How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool While Using: Efficient Ways You Should Know

When you choose a laptop for gaming, you definitely expect to get the greatest performance from the device. A gaming laptop will consist of an even gaming experience, a greater FPS and no lags. However, you may face problems including the laptop getting hot while gaming and you wonder how to keep gaming laptop cool at that time.

These problems are truly a burden to every gamer, particularly for those who cannot solve the trouble. Ensuring that improving laptop cooling is a vital thing when you are doing a massive gaming session. Everyone who uses a laptop for gaming understands the necessity of a laptop cooling system.

Gaming laptops have large workloads which cause heat to be produced in the hardware. The overheating of a laptop can lead to lots of problems for both the system and the performance of your device. Therefore, keeping the laptop cool while working is important not only to reach the finest performance but also to avoid hardware failure, resulting from overheating.

So, we are here to introduce to you some excellent methods to fix this issue. Let’s get started and find a solution that best suits your needs. We will provide you all this useful information in our article:

  • Why does a gaming laptop overheating
  • Performance of heat
  • Laptop cooling ways to prevent
  • Reasons that contribute to laptop overheating while gaming
  • Useful ways to keep gaming laptop cool
  • Solutions to keep gaming laptop cool
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sum up

Why Does A Gaming Laptop Overheating

Laptops for gaming have been popularly used for years and now they are able to deal with high reliability gaming. Besides, some models can also be able to suit the performance stages of an equal gaming PC. The manufacturers have improved the laptop cooling system and with greater ventilation capable of distributing heat and handling the raised power of the hardware.

However, with all the improvements, you may still face the laptop overheating while gaming. This is because you are running lots of programs at a time or you set the graphic too high. Therefore, the GPU and CPU have to operate twice harder which will produce more heat for your gaming laptop. If the cool down laptop process is not quickly performed, your device can be damaged.

The importance is not to surpass the limitations placed by the laptop manufacturer. You must guarantee your laptop cooling system is effectively working as it should be.

Performance Of Heat

The generated heat is inescapable on every computer hardware, but too much heat can lead to problems with performance in your device. Gaming laptop overheating usually causes its system to slow down. Therefore, making sure the laptop CPU cooler works great in your appliance. As when the temperature of the CPU reaches too high, the laptop performance can significantly reduce.

Besides the demand for great CPU temperature management, the GPU is a crucial part of gaming laptops which is the unit of graphics processing. You must also ensure keeping the GPU cool while gaming as well.

Laptops are always installed with GPU cooling systems. They are normally created from fans that cover the graphics processor. It is extremely vital to keep in mind that both the CPU and the GPU cool while using your laptop. The two parts are the main processing cores of a gaming laptop. So, maintaining them both cool is a good way to answer the question of how to keep gaming laptop cool.

Reasons That Contribute To A Laptop Overheating While Gaming

There are several causes that lead to a gaming laptop overheating you should be aware of:


Positive airflow in laptops for gaming means that the fans inside the system offer more cool air than that being pushed out from inside the system. On the other hand, when air is being gotten rid of from the system then cool air is being pulled into the system, which is negative airflow. When air is being gotten out and in the system with an equal amount is considered equal airflow.

It is often claimed that negative airflow would be the advantage but the vacuum produced from this type of airflow can lead to issues. As taking more cool air into the system without the procedure of a vacuum, the positive airflow is the best airflow system.


When mentioning a factor for gaming laptop overheating, fans are one of the most vital aspects to consider. They have a significant role in the airflow and ventilation of your laptop. The crucial factors of a fan such as speed, pressure and size are to determine its effectiveness.

Bigger fans offer higher quantities of air movement. Fans that are faster help circulate air more speedily and bring greater cooling. On the contrary, slower fans are normally quieter but are not efficient enough for cooling down a laptop.

Static fans are utilized in zones with more limited airflow. They are installed to change the air around in your laptop’s structure. The movement of the airflow is also a vital factor to evaluate. The ideal movement of the air ought to be from the top to bottom and front to back. The arrangement helps to improve laptop cooling in all directions.


Avoid laptop overheating while gaming is really necessary. The airways that are clean and clear will contribute to cooling down the heat faster and more efficiently. The speck of dust can be a big factor causing your gaming laptop overheating.

You can use dust filters to prevent this issue. The filters will keep the dust particles from getting into the laptop system. You can effortlessly find and buy these filters online.

The Gaming Laptop Placement

The position of your gaming laptop is important if you want to keep laptop cool. The laptop should be placed in a position that makes sure of ultimate airflow. The spot of the gaming laptop has to ensure that warm air is continuously being expelled out of the system. Therefore, you ought to put your gaming laptop in a cool position.

If you place your laptop in a hot spot, then the air being taken in will be warm. A laptop will maintain the warm air in its system. So, it is vital to be aware and pay attention to the environment’s temperature where the laptop is put.

Laptop Cooling Ways To Prevent

If you wish to boost the lifespan of your gaming laptop, you should avoid the following methods on how to keep gaming laptop cool:

  • Using ice to cool down laptop: You must never think about using ice packs to keep your gaming laptop from overheating. The ice will create moisture and melt into water. The fans of the laptop will blow the water into your laptop and damage it.
  • Cooling down a laptop without a fan: if the fan that keeps your laptop cool on the inside is not working, you should go for a replacement. Make sure you never work your laptop without the inside fans. A cooler pad cannot replace the interior fan. The processor usually requires a fan to cool it.

Useful Ways To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

In order to know effective methods on how to keep gaming laptop cool, you have to take plenty of factors into consideration. We provide you the following solutions that you can follow to cool down your laptop effectively, so you can get the greatest gaming experience. Let’s roll down.

how to keep gaming laptop cool

Solution 1: Use laptop cooler pads

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work? Yes, it’s work like a charm.

The very first way we bring to you is using a laptop cooler pad to avoid your gaming laptop overheating. It is a cheap and efficient way to keep a laptop cool. There is a wide range of pads for cooling down laptops available on the market for you to choose from.

  1. You first need to put the pad on surfaces you are working on your laptop
  2. Then, place your gaming laptop on the top of the tool
  3. Connect the pad into your laptop through a USB, then start working

The fan of the pad begins to pull direct air to your laptop’s bottom side, then keeps the laptop cool. This tool is considered as an additional fan to the laptop’s outside to enhance positive airflow.

However, if you do not want to purchase a cooler pad, you can just buy a typical stand, which is a small block that you can locate your laptop on, making more space to freely airflow. A lot of stands are created from material that operates as a heat distribution such as aluminum.

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Solution 2: Clean laptop fans

After using your gaming laptops for a long period, you should detach and clean thoroughly all parts. Especially the fans as they are also a factor that contributes to your gaming laptop overheating. A bully layer of dust will form over time in your laptop, which causes problems for the laptop cooling system. Some best gaming laptop already have good system fans, can keep your game runs smoothly.

The temperature of the laptop will be too high when ventilation grilles and cooling fans are covered. Some laptops possess filters to pull out dust for the ventilation niches can be frequently and easily cleaned. However, those laptops are rare. Let’s follow our instructions to clean the fans effectively.

  1. First, you need to turn off your laptop and make sure it is unplugged from the charger. Wait for it cools down a little before start cleaning
  2. Next, take canned compressed air to prepare for the cleaning process. Notice the laptop’s exhaust and intake points


  1. Then start cleaning the exhaust area first. You need to decompress the canned air at 2 spots and more in the exhaust
  2. After using compressed air to blow dust in the intake points, back to exhaust and do again to perfectly clean dust that has been blown off from the intake areas


Solution 3: Place laptop on a suitable surface

If you want to keep your laptop cool as much as possible at all times, you had better not use your gaming laptop in a bad environment like a bed. You ought to always place your device on a firm and even surface instead. If you often use high performance appliances, the position of the laptop is crucial.

Soft and uneven surfaces including pillows, blankets or your legs can hinder ventilation, so it will be a disadvantage to improve laptop cooling. On the other hand, hard surfaces like tables or desks will be suitable placements to put on your laptop. These locations will allow ventilation to draw sufficient air.

Hard positions such as hardwood or floors are not ideal surfaces to put on your laptop. These spots have many dust particles that can harm your fans and system inside. The air intake vent in laptops is located at the bottom. So for smooth airflow and laptop CPU cooler, it will need spaces to be kept in the bottom and surface.

That is the reason why it is a terrible way to use your gaming laptop in soft areas and beds like duvets and cushions. These places will block the vent of an air intake, therefore, your laptop cooling system may be affected if you use the laptop on a bad surface. So to avoid this issue, you have to make sure that your laptop is put in an even and hard environment when using.

Solution 4: Undervolt the CPU to cool down laptop

Nowadays, CPUs are produced to work faster and more effectively. This way will enhance the speed of processors which can cause the overheating system really quick. Undervolting is a process in which the voltage that comes to the CPU is decreased.

Undervolting can assist excellently reduce the temperature being generated by the CPU without influencing the processor’s speed too much. This will reduce the problems of your laptop overheating while gaming. Besides, undervolting the CPU also improves your laptop’s performance during gaming.

Follow our instructions to carry the process of undervolt the CPU correctly.

  1. Firstly, download Throttlestop, and then extract the .exe document from the .zip and open the browser
  2. When accessing Throttlestop, find 4 circles at the highest left corner including performance, internet, game and battery. Select based on your demands and pick FIVR to begin configuring the numbers


  1. Look into the Unlock Adjustable Voltage box and decline the Offset Voltage slider

  1. Lastly, do the same way for undervolt CPU Cache. Choose CPU Cache in FIVR Control and change to the same voltage level. Finally, press Apply

Solution 5: Close unnecessary programs while gaming

One of the most common reasons causing your laptop overheating while gaming is that there are many programs operating at that time. Because the heat of hardware is related to its load, it is suggested to close programs that are continuously running rather than just placing them in the background.

When you work on high-performance purposes like games, you should stop other programs that are no longer necessary. Furthermore, you ought to frequently monitor your system for harmful programs including Bitcoin miners, since they can account for lots of sources on your system.

You should hold the number of programs operating on your device to a minimum. The more programs you utilize, the hotter it reaches.

Solution 6: Decline graphic settings in your games

Another great way on how to keep gaming laptop cool is to lower the settings of your game graphics. You can cool down your laptop by decreasing the quality of great performance traits including shadow calculation and against-aliasing. You ought to set a limitation of the frame, particularly with old games if your system takes more than the needed 60 FPS.

Reducing graphic settings will help to cut down the usage of power, which excellently declines temperatures. Besides, you can utilize exterior graphics cards. This is an amazing method to boost the power of desktop-grade graphics as well as incredibly decline heat creation.

We would say everyone wishes gaming at the greatest settings. Because high graphic settings provide greater image material while a good level of frame permits for an excellent playing experience. Nonetheless, this usually places more pressure on processors as well as graphic cards.

When you play games at high graphic settings, your laptop will require more processing, calculations and rendering to perform. This will result in the graphics and processors generating much heat inside of your laptop.

Solution 7: Replace the old thermal paste

After a long period of using a laptop for gaming, you should check the thermal paste to see whether you need to replace a new one or not. This method is only suggested if you are familiar with getting the CPU out without any struggling. The thermal paste will dry over time and become poor efficiency.

If you can effortlessly access the CPU, you can detach the CPU cooler and change the paste with a new one. Thermal paste enhances heat distribution between the GPU, CPU and the heat sink. After 3 to 5 years, you ought to change the thermal paste on the processor of your laptop and graphics card to increase conductivity among these elements and radiator.

You can easily change the new thermal paste with liquid metal. It is much greater at heat distribution than typical thermal paste. You should be really careful when doing this technique. Follow our instructions and you will easily change your old thermal paste:

  1. Firstly, you have to examine the heatsink fan and guarantee that the heatsink is linking the CPU
  2. Take the heatsink out. If the heatsink has a latch,  flop it and drag the heatsink upward to prevent pulling out the CPU. Do it thoroughly because dry thermal paste often glues to the CPU and drags it out if you are doing it too quickly. This can cause damage to pins
  3. Now, get rid of the CPU. To keep the CPU in the socket, there is a maintaining latch do it. Flip the latch, it might be removed, then it will raise up.
  4. Replace the old thermal paste. You need to wet the paper towel with washing alcohol. Use the towel to rub the heatsink and CPU, and gently eliminate the thermal components from the CPU. This will require time and patient
  5. Change the new thermal paste. The finest technique for effectively applying new thermal paste is to use a half pea sized quantity straightforward on the CPU. You have to lower the heatsink in the CPU, be cautious not to slip it around and be able to get the thermal paste out of the CPU.
  6. After finishing, flip the latch to locate it in right place, then attach the fan cable.


Solution 8: Prevent using gaming laptop in sunlight

Playing games on a laptop directly under sunlight will affect your laptop cooling system. Using laptops and electrical devices in direct sunlight can lead to harmful problems for your appliances. It is vital to keep in mind that you should always put your gaming laptop away from direct sunlight.

Electrical appliances ought to be held far away from the sun when it is being used or not. Light from the sun will heat objects and increase the temperature very quickly. Exposing too much heat can deform the plastic elements inside the laptop.

If you use your laptop for gaming in the sun, its temperature will quickly increase to higher degrees. When you do this for a long time, then it will negatively influence the performance and lifespan of the distinctive elements of your gaming laptop. You should also know that placing your laptop on hot surfaces like rooms or hot cars can have a bad impact on its interior elements as well.

This video will sum up for you all these useful solutions we propose above, so you can have a clear vision on how to keep gaming laptop cool easily and effectively:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Ideal Temperatures For CPU/GPU?

The ideal temperatures for CPU/GPU for your gaming laptop ought to range from 70 to 80 degrees. That will prevent your gaming laptop overheating. If the temperature is over 80 degrees, most laptop devices will begin to throttle. About 99 degrees, your laptop will automatically shut down to avoid long-term risk to the hardware.

We suggest you use software like core temperature to assist you to examine CPU and GPU heats. Keeping GPU cool and laptop CPU cooler is perfect to prevent laptop overheating while gaming.

What Can I Do To Prevent My Gaming Laptop Overheating?

We have suggested some useful tips and solutions deal with your laptop overheating while gaming above. If you try all the solutions and cannot cool down the laptop, our final method for you is to change gaming settings to lower.

For example, if the settings of your games are on super high settings, you would wish to decrease those settings to lower to prevent placing your system under a pressure. Besides, your device that can offer you more FPS will be long-lasting and provide you a better gaming experience.

Do Cooling Pads Work Good On Keep Laptop Cool?

Absolutely yes. There are a lot of tests that have been carried out to decide whether cooler pads do decrease the temperature of laptops. And the outcomes are always positive. The tests evaluated that cooling pads can assist to decrease GPU and CPU heat by approximately 6 degrees.

How Can I Keep Processors Maintained Cool?

There is a wide range of different methods in which you can keep the CPU cool while gaming. People normally use passive cooling and mineral oil as useful techniques to deal with this problem.

Even though the most common method is to utilize liquid or air coolers. There are also various functions and selections for these coolers. Laptops always feature more special laptop cooling systems. They are structured to be smaller and cannot be able to replace or upgrade.

The connection between the cooling plate and CPU is the thermal paste. As a result, the thermal paste must be precisely installed.

How Long Should I Replace Thermal Paste On The CPU and GPU?

In almost all circumstances, changing GPU thermal paste will be essential after a period of using about 5 to 10 years. If you are a specialist about replacing the thermal paste in the CPU and GPU of your laptop, you can completely upgrade the GPU and might no longer have to reapply thermal methods.

Keep in mind that changing thermal paste on the  GPU and CPU is a hard task, so if you are not familiar with this job, you should come to see a professional computer repairer.

Sum Up

In conclusion, we have proposed to you some useful methods on how to keep gaming laptop cool. The lists provided are all effective and safe, you can be confident to give them a try. Finding an efficient method to avoid laptop overheating while gaming will not only protect your laptop system but also offer you the best gaming experience.

This is all about methods to deal with gaming laptop overheating that we think you should know. We hope this article is helpful and effective for you to apply methods on fixing your problem. If you have any great techniques to solve this issue and want to share, you can freely tell us. Cheers.





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