How To Get Refund On Steam? Easy Steps To Return Games That You Buy On Steam

The thing about video games is that you can rarely know which ones are exactly to your liking until you buy and play them.

Thus, one of the largest digital gaming platforms, Steam, has adopted a generous refund policy, offering refunds for any purchases you’re not content with.

Users can return any game they buy on Steam, no matter the reason. This useful feature encourages users to try new games that they’re unsure about.

Today, we’ll clue you into more info and answer the most common questions relating to Steam refunds. Shall we begin?

What Does The Steam Refund Policy Say?

Is there any limit to getting a Steam refund?

If you intend to request a refund, it is obliged to meet two basic conditions: You have purchased the games within 14 days, and the total time you have played the games is less than two hours.

Should you satisfy these requirements, Steam will return your money for any reason, be they the hardware problems, you bought them by mistake, or you simply don’t find the games interesting.

If you don’t satisfy those conditions, you can still request a refund. Valve will weigh up your case but will not guarantee a return on money.

You can’t get a refund for purchases outside the Steam platform. Although you can save some money on games by buying Steam keys from a third-party game store, you can’t get your money back for any reason.

The refund system encourages users to purchase games via Steam, allowing them to save money for other fun games.

However, if you request too many refunds, Valve might consider your case ‘abuse’ and refuse to offer you refunds.

Valve’s policy doesn’t specify what is considered ‘abuse,’ but you’ll be fine if you don’t buy games in bulk frequently and ask for refunds for most of them.

You can receive the refund via the same payment method as when you bought the game or via your Steam wallet credit.

So if you unluckily experience remorse right after you play a new game, Steam is willing to return your cash.

All you need to send a request, wait for the Steam support team to go through your case (very quickly), have the game removed from your library, then get money back.

How To Get Refund On Steam?

It’s super easy to successfully get a Steam refund.

As mentioned, one thing to note before asking for a Steam refund is that there is a time limit within which you can refund games.

You should test the game as soon as you’ve bought it. You can’t own it for over two weeks and play it for over two hours. If your case is not within these limits, it’s possible that Valve will reject your request.

Particularly, Steam counts exactly every second when you’re in the game regarding two hours of playtime.

The app’s timer runs no matter if you’re pausing or minimizing it. Keep that in mind and get a Steam refund by following the three steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Steam support site

First, you access the link to reach the Steam support page. Then, boot into your Steam account.

You may need to grab a call from Steam’s switchboard for Steam Guard code if you cover your account with 2-factor authentication.

Another way to access the Steam support site is via the Steam client. In the Steam window, you choose the ‘Help’ option and click on ‘Steam Support.’ You’ll end up on the same page

When you’re on the support site, there will be a question ‘What do you need help with?’ If you want to refund one of the four recently played games, it’ll appear on the list of options on your screen.

Otherwise, you can select ‘Games,’ ‘A Purchase,’ or ‘Software.’ From there, choose the purchase/game that you wish to refund.

Step 2: Request A Refund

Steam will ask you a list of questions before offering a refund.

After picking a purchase, you’ll see a list of selections asking what problems you’re facing, such as ‘Gameplay or technical issues’ or ‘It’s not as fun as I expected.’

Whatever selection you choose, Steam then gives you another list of dialog prompts. After working through all the menus, the last selection will be ‘I would like to request a refund.’

The number of dialog prompts depends on what problem option you right-click. If you choose ‘It’s not as fun as I expected,’ you can ask for a request right on the following page.

If you choose other technical-related options, Steam will try to dig deep into what exactly the problem is before offering you a refund. This way, it can fix the issue and improve the platform more effectively.

Step 3: Choose Refund Method and Done

On the next page, Steam will let you select a refund method or how you would like to receive the refund. You can choose among Steam Wallet, credit card, PayPal, or other purchase providers.

The same process goes for refunds on pre-ordered titles. If you’ve pre-purchased a game on Steam and pre-paid for it, you can refund the game anytime prior to its release day.

After the title’s release date, the standard refund policy (two-hour/14-day) will apply to your purchase.

If Steam approves your request, you’ll receive your funds within seven days.

Why Do You Fail To Refund On Steam?

The genuine reason for the failure to refund on Steam may be that you’ve got a VAC ban – Valve’s anti-cheat protocol for some specific titles, like Dota 2 or Counter-Strike. Valve will disable the right to refund the banned game on Steam.

Also, Valve’s policy doesn’t allow refunds on ‘video content,’ like the famous RWBY series.

If Valve denies your request, you should try to ask for one more review by another Valve staff. But there’s rarely a chance you can get money back in this case.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, you’re unlucky enough to buy a boring game or one that doesn’t work properly on your computer. If that’s the case, you’ll find the Steam refund policy extremely helpful.

Learning how to get a refund on Steam is, fortunately, a breeze with very simple steps. This way, you can avoid hurting your budget and save money for more thrilling titles.



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