What Does Quoting On Discord Mean? How To Quote Someone On Discord?

Discord is a popular messaging application for gamers all over the world. Users may communicate with others on the site by building servers. However, some users are irritated that you can’t quote a recipient’s Discord message for quoting messages on this platform. So, how to quote someone on Discord?

As a result, we’ll go through the many techniques for quickly quoting someone on Discord in this post.

  • Use Block Quote (Single and multiple lines quote)
  • Use Code Blocks.
  • Use Quote Bot.

Let’s get started

Quoting On Discord: What Does It Mean?

Quote On Discord

Quoting on Discord is a social media group chat platform, one of the main reasons to utilize it. Members can join the squad and talk or ask questions about a shared topic.

Quoting allows users to reply to only a portion of the text at a time. Here’s an example of what Quoting does on Discord. A person, for instance, inquires about how to build an avatar in a Counter-Strike video game.

Meanwhile, on the chat, the people are having yet another random debate. If another user has the solution to the mentioned question, they can utilize markdown and what is known as a Quote on Discord language to do so.

As a result, it’s easy to keep track of the two people’s chats. In a word, Quote in Discord makes responding to large amounts of text simpler.

When To Quote Someone On Discord?

When To Text On Discord


You’d like to respond to a particular text message on Discord. In addition, someone might occasionally ask two, three, or more inquiries on the same section. You now have the option of responding to any of these.

You may respond to these topics individually and perhaps even quote someone on Discord when using block quotes. Someone may even write you long messages on Discord to which you will want to respond.

Post the quote and write your reply if you wish to address a particular segment of the letter. As a result, quoting in this manner might clarify any ambiguity and get the conversation started sooner.

Step-By-Step: How To Quote Someone On Discord?

This article will go through many ways to quote anyone on Discord using iOS or Android mobile applications.

Although this mobile quoting approach is nearly identical, desktop multi-quoting may operate in a completely different manner.

You can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand the way to quote messages on Discord.

Method 1: Use The Block Quote

The Discord function Block Quote is the newest addition. It functions in the same manner that discord’s quotation system does. So it’s easy to get started with the Block quote or quote someone on Discord.

The block quote language is > and >>> followed by a space. Thus, you have two options for quoting a discordant person.

Single Line Quote

  Single Line Quote

On Discord, a single-line quote implies quoting somebody in a single phrase. Therefore, you don’t have to use the Return key, and you may quote with only one line.

This quote is the ideal choice if you want to quote somebody on Discord without using line breaks. On Discord, the single sentence quote markdown is”>.”

To reply to someone on Discord with a single quote message, copy the old comment you wish to react to and paste that into the chatbox, followed by a ‘>.’ Then type your response immediately below it and hit Enter.

Single Line Quote can be a time-consuming job, and it may not function as well as quoting on Facebook and Whatsapp, citing the text ‘Who is the founder of Apple?’ as an example.

Now put the following message inside the original comment: > Who is the founder of Apple? Next, hit shift + enter three times to leave the quote, put your comments underneath the quote, and deliver the information.

When using Single Quote Blocks, remember to:

  • Use a single line without breaks.
  • Please respond to the single paragraph.
  • For short sentences.

Multiple Lines Quote Blocks

Multi-Line Block

When you need to respond with lengthier words and line breaks, multi-line Discord quote blocks might be helpful.

To do so, place a “>” in front of each quoted message and respond to each line separately. However, this may appear obnoxious to users, who may become confused.

Put “>>>” in front of the text and a space at the start of each line of the message. As a result, it will now be a portion of the whole quotation text.

To separate a line, press Shift+Enter and write an answer to each line separately. Then, quote a message and create a new one to exit the multi-quote message, or accept “>>>” with the backspace key.

Method 2: Using Code Blocks

People utilized Code Blocks as the initial means of quoting on Discord. This code block is less commonly used now that the blockquote functionality is available; however, it is a dead easy technique that may be used in place of the first.

The use of backquotes in the original comment is all that is required to create a line code block. All you have to do is enclose your content in a mere backquote () or three backquotes (“), and you’re done.

  • You may make a code block message by putting a single backquote () at the text’s beginning and end. The Quote, for example, can be expressed as The Quote, with the entire text written in code blocks.
  • Similarly, three backquotes (“) at the end and beginning of the phrase can be used for multi-line quoting on Discord. However, it would be best if you only utilized it in exceptional circumstances.

You can use either the Block Quote or Code Blocks methods; both need to quote the message.

Method 3: Use The Discord Quote Bot

Quote Bots Discord

This approach was discovered in Github applications and is among the most straightforward ways to quote someone on Discord. The Discord quote bot technique must be the fastest and ideal method to quote messages on Discord unless you’re not a Discord server admin.

This technique is a full quoting feature for Discord. All you have to do is install the basic Github applications to get started. Then, you’ll need to figure out how to get the Github applications onto your computer.

The two most feasible projects to accomplish so are as follows:

  • Citador/nirewen: Quickly quote messages on Discord with a single click.
  • Deivedux/Quote: The most feature-rich and user-friendly message quotation tool you will ever need.

Both these apps are pretty functional and provide fantastic quotation features. Nonetheless, we recommend testing each one separately and see whether you can quote anything on Discord.

Citador, in my view, is a fantastic bot that provides an essential and uncomplicated tool for textual quoting and incorporates a simple button. The only caveat is that Citador is only compatible with BetterDiscord, another customized client.

Other customized clients and BetterDiscord may violate Discord’s Terms of Service. Make careful use of it with caution and follow the regulations.

The quote is an ultimate self-bot and a specialized discord bot for quoting text. To launch the project, you may also refer to the instructions on the GitHub pages.

Another option is to write the line code for a quotation bot. Now that you’ve learned many ways to quote texts on Discord and how they operate, it’s time to put it all together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some related questions that we have collected while researching this field.

How Can I Deliver Personal Messages on Discord Directly To Someone In A Group Chat? 

  How To Send Private Message On Discord

When talking with others in a Discord chat, you need to deliver a message to a single individual rather than the whole group. You may send a personal message by touching on their nickname.

You can, however, message that individual within the conversation if you choose. Before inputting their account, write @. A list will display, from which you type the full name.

Their username will be marked when the text appears in the chat group, which is intended for them only.

Why Are Not The Quoting Marks Functioning? 

We see it all too often where users become frustrated because they’re trying to manipulate text using single quotation marks. But, unfortunately, most users think that the markdown doesn’t work.

In Discord’s markdown, more often than not, you need to use a backtick symbol, which looks similar to a single quotation mark, but it isn’t the same thing. You can find this key to the left of the one key on your keyboard.

It accompanies the tilde key, which is also incredibly useful for Discord markdowns.

Are Bots Helpful For Quotation?

Yes, of course.

There are numerous bots accessible on the Internet that you may use to allow quotes in your Discord. In addition, you can use a bot to make this simpler if you are the administrator.

You may use bots like the Quotes Bot or the Quotinator Bot on your Discord server. They’re made particularly for this purpose, although you could find that one of your existing bots supports it.


You may quickly respond to a specific message given by a user during a conversation by using the quoting function. However, many Discord consumers are unaware of how to cite someone on the site.

We hope this tutorial has helped you comprehend how to quote someone on Discord clearly and straightforwardly.


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