How To Play Music Through Mic? A Step-By-Step Guide For Gamers & YouTubers

You might have seen YouTubers playing songs and adding audio effects through mic while still talking. Actually, the technology they use to combine sounds of many different audio signals, like Audio Mixture, is fairly expensive.

Indeed, amateur streamers and YouTubers can enjoy this awesome feature without buying costly stuff. In this article, we’ll clue you into how to play music through mic in different operating systems and software.

How To Play Music Through Mic

To play desktop audio through mic in your computer operating system, you’ll need to go to:

  • Control panel
  • Hardware & Sound
  • Manage Audio Devices
  • Enable Stereo Mix and set it to the default mic.

To play music through mic in different apps, you need to:

  • Download a soundboard app, like Clownfish, VoiceMeeter,…
  • Install and connect the app to the PC’s microphone
  • Add your fav sound effects
  • Play music

Going Through The Technical Aspect

Before digging deep into how to play music through your mic, you’d better get some insight into the technical aspect. Following the rules below will make sure the procedure works correctly.

First, you examine carefully if the mic is configured in the ‘receive only’ mode or not. It shouldn’t be because your mic won’t allow listening to the sound coming out from it.

Next, check if the mic is set to default to playing audio (usually not). This aspect includes a typical mechanism.

The computer may require you to take a number of steps to apply for your mic. Also, these steps allow you to collect sounds from a confined amount of mic, even those that can’t play music as mic input. If you are using mic for popcasting, you should use best laptop for popcasting

How To Play Songs Through Mic In Discord?

You can play the audio through mic in Discord.

What can be more fun than playing music in the background and gossiping with your teammates in games through mic simultaneously?

This feature is the best ever. It will be even more satisfying if you can play music directly from Youtube.

How to play music from Youtube in discord while you’re playing a game? It’s a breeze as you just have to set up some additional free plugins, like Rhythm, FredBot, or MedalBot. MedalBot is the most popular plugin of all.

Give it a command, then it’ll play the audio.

For instance, you need to write the instruction command ‘m!play Song Name’ to play music with MedalBot. To stop the track, you simply type ‘m!stop.’

During the music playing, you won’t face any loss of music quality unless the Internet connection is unstable.

How To Play Audio Through Mic and Talk In Windows 10?

Playing sound through mic while talking in Windows 10 is as easy as pie. Wouldn’t it be great if you can talk to your friends on a social media platform and play funny and sarcastic music simultaneously?

These activities are extremely popular among YouTubers and gamers. They add many different kinds of comical music effects while playing games, using Spotify hotkeys, or particularly roasting somebody.

Do you want to produce such sound effects in games and other apps as well? We’ll tell you the secret.

Please remember that you can also take advantage of Spotify hotkeys in-game in order to facilitate the process.

You can play music over mic in Windows 10 by changing your default micro to your system sounds. In particular, you simply do the following:

  • Go to Control Panel and choose the Hardware & Sound option
  • Then, you select Manage Audio Devices in the soundbar and press Recording.
  • Next, you need to enable Stereo Mid, setting it to default mode.

By doing some simple steps, you can now reach your fav software and release the best music through your mic.

How To Play Music Through Mic and Speak In Windows 11?

If your operating system is Windows 11, you don’t have to download any app.

There are tons of software that allow playing sound over mic, which we’ll mention in the next section. However, if your PC’s operating system is the latest Windows 10, you wouldn’t have to install any additional software to combine multiple sound signals.

In Windows 11, the method of listening to music and talking through mic at the same time is not complicated at all.

Similarly, you should make use of hotkeys on Spotify to make this process far more premium.

The very first step, as always, is to change a setting. In particular, you need to change your default mic setting to the system sounds. This way, it will allow playing and listening to music through mic.

The guide on how to play music through mic in Windows 11 includes:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on Hardware & Sound
  • Select Manage Audio Services
  • Once a new tab pops up, click Recording and activate the PC’s Stereo Mix
  • Set the setting to the default mic
  • Play audio!

We agree if you say this process is easy-peasy. In so doing, you’re ready to play music through mic in your Windows 11.

Apart from the three methods above, there is also useful software for gamers to take into account when attempting to play music through their mics.

Next, let’s move on to the next part, which is about some of the most preferred audio mixer apps. These tools will be your best companion in mastering your home sound system.

How To Play Music Through The Mic With Different Softwares?

There is a variety of supportive software allowing you to play music through mic.

Pro streamers invest a huge worth of dollars in advanced hardware sound mixers to provide the audience with the best sound quality. However, should you be a newbie or a tight-budget Youtuber, you can start with other more affordable options.

To add hilarious sound effects to your gameplay and make gaming buddies able to hear them, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the software:

  • VAC + Soundboard
  • VoiceMeeter & Soundbar
  • MorphVox
  • Clownfish
  • Soundpad

Each of the above apps comes with separate techniques and purposes. Don’t you worry! We’ll offer a straightforward and in-depth tutorial on how to play music through mic using all this software.


Clownfish Voice Changer is absolutely a fantastic audio mixer and voice-changing app. Depending on your preferences, you can add any voice effect, or voice filter, to your mic during the gameplay, such as Alien, Male, Female, Robotic, Radio, Fast Normal, Baby, etc.

Once you turn on its voice changer mode, your friends will hear the modified version of your original voice when you’re talking to them on the mic.

This application is available on a wide range of social media platforms, including Teamspeak, Viber, Hangouts, Skype, Discord, Mumble, and more. It would be of great assistance if you stream on multiple platforms.

Another upside of this software is it supports macOS X & Linux Ubuntu and Windows operating systems. In a word, Clownfish provides users with great compatibility.

Plus, you can also play music on Youtube in the background by putting the Youtube link to the video in the application. Once the music starts to play, we bet you’ll love Clownfish and consider it one of your best streaming best friends.

VoiceMeeter & SoundBar

VoiceMeeter comes with superb user-friendliness.

VoiceMeeter, also an Audio Mixer application, comes with Virtual Audio optimization. This Virtual I/O mixes and controls any audio root to or from any audio device or application.

This software offers superb user-friendliness, reliability, and interesting features. By creating your own soundboard and setting shortcuts, you can play music through mic while playing a game.

Lots of YouTubers download this app as it mixes up the voice inputs very effectively. Here’s the way of using VoiceMeeter & Soundbar.

  1. The first step is to download and install the software. You will find the download link of Voicemeeter and Soundbar online.
  2. Next, you need to connect your mic to the PC or Mobile. Please ensure that you enable both its input and output features.
  3. Now it’s time to start the main process. You click Start, go to the settings and Systems. Then, enable the Sound Control Panel.
  4. Let’s move to the Soundboard app. You open it and find VoiceMeeter Input. Then, choose the option of available output.
  5. After that, you configure the first hardware input, then press the Microphone selection. This option allows getting the most appropriate audio settings that work perfectly.
  6. Finally, the key step to making sure you successfully use VoiceMeeter and Soundbar is to follow the input device and the target software. You have to be sure that these two parts properly connect to all settings, which permit using your physical Mic.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to play music through mic.


Soundpad is a simple yet very helpful software you can look for on steam. It’s not like other regular media players. Indeed, it makes the sound more enjoyable with numerous outstanding features.

This application is dedicated to playing sounds through mic, so users don’t have to worry about extra programs messing around.

Besides, one of the coolest features of Soundpad is that users can customize and set the hotkeys to perform a certain sound effect that you’ve previously kept in the application.

That way, you can save more time while you’re in a full-screen-mode game.

Plus, you can mute your mic when calling someone with particular hotkeys.

With Soundpad, you can play music through the mic and your speaker both. And it’s so easy to instantly search for the songs. You simply press Ctrl+Enter, the wanted songs will come out.

Another well worth feature is, the app supports sound recordings. After saving the records, you can also edit them and add more interesting effects.

Simply put, to play music through mic in Soundpad, you upload the audio files (music or sounds) to its interface, grant them hotkeys, then play them over mic.

Apart from those extra features, Soundpad comes with a free demo. So you can test it first to see if it’s right for you before purchasing the app.


MorphVox’s free version may be outdated for professional streamers.

Introduced in 2014 or even sooner, MorphVox is initially a voice changer. Now it’s a fabulous app letting you play sound effects and music through the mic in the background. If you’re talking to someone, they can also hear the songs you play on this software.

The app comes with a free version, and it’s not bad. However, professional streamers may find it kind of old and outdated.

Thus, we recommend buying the premium version to unlock plenty of valuable features.

For instance, you can enjoy the voice changer feature. In particular, the voice changer will change your voice, making it sound strange and funny while you’re speaking through your mic.

Also, the feature of setting hotkeys is a very helpful thing of MorphVox. Users can enable the hotkeys and put sound effects using this application. You’ll find it a very handy and convenient software to use.

Another key selling point of the app is the ‘Text to speech’ feature. This kind of sound is extremely popular among Youtube videos.

It’s surprising that MorphVox can run on MAC with High Sierra OS X, which you won’t find in many sound mixer software.

How to play music through mic in MorphVox? Do the following:

  • Connect your mic to the MorphVox software and ensure you’ve attached the mic.
  • Go to the dashboard, reach the audio option, and search for hidden connections
  • Click Mic, then denote it to enable the connectivity.
  • Check and adjust the configuration of the input and output devices. You can either select the Mic immediately or follow the manual guide on modifying the confirmations.

MorphVox comes with a free demo, too. You can test it out to see if it works as you expect.

VAC + Rust Soundboard

VAC stands for Virtual Audio Cable. Many YouTubers all over the globe consider Rust Soundboard their sound mixer of choice because of the unique cringy sound effects. There are plentiful rust sounds to play, namely squeaky, spring-loaded metal door, metal screw, and more.

Virtual audio cable and Soundboard s a nice method allowing users to pick what specific music source they wish to play over the virtual mic. That source can be a configurable audio source, but with this software, the source is a soundboard using hotkeys to perform the sounds

However, one of the downsides of Virtual Audio Cable and Soundboard is that users might have to deal with the unworkable rust mic sometimes. To cope, you have to reinstall the app and download its official latest version from the website.

Another drawback that can make users think twice about going for Rust Soundboard is the limited number of available mics.

Despite the disadvantages, Virtual Audio Cable and Soundboard is still an easy application to play music through the mic. You can follow our guide to gain a nice result.

  • Download the VAC driver and configure it properly. Otherwise, it’ll malfunction.
  • Reach the sound menu > the Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > select Manage Audio Devices > press Recording. Then, go to the Cable Output option and enable the recording devices.
  • Locate the Soundboard and DC. Next, take steps accordingly to the instructions to reach the settings page. Here, you’ll be able to configure your settings.
  • Check for the center speakers and pick the Mic, or the output option.
  • Turn to the recording window and open up the device’s sound settings. Adjust the changes depending on your requirements, then press ‘Listen to this device.’ Now you can hear the audio through the mic.

Overall, all the apps we’ve mentioned above are truly reliable and easy to use. But you couldn’t enjoy all their fascinating features if you just go for a free version.

Therefore, we advise you to buy a full, or a premium version of your favorite software. You invest once, and you can take advantage of superior features for many gameplays.

How To Test The Sound Quality?

Once you’ve learned how to play music through mic in your operating system as well as different applications, you’d better test the sound quality as well.

To check for the quality of the desktop audio, you can record the input through software, such as Audacity, re-open, and hear it. Also, it’s a good idea to tell your buddies to try listening to the sound on different applications, like TeamSpeak or discord. They’ll help you identify minor errors and see if the result sounds any good.


Learning how to play music through mic is undeniably useful for developing your streaming channels. Unique sound effects and beautiful music in the background will boost the audience’s experience.

Besides, listening to fav tracks while indulging in thrilling games sounds perfect for a relaxing weekend, doesn’t it?

So, whether you’re a gamer, Youtuber, streamer, or just the one who likes to mix different sounds together, you’ll find our guide helpful.

Our final tip for you is to research well and find out the most suitable method that fits your demands. That’s it!




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