The Ultimate Guide On How To Install Windows 11 On Your PC 

Windows 11 is now accessible to Insiders. Many individuals must be eager to see the new update’s functionality. How to install Windows 11 on your PC? The process includes five main steps:

  • Step 1: Enroll in the Windows Program
  • Step 2: Download and check for the Insider Build updates
  • Step 3: Build a recovery drive for Windows 10
  • Step 4: Complete the Windows 11 updates
  • Step 5: Windows 11 is ready

Aside from the process above, you need to check if your PC can run the program or not.

Windows 11 Overview

Unlike the previous version, Windows 11 demands newer hardware and cannot run on older devices. Although there are few notable exceptions, most PCs developed and marketed in 2019 and then will operate using Windows 11.

Membership participants of the Windows Insider Program can access the first beta release (or the Insider Preview, as Microsoft refers to it). This testing process gives Microsoft a critical chance to investigate the Windows 11 platform based on customer feedback.

Anyone who has a Windows computer and Microsoft account can join the Windows Insider Program. It means that you can explore Windows 11 for now. However, the early release may miss some features. Don’t try to experiment with your daily computer.

How To Check If Your PC Can Run Windows 11?

It’s pointless to go through all of the ways to install Windows 11 if your computer can’t access the free Windows 11 update in the end. While most existing Windows 10 systems would be compatible, this is not the case for the latest version of Windows.

Here are some requirements for Windows 11 installation:

  • First, your PC must have a processor of at least 1 GHz. To proceed faster, you should equip the PC with some cores.
  • A 4-GB RAM and 64-GB storage are necessary.
  • The TPM should be the 2.0 version.
  • The screen must be HD with eight bits for each color channel.
  • Secure Boot comes with UEFI technology for the settings update security windows

If your device isn’t compatible with Windows 11, it’s most likely due to outdated or weak hardware. Some users may be able to update their computers to match the current standards. Aside from that, the majority of consumers will have to purchase a new PC.

How To Install Windows 11?

After checking if your PC can operate Windows 11, you can start installing it. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Enroll in the Windows Insider Program

Microsoft provides Windows insider programs for its most recent functioning systems, allowing for free testing and downloads. The users had to be a Microsoft partner or developer to get the entry license before.

However, the process is simple these days. You just need to have an Outlook email address and a gadget that’s operating the latest copy of Microsoft Windows10.

The act of joining a Microsoft insider network is “flight.” You will be routed to the PC’s Windows Insider list when you click the “Flight now” displayed in the picture.


You can also log in via the Windows Insider Program function on any Windows 10 PC by selecting “Get Started” from the “Preview build” tab.

To get access to such preview builds, sign up for the Windows Insider program with an email address. That email address should ideally be the same as the one you had to activate your Windows 10 system on which Windows 11 will be in.

After you’ve signed in with the username you’ve created, allow a few moments for the Insider signup to finish.

Return to the Windows Insider program options after that. It’s available in the Start bar.

The step of selecting the insider settings is critical. You may choose a development channel. The channel should be specific for computer experts but will function on any PC if you can accept a few speed pauses. To be safe, don’t install it on the PC you often use.

You should go to the “dev channel” menu and opt for the “Beta channel.” The rest of the setup is the same as with the Dev circuit.

  Choose the recommended Beta channel

Step 2: Download and check for the Windows 11 Insider Preview

You have saved the Beta (or Dev) channels in your Insider settings.

Now, you need to access the menu and go to “Check for updates”.

Once you have refreshed the screen for a few attempts, there will be an Insider preview downloading option of Windows 11. If you have any other Windows updates waiting, install them before updating the Beta channel setting.

  Check for updates

Try to separate the updates of Windows 11 from the others. If not, there must be some errors in your download. Once such problems arise, you just need to restart your PC. Then, undo the Insider preview for a moment and complete those updates. Although this method speeds up the download, you still need to keep patient.

The activation of the Windows 11 Insider may take a long time after download since it proceeds slowly. However, it fluctuates from one user to another. It’s possible that you’ll have a faster process.

Microsoft doesn’t really offer an expected completion time for the Windows installation. Leave your gadget powered in for some hours. The installation must be significantly faster if your laptop has an excellent internet connection.

When the installation finishes, a blue box will pop up. it requests you to reset your PC. You can follow this request later since you have to prepare the recovery drive first.

Step 3: Build a recovery drive for Windows 10

If you’re ready to upgrade to Windows 11, this step is unnecessary. If you’re unhappy with the dev version, you can revert to Windows 10 if you can get a recovery disk.

You’ll need to find the “Recovery Drive” in the Menu bar and follow its instructions.

Step 4: Complete the Preview Updates of Windows 11

Now, it’s time to restart your PC for the installation of Windows 11 Insider Preview.

This section will take quicker than the previous step. However, the speed still depends on your RAM and some other settings. Don’t worry if the process pauses for a while. The installation is still happening.

  Wait for the installation

Once you can reach 100% of the update, the next stage can be tougher. The PC needs much time to work on the updates. Sometimes, you have to wait for an hour to finish the process. All you need to do in this case is to wait and keep your PC plugged in.

Step 5: Windows 11 is ready

Microsoft might have made the last stage of the setup less unexpected.

The Windows 11 home screen will appear after a long period of the black blank screen. The password for you is still the same. All of your applications, folders, and files will be just where you created them.

  Windows 11 is available on your PC

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people are struggling with the Windows 11 installation. Let’s browse their problems. If you are facing the same issues, the answers below can help.

1. Is Windows 11 a free download?

Yes, it’s completely free. However, only the Windows 10 devices operating the most recent version of the operating system and meeting the basic hardware requirements would be able to update. You may check Settings Update to determine whether you have the most recent updates or not.

2. How long does it take to install Windows 11?

The installation can last from 20 minutes to an hour. It may take a few hours, according to the system settings. Of course, the speed of the hard disk is critical. The setup time can be shorter on a faster PC and when the hard drive and DVD – Rom transmit data at a quicker pace.

3. Is it possible to operate Windows 11 with only 2GB of RAM?

To install Windows 11, the RAM must be 4GB in capacity. You won’t be able to run Windows 11 if the PC only features 2GB of RAM. You need to replace it or manually upgrade the RAM on your computer.

4. Will my current software and hardware components run on Windows 11?

The majority of programs and equipment that function with Windows 10 can also run with Windows 11. The new software is nearly equal to its former and most programs should remain the same. Installing the newest Windows Insider preview edition is the best approach to check compatibility for your computer.


Above is a step-by-step guide on how to install Windows 11. If your PC meets all the requirements to run the update, the process turns out to be much simpler. However, the waiting time may annoy you. But don’t worry. Such a thing may happen to every installation. With the upgraded version, Windows 11 is worth the wait.

Hopefully, you will install the update successfully. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading.


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