How To Keep Discord From Opening On Startup

Discord’s default setting is for it to start as soon as you turn on your computer, which can be useful or annoying depending on your preferences, the mood at the times, and how many updated messages you regularly receive.

For each os, there seem to be two major approaches to prevent Discord’s automatic startup.

The first technique can be done inside the close Discord auto startup application and is applicable to any operating system.

Whereas the second method requires changes to the operating system’s configuration.

Each of these approaches is rather simple, so without any further ado, let’s get started!

How To Keep Discord From Opening On Startup

How To Stop And Open Discord From Opening Auto-loading When The Other Apps Is Started

  • Open the stop Discord app.
  • Switch the cogwheel indicator.

At the bottom of the screen, just beside your username, there ought to be a cog icon. The Users Settings window will appear as a result of this action.

  • Select Windows/Mac Settings from the drop-down menu.

This should be displayed in the User Settings menu on the left side.

  • Remove the checkmark from the “Open Discord” slider.

If you want to, you may also change the minimization choices here.

Simply press escape once you’re satisfied, and you’re done!

On Windows Settings Task Manager, How Do I Stop Discord From Opening Automatically Launching When The Computer Starts Up?

  • Activate the open Task Manager Window
  • By hitting Ctrl+Shift+Esc, you can select Task Manager windows.
  • Select the stop discord on the Startup tab.
  • Discord is selected, then click easily Disable discord on startup is selected.

Discord It should be mentioned in the Start tab’s programs.

Right-click on it and choose to disable discord auto startup from the menu that displays, or left-click on this and push the deactivate button in the lower corner. Fin!

On Mac Os, How Do I Stop Discord From Opening Automatically Launching When The Computer Starts Up?

  • Open the System Preferences window.
  • Select System Preferences from the Apple button at the top left corner of your desktop.

elect Users & gaming groups from the drop-down menu.

  • Click stop discord auto Login Items after selecting the current user.

On the left corner of the screen, the user account you’re using should display. After you’ve made your selection, go to the discord auto Login Items tab.

  • Click Disable close Discord by clicking on it.

Under discord auto Login Item, the Discord app should be included in the list of programs.

To disable discord on startup, left-click it and then click the negative symbol at the bottom of the page. It’s finished!

How Do I Stop Discord From Automatically Starting Windows 10?

The discord autostart feature is available in a variety of programs. This functionality enables them to start up automatically whenever the computer is turned on.

How can I prevent stop Discord from startup automatically on Windows 10?

Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

In Discord, Disable Turn Off Auto start Feature.

If you’re looking for a way to prevent Discord from launching stop discord from opening on startup, consider this method.

You may quickly stop close Discord’s self-launch feature with a few clicks this way.

This is only feasible if you’ve used the open Discord app on Windows PC; the capability isn’t available on the Mac version.

  • To start the software, double-click the Discord icon on your desktop.
  • From Discord’s bottom left corner, select the User Settings icon.
  • Select discard Windows startup Options from the left pane toggle in the next window. Then, in the section SYSTEM STARTUP BEHAVIOR tab, disable turn off auto start choice Open Discord.
  • To exit Discord, press ESC in the top-right corner.


How Do I Make Discord Not Open On Startup Mac?

There are essentially two ways to prevent Discord from launching stop discord from opening on startup.

These techniques are ones that I have personally used and have proven to be effective.

All you have to do is follow all of my instructions.

Make Use Of The Discord App: You may disable discord on startup auto-start functionality using the Discord app directly.

This is only acceptable if you’re using the Discord application on Windows; the Discord application for Mac doesn’t have this feature.

  • To start the program, select Discord symbol on your desktop.
  • To access the user settings, click the Menu Button. It can be seen in the bottom right corner.
  • Then, on the left of the screen, scroll to the bottom to the Configuration Options section to find discord the Window Display settings. Now, simply click it.
  • Finally, turn off the Open Discord option in Windows Settings. This will be enough to explain how to prevent Discord from starting automatically up when the PC is turned on.
  • As a result, the next time you discord start on boot up your PC, Discord will not start automatically because you have to stop discord from opening App’s automatic start.

How Do I Make Discord Run On Startup?

There are a few reasons why you might wish to turn Discord off when it starts up.

You wouldn’t want this software to run regularly if you don’t intend to utilize it right away.

Simply follow the procedures outlined below to prevent this application from launching automatically.

Discord Is Now Open.

  • Select User Preferences (gear icon). It should be on your icon’s right side.
  • From the left pane, choose Windows discord Settings.
  • Turn off the Launch Discord option in the Modern Sense Behavior area.


This has all been our guideline to preventing Discord from starting up automatically. We hope you found it beneficial.

If you’re interested in learning more details about Discord, check out our other posts about the digital communication network.



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