Enthusiastic Gamers Do Not Miss This: How To Hide Game Activity On Steam

Steam is known to be one of the most well-known game productions in the industry and of course, many gamers have experienced countless thrilling games from this digital distribution. However, when enjoying games, many users have complained that they do not know how to hide game activity on Steam. Therefore, I am writing this blog to show you the methods for this issue.

Before We Investigate How To Hide Steam Games From Friends, There Are Things You Should Know

There are a few things that we should get acquainted with before we get to know precious things about steam hide game activity. Actually, they are not that many, they are all about Steam and fun stuff. Now, let us get started!

“How do I hide game stats on Steam?” Wait, let’s find out about Steam first!

Okay, obviously we cannot answer the question “how do I hide game stats on Steam?” knowing so little about this digital distribution. First thing first, Valve’s Steam is an online gaming cloud computing service. In September 2003, it was released as a virtual instrument customer as a means for Valve to deliver automatic updates for their video games, and it was rapidly evolved to include titles from third-party publishers. Steam has also evolved into an internet-based and mobile digital shop.

Steam provides services such as online copyrights protection, server hosting, video conferencing, and virtual communities. It also allows the user to download and automatically update games, as well as access to community services like buddy lists and parties, online cloud, as well as invoice and chat capability.

Steamworks is a publicly accessible application programming interface that developers may use to incorporate several of Steam’s services into their games, such as in-game accomplishments, virtual goods, and support for consumer content via Steam Workshop.

What you need to do to get the Steam app, a thing to do before the steam hide game activity

how to hide game activity on steam

Steam, being one of the first game distribution systems, has always been indispensable to PC gamers. Steam continues to provide for the PC game activity, despite tough competition from rival services, with great sales and an accumulation of over 33,000 games accessible.

Getting acquainted with Steam is simple, especially for newcomers. All you can do to start utilizing Steam for laptop or desktop gaming is a gaming-capable PC or Mac. You will also have to buy the titles you desire from the Steam store. Here is how to get started with Steam.

Installing and Configuring Steam

The first step is to create a Steam account in order to make use of this gaming platform. On the Steam site, you may sign up for a free Steam account. Give your registration an email address and verify your home country. Steam price varies by region, and you will only be able to purchase games from the Steam Store for your area.

To join, you must also declare that you are at least 13 years old. When you’re finished, click Continue.

You will receive an email to authenticate your Steam account. Wait for a Steam email with a verification link to arrive in your inbox. When you get the email, hit the link to confirm your account.

Give your Steam account a name and a safe passcode, then click Complete Sign Up to finish the process.

When you make an account, you will be instantly logged in to the account on the Steam webpage. To start installing Steam for your computer, hit the Install Steam icon at the top of the page, or go to the page where Steam allows you to download the app, then select the Install Steam button.

Buying and setting up Steam’s games

The famous Steam layout has still not changed for years and is meant to be simple to use for new subscribers. When you initially launch the Steam application, you will most likely be greeted with your game collection, which is located under the Library tab at the top of the Steam window.

Newcomers of Steam Are unlikely to see any video games displayed here, although Steam may identify any downloaded games that it allows on your PC or Mac, even those connected to other Steam accounts, and list them here.

After you buy new titles from the store, they will be in your Steam library, available for you to purchase. You may also try out Steam games before buying them to see whether they’re perfect for you.

After you hit the Store button, it opens the Steam Store’s website within the application. To choose a videogame to purchase, just use main or side tabs to browse through different categories of games.

To buy a brand new product, go to the game’s shop page. If the offer is for free, click Play Game; alternatively, click Add to Basket to save it to your online shop.

To start buying your item, click the Purchase for Myself option and continue the on-screen directions to enter your credit card information. When you buy a game, it will show in the library, prepared for you to download.

To install a bought game and execute the game activity, go to the Library page. Products that are presently uninstalled will be neatly laid out in the list of Steam game activities on the left. To start the configuration, simply tap on a game and then select the Install button.

Your game’s setup choices may differ somewhat. Verify that you want to create shortcuts, make sure you have adequate storage space for the setup, and then click the Next button.

Confirm the terms of the agreement and then  Steam will download your game.  At this time, hit Finish to remove the installation choices.

Games that are available on Steam

Up to 2021, there have been thousands of games that have been released on Steam. The games are diverse and categorized into genres which are action, horror, adventure, and so on. Here are some common games of each genre.

  • Action: Portal 2, DOOM, Subnautica, Terraria, XCOM2, etc.
  • Horror: Resident Evil Village (the hottest one in 2021), Deca, Outsider: After Life, Witch’s Reign, etc.
  • Adventure: Magical Valkyrie Lyristia, Girl Jigsaw 2, Ragnarock, etc.

The selection of Steam games to play will vary depending on the platform you use. You will only be able to play Steam games that are compatible with those operating systems. The majority of Steam titles are supported with Windows 10. If you want to hide games on steam, scroll down.

Using Steam to communicate with others

Steam is a gaming network featuring discussion boards and evaluation sites for each game. You may get to these sites, and also the most recent Steam news, by going to the Community tab in the Steam menu.

Steam may also be used to chat with and compete with your pals. To reach your Steam pals list, click the Friends & Chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your Steam window.

You may add a buddy using a Steam buddy id or an inviting URL, or you can seek for (and invite) your pal manually. The new buddy will be displayed in your Steam contact list when added and accepted.

How Do I Turn Off Game Activity?

“How does steam hide what game I’m playing” or “methods of steam hide game activity” are really common among gamers. This would be the question that most gamers raise when they take part in the game competition on Steam. There may be occasions when you want to hide steam activity. Or perhaps you do not want anyone to know what games you are now enjoying. Alright then, follow the methods below to know how to hide game activity on Steam.

I was able to come up with three distinct techniques that would enable you to hide steam activity. Feel free to choose whichever approach is most appropriate for the circumstance you’ve found yourself in. Each of the three ways listed below has been verified to succeed by at least one person who attempted to hide recent activity on steam.

Method No.1: Go for privacy settings to hide game activity from friends

Steam just upgraded, making it simpler to hide game activity from friends. This is the most effective method for concealing your Steam activities from other people, and a great large number of users have proven that it works.

Unlike the other two solutions listed below, this method will permanently hide steam game activity from friends and will not influence any other parts of the system on your profile.

So here is what you will do from your Privacy settings to check your Steam Activity:

  • Navigate to the bar at the top of Steam. Then, from the newly revealed menu bar, tap on your name, followed by Profile.

  • Shift your focus to the part on the right of the next screen and hit Edit profile.

  • From the Profile Editing choices, on the right of the page, tap on My Privacy Settings.
  • When the Privacy Settings window appears, scroll down to the My Profile section and select the Public menu linked with Game Details. Then, choose Private from the drop-down option. This could be understood as steam private mode.

  • To see if steam game activity is hidden, right-click on an empty area in Steam and choose Copy Page URL. Next, on any searching site, insert the saved URL to test if your gaming activities are covered.

Method No.2: Apply free-to-view episodes

Several Steam users have found that you may hide your steam activity totally by employing a series of free viewable episodes. This may appear to be an unusual solution, but many users have successfully hidden their recent Steam activities by following the directions below. Trust me by this way people will not be able to see your steam activity feed.

What occurs is that Steam is unable to identify the clip being streamed until it is completely loaded and begins playing on your monitor. So, by pressing the Watch button, Steam will detect that an upgrade feature has been added. However, if you happen to close it off before it is loaded, Steam will delete the old Recent Activities versions and this will make steam not show what game you’re playing.

As a result, if you take this move repeatedly with the first three episodes of “Making of Fury,” everything in your playing list will be erased.

To use this fix, follow these steps:

  • Enter Steam and select Store
  • Utilize the Steam Store’s search tool in the corner of the screen which is in the top-right to look for “Making of Fury.”

  •  Hit on the listing of Making of Fury after you’ve found it.
  • Select the Watch button linked with Ep 1 from the list.

  • When you hit it, a tiny window will appear. The next step is to close it as quickly as possible.
  • Steps four and five should be repeated for the next two episodes. Come back to your profile and check if Recent Activity has been entirely gone
  • If this approach does not apply to your present situation, proceed to the next step below.

Method No.3: Change your profile page to private mode to hide your game activity from the friend’s list

Setting your profile to private is a more extreme solution to this problem for those who want to hide steam games from profile page. However, please remember that taking this way indicates you’ll be entirely separated from your buddies and other players you meet while playing. While the Private option is active, game information, friend List, Storage, and even the capability to submit comments will be heavily restricted.

If you would like to make your feed invisible, here’s a method on hiding your entire recent activity:

  • Access Steam and select your full title from the lineup of primary tabs. Tap on Profile from the newly displayed menu.

  • Choose Edit Profile.

  • On the following page,  select My Privacy Settings.

  • Update the settings of My Profile to Private by clicking on the URL linked with it in the menu. Once you do this, the configuration will be immediately modified.
  • Examine your account to discover if your activities have been concealed.

how to hide game activity on steam

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To Sum Up About Steam Hide Game Activity

I guess I have shown what I know about how to hide game activity on steam. It is simple and easy to execute. To do a steam hide online status is never so simple. Games are fun ways to relieve stress but do not get addicted to them as you will regret it later. Try to stay healthy and be more social, will you? If you like this post, hit like, comment, and last but not least, share it! Goodbye and see you soon.



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