Learn How To Measure Laptop Size In 2 Minutes- Reading To Buy Your Perfect Laptop Bag 

Learning how to measure laptop size might be useful in a variety of situations. If you’re out shopping for laptop peripherals or purchasing laptops online. You frequently have to choose the proper length dimensions for laptop attachments such as a leather computer bag, display guard, or material cover.

This subject might teach you methods to correctly measure your laptop. We’ll go through which measures are often used to measure computer sizes as well as how near almost all of your peripherals would have been to the diameter of your computer. You might additionally discover a simple method for measuring laptop screen size without the need for a measurement device.

First, we’ll go through how to use a standard or tape measurer to determine the diagonal length, width, depth of your laptop size. To discover peripherals for some laptops, you must go through some steps of measuring. We’ll go through how to measure your laptop and what they’re included in.

The below will be the content if you’re reading this article and try to measure a laptop size:

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  • How To Measure Laptop Size – A Perfect Step-By-Step Tutorial
  • Our Suggestions: Best Laptop Bags You May Need
  • Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)
  • Conclusions

Things That You Need To Know When Looking For The Laptop Measurement

There are different options for determining your computer’s screen dimensions. You may use a special measuring tape to estimate your laptop size from its top-left corner towards its bottom right corner.

Additionally, you may examine your equipment characteristics, whether on the online platform or even in your computer’s display configuration, to determine the actual size of any kind of laptop.

To begin with, measuring your laptop, your screen size says nothing about the overall dimensions of your laptop. These are distinct in that they may not contain the laptop’s border. Furthermore, when purchasing any computer bag or sleeve, it is generally a good idea to extend a couple of inches to the overall genuine measurement.

You may additionally require a special measuring tape as well as a big yardstick to determine the measurement. Understand that this method is not just to evaluate your screen size; however, the whole dimensions of your laptop. We provide a nice guideline below that just measures overall screen size as well as provides some more useful information.

How To Measure Laptop Size – A Perfect Step-By-Step Tutorial

Determining the appropriate dimensions for your laptop might come in useful whenever you desire it the greatest. We’ll teach everyone perfectly how to measure laptop size with as well as having no measuring tape throughout our article.

Part 1: Measuring The Computer Screen

Step 1: Obtain a typical tape to measure the screen And Determine appropriate starting point for measurement

Screen sizes have been generally measured in centimeters or inches; however, some areas prefer measurement to imperial. You may adjust your measurements following the occurrence if necessary.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Because screen sizes have been evaluated diagonally, when you begin to calculate, you have to make sure that the starting point would be between its bottom-left and its bottom-right corner.

Because this measurement solely takes into consideration the main display and not the enclosed space, begin your all measurements somewhere at the precise corner in which the viewable section of the laptop’s screen begins.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 2: Take your typical tape measure and stretch it to another corner And Calculate your laptop measurements in ten feet per inch

Notice that you have been merely examining the viewable part of the laptop’s screen and never the entire surrounding. Traditionally, displays have been always measured diagonally to help the dimensions appear larger.

Although many merchants offer computer monitors in ten feet per inch (15.4 inches, 17 inches, and so forth.), many tape measurements are labeled in sixteenths of one inch. Browse our list of typical dimensions whenever you wish to understand the selling code, which your laptop screen might be tagged with.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 3: Change an inch long to something like a centimeter

Whenever you are likely to need to know your laptop screen dimensions in cm; however, they only obtain an inch measuring system, multiply your inches information by 2.54 times to get the centimeter quantification.

Just one 13.3-inch display, for illustration, is around 33.8 cm (particularly 13.3 x 2.54 equals 33.782).

How To Measure Laptop Size

Click on this video to understand clearly:


Part 2: Measuring The Height Of Your Laptop

Step 1: Close your laptop screen

The height of your laptop has been calculated with the laptop screen shut down.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 2: Begin measuring with your specific measuring tape starting at the bottom of the corners

Determine the broadest section of your computer whether it slopes whenever it shuts down.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 3: Quantify all the way higher than or equal to its peak of the enclosed display

Laptops are often little more than around two inches in diagonal length.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 4: Generate an inch into the centimeter (if needed)

Whenever you’re measuring the height and possess inches and will seek to understand the exact height of your laptop in centimeters, try to multiply those inches by around 2.54 to get the value in centimeters.

That 1.5-inch-in-height computer, for illustration, measures 3.8 (1.5 multiple by 2.54 equals 3.81).

How To Measure Laptop Size

Part 3: Measuring The Width Of Your Laptop

Step 1: Begin measuring with your tape measure in its center-left as well as the right position

Since there seem to be no exposed connections, scanning the whole exterior is the simplest.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 2: Directly along the surface of your computer, from one upper side to another

Be careful to check everything around any curved corners.

Step 3: Turn an inch into an actual centimeter (if needed)

When you simply get inches and want to determine their width equivalent to centimeters, try to multiply those inches by some 2.54 to get the dimension in centimeters.

This 14-inch computer, for illustration, is approximately 35.6 cm broad (14 multiplied by 2.54 equals 35.56).

How To Measure Laptop Size

Part 4: Measuring The Depth Of Your Laptop

Step 1: Begin to measure the depth with the measuring tape in the rear side or back position

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 2: Running along the edge of your computer towards the upper border measurement

Whenever you’re measuring the depth, please remember to check every one of the manners around those sloping corners.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Step 3: Revert an inch toward a centimeter

Suppose you want to understand the thickness in centimeters; however; there is only an inch number, multiply your inch reading by 2.54 times to get the centimeter quantification.

That 12-inch-in-depth laptop, for illustration, equals 30.5 cm in length (12 multiplied by 2.54 equals 30.48).

How To Measure Laptop Size

Another Way To Determine The Laptop’s Dimensions

Without measuring, you are still able to determine the important dimensions that you would like to measure on your laptop. Alternatively, you may determine the size of your computer using its serial identification.

Every one of the characteristics of your laptop has been published on the corporation’s web pages, therefore you must search the internet to discover the proper measurements by implementing those easy steps.

Step 1: Look for ‘Network System’ And Check your ‘Model’

Navigate to Windows, then look for “Network System.” Press to launch the dialog box. In the menu, look for the serial code of your laptop.

Step 2: Googling a keyword search

Once you’ve determined your laptop’s serial code, look up its characteristics on the internet. You may find the model’s comprehensive specs that include measurements such as HxWxD.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Notice: You should look for the specs of your computer’s serial identification, not some alternative version that is comparable. A further typical misunderstanding is that consumers purchase body wraps based on the display dimensions.

When in fact they have to match the ‘curved display’ that would be the corners of the display surface that was minimum an additional inch. Because that is how individuals waste their money on costly items.

Our Suggestions: Best Laptop Bags You May Need

After you know exactly how to measure laptop size and get the correct dimensions of your laptop. It is time for you to buy a laptop bag that fits your laptop’s standard measurement perfectly to protect it better. Following are some of our recommendations that we think will be the best matching for your beloved laptops.

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Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

  1.  What Do I Need To Know To Measure Your Laptop Screen Sized Correctly?

Laptop screen sizes are calculated diagonally across its right corner to the left corner in centimeters/inches (not offered for the bezel). Position a laptop tap to check some laptop measurements on the left corner of that laptop screen and measure computer size straight to its upper-right corner; adjust that to inches.

  1. How Would You Determine The Laptop Screen Dimensions Without Measuring?

The dimensions of any laptop screen may easily be determined without the use of a special tape measure when comparing this to a normal A4 sheet (that corresponds to 13 inches). Laptops might be 11.7, 13.4, 14.2, 15.5, or 17-inch in width, based on how tiny or huge your laptop screen size might be in comparison to the A4 paper.

  1. What Would Be The Most Common Laptop Dimensions?

14 and 15-inch are by far the most common dimensions. There are indeed 11.7, 14.2, 12, and 17-inch options. In perspective, these are among the most common laptop sizes.


It is critical to select the proper laptop bag/sleeve. This is among the necessary equipment. But before that, you need to know how to measure laptop size. This might be ideal if you’ve had large luggage, but the laptop should be firmly secured in a dedicated place, then it will not need additional room to roll on contact as well as destroy itself.

Any laptop bags/sleeves should have stable dimensions in order to protect your laptop from environmental harm. That’s why, in order to choose the ideal capacity laptop bag or sleeve, you must first discover your laptop’s specifications.


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