How To Level Up On Steam Quickly? Five Best Methods To Discover

Leveling up proves a game’s improvement in skills. The progress also offers some appealing benefits. That’s why games don’t hesitate to invest their time and money in the game.

Those concepts are so accurate in Steam. You may be wondering how to level up on Steam. You can try many different approaches. In this article, we only focus on the five most popular ones:

  • Method 1: Level up without playing
  • Method 2: Utilize Steam tools¬†
  • Method 3: Craft
  • Method 4: Earn the badges without card sets
  • Method 5: Use unauthorized techniques

Let’s read on to discuss these methods in detail!

What Can You Get From Leveling Up on Steam?

Steam on the next level brings you tons of benefits. Try it if you want these incredible things to happen to you.

Friend list expansion

Your friend list on Steam has 250 spots at the beginning. This figure rises by five slots for each successive Steam level achieved. There is currently no reported maximum for this list.

More showcase slots

A showcase will share significant accomplishments that you are most proud of. You can include the victories on your profile.

You can gain a spot for an extra showcase after every ten levels. This award has no impact on the number of slots displayed, but it does influence the kinds of slots you may exhibit.

You have a total of sixteen distinct display types to pick from. Also, you may arrange them however you like.

More booster chances

Booster packages are available after a Steam profile reaches level 10, with a 20% chance of achieving one. You earn a booster pack if you take advantage of this offer.

Once you have collected all eligible cards for a game, a package includes three randomized cards from that game’s set.

The next round of ten levels can double your possibilities of getting a booster pack. When a participant of the Steam community earns a badge, booster packs are accessible randomly to eligible gamers.

How To Level Up On Steam?

Every Steam member does have a level, but the majority are unaware of how to increase it. With higher levels giving additional advantages to each player, it might be necessary to study how to level up.

There are three methods that every Steam gamer can follow:

Method 1: Level up without playing

To acquire a game’s medal, you don’t have to play any Steam games. It may be surprising, but it’s a fun fact. You can make use of the Steam marketplace to exchange for or buy the relevant cards.

However, your game can’t go far enough if you have no idea which cards to trade. Understanding how Steam functions is essential for progress.

Method 2: Utilize Steam tools

Checking for the Steam Tools is the next thing to do if the previous method doesn’t work. On the internet, you may discover a wide selection of Steam card sets.

The list provided shows the set name, price, and discount policy. Using a filter tool can help you sort out the most suitable option. It also helps to hide the ones that you have crafted already.

List of Steam tools

With the assistance of the Steam tools, you can save lots of time with the level-up process. It works better than the direct purchases on the Steam site.

Steam Tools also offers a handy feature that can help you estimate the expenditure of the whole leveling procedure. The level-cost estimator can predict how much money you spend on card sets to obtain your target level.

It overlooks the quantity of XP you may gain or have received via non-card awards or Steam purchases despite the convenience.

Method 3: Craft

By crafting, you’ll get three random items for each badge you make. Profile themes and emoticons are examples of these goods.

Crafting helps you get three random items

According to the demand, Steam may sell goods on its marketplace at a reasonable price.

However, although you’re collecting badges from its most famous and newest games, the goods may be worth only a few cents each.

Method 4: Earn the badges without card sets

Once you’ve collected some game titles in your library on Steam, you’ll automatically receive the badge from Game Collector. This process starts with the first purchase on Steam and develops when you put more games to your library.

The more games you install, the more badges you can earn

This badge rewards those who invested money in games during the promotions but haven’t tried them yet.

Method 5: Use unauthorized techniques

According to the Steam agreement, players must use hacks, cheats, or any unauthorized software to change anything in the process.

However, if you accept the risks, you can trade cards on the Reddit community. In this case, the forum turns out to be a marketplace where you can sell or buy card sets to earn badges.

Foils: Are They Worth Trying?

Many Steam players invest in foils to level up. However, this method remains controversial due to its effectiveness.

Foils are item variants of regular Steam trading cards. If you want to progress quickly, though, chasing for foils is not a superb option.  As brilliant and beautiful as they appear to be, Foil cards have no direct use in rapid leveling.

Foils can be beautiful yet useless

A badge earned with foil cards will give you the same 100 points as one made using non-foils. The worst part is that many collectors are willing to spend for them.

Any foil you acquire should be available for sale on the Steam community, as foils are considerably more expensive than normal variants. You should put any money you earn from selling foil cards into other less pricey standard cards.


Above are some methods on how to level up on Steam. All of them are simple to follow. Besides, you can try other options until you accomplish your targets.

Hopefully, you will level up on Steam successfully. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!



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