How To Play VOB Files On Windows 10? Complete Guides In 2022

You may be familiar with MP4, AVI, MOV video files, etc. Meanwhile, you rarely hear about VOB files. Even when trying to open files with strange extensions on Windows 10, you still encounter some problems related to unsupported codecs.

So, how to play VOB files on Windows 10? There are quite a few ways you can play VOB files, and here are the most useful ones.

What Is A VOB File? 

VOB stands for Video Object, formatted as a MPEG-2 system stream.

A file with the extension is available to store DVD content, including audio, video, images, subtitles, and streaming content. In addition, you can also use this file type to save DVD menus and navigation content.

You can find the file in the VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD root folder. You can also choose to encode or not encode these DVD-related content.

To open files with the VOB extension, you can use a DVD player. In addition, you can also use the default player Cyberlink PowerDVD, a third-party player such as VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, HandBrake.

Why Are Vob Files Difficult To Open?

Although, you can open files in many ways, even with Windows Media Player. However, sometimes you may have trouble trying to open it on Windows 10.

Files with the above format are tricky to open because the main reason lies in the only MPEG format. Not all Windows computers have MPEG data encoders and decoders. In this case, you may have to install the appropriate codec to open the file directly.

Convert to MPEG format
Convert to MPEG format

Yet, installing codecs is also not easy to implement if you do not have too much experience in this field. Meanwhile, the alternative of finding a VOB-compatible player raises the question of the most suitable and secure type of player.

All of the above reasons make opening VOB files quite tricky.

How To Open VOB Files on Windows 10?

To help you open this particular file right on Windows, here’s how to handle it from simple to complex that you shouldn’t miss.

Note most of the methods below require you to download third-party software. Therefore, consider the part you want to use before making a decision.

On Windows 10 Directly

To open the file in this way, you need to download “Wondershare.” After you finish downloading and launching the software, do the following:

  •  At the conversion tab on the main interface of “Wondershare,” click the + button and select accept to allow the presence of the file. After this step, you will probably see the files as thumbnails.
  • Select one of the files you want to open and press the “Play” button. The program will process the file and play it smoothly. With the software, you can thoroughly perform operations such as adjusting volume, rewind, forward. 

With Free VOB Player

With this method, you will need the help of a Free VOB Player. The first steps of the second way are the same as above: download the software, extract and run. Then, at the main interface of the software, do the following actions in turn:

  • Select “Open File” and select the file with the extension you want to open.
  • Once the file is present in the software, you can control everything related to the file, from playing by playlists to personalizing details.

Check this video below for details:

With VLC Player

With VLC Player
With VLC Player

VLC Player is a pretty useful application for playing files like VOBs. The process of installing a VLC Player shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Just be sure to download the software that’s compatible with your operating system and follow the installation steps precisely as the VCL instructs. When the installation is complete, all you need to do is do the following:

  • First, at the Menu, select “Media.”
  • Next, select “Open File” and open VIDEO_TS. Browse the folders containing the files you want to open.
  • Open the folder and explore the contents of the file.

Using MPC-HC

Using MPC-HC

Like the workarounds above, this method helps you get the job done using a third-party app: MPC-HC. The steps to install and launch the application are not too difficult; the only note is that you need to choose the correct version of your Windows to download the most suitable support software.

Once the installation is complete, you’ll do a series of things:

  • From the “File” section of the Menu, select “Quick Open File.”
  • Find the folders containing the VOB files and browse.
  • Select the file “VIDEO_TS.ifo.”
  • Click open to play this particular file on Windows 10.

With Plex Media Server

With Plex Media Server
With Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server usually doesn’t handle files in VOB format well. That’s why you need to download another supporting software, Make MKV.

Once the support software is installed and running, here are the next steps you need to take:

  • At the main interface of MakeMKV, select “Open File.”
  • Browse the folders that contain the file you want to open. If you rip files from DVD, you need to browse all the VIDEO_TS folders.
  • Select the file “VIDEO_TS.ifo,” ​​then select the title you want to give the file.
  • The software will remix the file. This process will take some time, especially when the file is too long.
  • Once done, add the MKV file to the Plex folder and open it via Plex Media Server.

With Burning Files From DVD

In addition to the above software, you can also use “ImgBurn” to open the file. The difference with this software is that the tool will create a DVD to play files in the VIDEO_TS folder.

You first need to download and install ImgBurn to get the above result. Then, simply select “Write File” or “Write Folder” at the Menu.

In addition to playing VOB files, you can also use ImgBurn to play other SWF or MOV files.

Other Players For Opening Files 

Third-party tools can help you convert files quickly and accurately. You are also not limited by file size or slow performance like performing operations on online platforms.

That is also why within the framework of this article, we continue to present you with the most useful, easy-to-use, and safe players.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an outstanding open-source media player with the ability to convert many different file formats, including VOB. You can use this player to convert hard-to-open files into a more Windows-friendly MP4 format.

Especially, as mentioned, you can use VLC Media Player to play DVD, VCD, or CD directly on Windows 10.

However, you should note VLC Media Player can only open unencrypted files.


5KPLayer is one of the most versatile and powerful multimedia file playback software available today.

You can use this player to open most multimedia files on your computer, including DVDs or music files of rare formats or encrypted files – something VLC Media Player cannot do.


MPlayer supports quite a few audio codecs and formats. You can comfortably watch DVDs, VCD, and 192 different video formats through MPlayer.


The above are all the most practical and easy-to-follow steps to help you play VOB files on your device. If you still have difficulty installing the software or following the instructions, you can leave a comment at the end of the article. 

Or you can refer to the answers to frequently asked questions below:

Can I change a VOB file to MP4?

You can ultimately convert VOB files to MP4. And this conversion is almost the only method for you to enjoy DVDs on your smartphone.

To convert, you can take the help of a third party or use online conversion tools.

What is the best format to convert files to?

MP4 is the best format that you should choose when you want to change the VOB extension of the file because most devices support this format, including mobile devices. 

You can easily open files, edit and perform many other operations with this format. Last but not least, MP4 is also a relatively safe and reliable format.

Which is better: VOB or MP4?

The answer depends on your personal preferences.

Previously, MP4 was not appreciated compared to VOB because of encoding problems. However, the encoding quality has been much higher in recent times, even superior to VOB.

Besides, as mentioned, MP4 is a widely supported format, allowing users to perform many different operations on many other devices. 

In particular, MP4 also provides a higher compression level, resulting in a smaller file size than other file types with the same content.

Meanwhile, VOB retains the original quality like DVD and can contain multiplexes such as video, audio, and subtitles.


Hopefully, the instructions and sharing above have helped you answer how to play VOB files on Windows 10? I hope you get rid of any problems with this format soon and play content from DVD smoothly. Thank you for reading!

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