the web permission to get access to your camera; or else, a blank screen will appear instead of the real image. The same goes for voice settings.

The second step is to create or join a server. To share your screen on Discord with other users, you have to be on a server first.

A server contains multiple text channels for live streaming and talking. These channels can have different topics and be managed by different sets of rules.

This feature makes it easier to divide your team according to the project, department, and other categories.

You join or create a new server by pressing the big button ‘+’ in the top left corner of your screen. It rests right below the Discord logo.

You’ll see a popup appear and ask you to choose between joining a server or creating one. For instance, you would go for creating a server.

Once you click on the option ‘Create a server,’ it’ll ask you to give the server a name. After typing the name, tap ‘Create.’

The next step is to connect to a Voice Channel. To screen share in a Discord server, do a live video chat, or interact with friends, you need to access a Voice Channel.

By simply pressing ‘General’, you’ve connected to a channel and been ready to make a live video or use Discord screen share.

Then, click on the button ‘Video’, and your desktop will access the webcam and begin a streaming video. When you press the button ‘Screen’ to share your screens, you’ll see some options to select.

  • If multiple apps are running in the background, you can choose one to screen share showing only that app, a web browser, photo-editing software, or your PP presentation.
  • If you’re working on multiple monitors, you can choose which screen to be displayed. In other words, you’re able to screen share only a window, excluding others, or display the entire screen with all the windows.

After picking a screen or app, you’ll continue to see some other options to select before screen sharing.

  • Change to another Voice Channel
  • Change the frame rate and resolution of your video (this option requires a premium subscription).
  • Double-check if you’re streaming the right app

Now, just hit the button ‘Go Live,’ and you’re sharing your screens on Discord!

A beauty of Discord screen share is that it’ll show your webcam screen next to your screen share. And only viewers having access to your Voice Channel can see your live streaming video.

How To Share Your Screen In A Private Voice Call?

Gathering friends in a private call is a cool way to screen share on Discord.

Another way to use the Discord screen share feature is via a private call. Our guide includes these easy-to-follow steps:

  • Create a list of friends who you would like to invite to view your screen on Discord. The list will be your calling group. You’ll add them into the ‘Call List for Discord video call screen share’ by doing the following:
    • Find the option ‘Friends’ at the bottom of the screen and press it to create a list.
    • Float over your buddies’ name. You’ll see the option ‘Video Call’ appear.
    • Tap your fav partners’ names, then go to the DM window. If you wish him to view your screen share, click on the icon ‘Video’ to start a video chat.

If your PC’s operating system is MAC, you can start video streaming by tapping the icon ‘triple dot’ in the upper right of your screen and selecting the option ‘Start Video Conference.’

Can I Use Screen Share On Discord Mobile?

The screen share is also available for Discord mobile.

The good news is that you can start a screen share over Discord easily on mobile devices, too. Fortunately, either iPhone or Android users can stream their screens on Discord.

Keep in mind that you can’t get screen share while using some apps, such as Netflix.

Here’s how to share a live video on Discord mobile:

  • Open the Discord app on your Android or iPhone, then create or join a server and a voice channel you wish to share your screen to
  • When you’re already in a voice channel, click on the icon ‘phone’ at the screen’s bottom. If it’s grayed out, it means you need permission to get inside and stream in this channel. You can ask the server moderator to give you the role.
  • You’ll need to grant the app permission to record your phone screen. Tap ‘Star Now’ to allow the recording (maybe ‘Start Broadcast’ on some Android-based devices)
  • Now, you can go to another app to screen share to your viewers, be it a Youtube video or a streaming gameplay.

If you want to stop streaming, turn back to the Discord app and press ‘Stop’.

How To Fix Common Discord Screen-Sharing Problems

When sharing your screen in the Discord server, you may face some issues relating to the audio, screen, or other technical aspects.

For instance, your viewers can’t hear any sound. This problem may be due to an unstable sound mechanism in the initial stage. Some administrative or application issues can also occur during the streaming.

If you encounter a problem when screen sharing over Discord, you can try the solutions below.

Discord Related Fixes

Screen-sharing issues may be with Discord. You need to ensure you grant all necessary permissions to the app, particularly the access to your microphone.

If you’re using a Windows-based desktop, you don’t have to give Discord the access individually. But if it’s a mobile device, you need to do so.

Update or Reinstall Discord

One of the most typical reasons for audio issues is the corrupted or outdated drivers. For this case, you’d better inspect all the computer’s audio hardware and set up initial drivers. Then, restart your desktop when the reinstallation is complete.

If you find any outdated hardware, give it an update to fix the problem.

Launch Discord In Administrator Mode

The final solution that applies to any situation is to run Discord in admin mode.

If none of the above methods works, you’d better make sure only Discord uses your mic. You close all extra tabs and try starting the screen share again.

Also, it’s better to disable your antivirus software and firewall because they sometimes interfere with the process.

Bottom Line

Screen sharing is an incredibly practical feature that makes Discord a tough competitor in the mobile app market, particularly meetings & video calling applications. Those who are fond of streaming and sharing their current activities will love this feature for sure.

Learning the method to screen share in the Discord server is never a tedious task. Our instructions should help you enjoy online moments with friends in a more fascinating way.

Let’s start a fun screen share!




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