How To Fix Xbox One/S X/S Not Reading External Hard Drive.

The Xbox One/S X/S is a great gaming console that has been released in the past few years with many useful features. However, one thing that can be frustrating is when the Xbox One/S X/S can’t read an external hard drive. If this happens to you, here are a few things you can try to fix it.

XBOX series x s not reading external hard drive issue

What Causes Xbox One/S X/S Not Reading External Hard Drive

The Xbox One/S X/S can’t read an external hard drive if the hard drive isn’t formatted correctly. The Xbox One/S X/S has a special program that needs to be installed on your computer in order for it to recognize and use the external hard drive. If you haven’t already, follow our guide for installing this program:

If you have already installed this program, you may need to fix the hard drive’s file system (for more information about this process, please refer to our guide for formatting your external hard disk).

What to do if you can’t format your external hard drive

If your Xbox One/S X/S can’t read your external hard drive, try these fixes:

-First, make sure that the hard drive is completely connected to the power cable. If you’ve already tried this and it still doesn’t work, make sure that the USB port on your hard drive is working properly.

-If you’re having trouble with other USB devices, like a mouse or keyboard, try unplugging them and plugging them in one at a time. If one of these devices works after being plugged in separately, it means that one or more of the drivers for those devices may not be compatible with your Xbox One/S X/S. In this case, you’ll need to update the drivers for those devices so they will work together.

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-If none of these fixes work for you, there may be an issue with the hardware itself.

How to fix Xbox One- S X - S not reading external hard drive

What to do if it won’t read the external hard drive when you plug in

First, try unplugging the external hard drive and plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to do a system reset.

Next, try the external hard drive on a different Xbox One/S X/S by plugging it into another port. If this doesn’t work, then you should try using an official Microsoft USB 3.0 cable on your Xbox One/S X/S to see if it works better.

Finally, if you’re still having issues with the external hard drive not working properly, then you may need to clean the port of your Xbox One/S X/S or replace it entirely. You can find all of these options through your warranty card or at www.xboxsupport .com .

How to fix Xbox One/S X/S not reading external hard drive.

First, make sure the hard drive is correctly connected. If you’re having trouble connecting it to the back of your Xbox One/S X/S, make sure you have the correct port on the back and that it’s not damaged.

Second, try unplugging and then plugging in the hard drive again. This should restart your Xbox One/S X/S and allow it to read your external hard drive again.

If this doesn’t work, then you’ll need a data recovery software like Disk Drill. This software can help recover whatever data is on your external hard drive.

If all else fails, you may want to try a repair service like Xbox Support who can replace or fix any broken components related to your console’s inability to read a hard drive.

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Try Another USB cable to connect External hard drive to your XBOX.

One thing that you can try is using a different USB cable to connect the external hard drive to your XBOX. This might fix the issue.

Another thing you can do is disconnect the power cord from your XBOX and then reconnect it. This should turn it on again and if not, try turning it off and back on again.

Try using another external hard drive

Maybe the hard drive is broken or not compatible with the Xbox One/S X/S. You can try using another external hard drive and see if that fixes your issue. If so, you can use the same steps to format it.

If this doesn’t work, you can try using a USB-C cable to connect your external hard drive to your computer and then use a USB-C port on your console to format it. This should successfully reformat your external hard drive for Xbox One/S X/S compatibility.

If this doesn’t work either, you may need to contact Microsoft customer service for help with your Xbox One/S X/S hardware issue.

Adjust Power management on your XBOX


When the Xbox One/S X/S can’t read an external hard drive, it’s likely that you’re not getting enough power to the hard drive. If this is the issue, you can try adjusting your power management settings on your Xbox One/S X/S.

The first step to taking care of this issue is to open up your Settings menu. To do so, press the Xbox button on your controller and scroll down until you find “System.” Then select “Power & startup” and click “Adjust power management settings.”

You should see a page where you can choose between three options: Balanced mode, High performance mode, or Power saving mode. Choose whichever option best suits your needs.

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Power cycle your XBOX


The first thing you want to try is power cycling your Xbox One/S X/S. To do this, unplug the console from the wall and make sure it’s completely shut off. Leave it like that for at least one minute before plugging it back in. If the issue persists, you can also try a soft reset. To do this, press both the Xbox button on your controller and the “Guide” button on your machine at the same time for ten seconds.

If these two methods don’t work, then you’ll want to contact customer support to get help fixing the issue.

Make sure your Xbox series X/S is updated.

The Xbox One/S X/S requires a firmware update to access external hard drives in order to read them. If your Xbox One/S X/S is out of date, the external drive will not be recognized.

If you’re having trouble updating your console, try installing the latest update from Microsoft’s website or make sure that the console is connected to the internet.

Reconnect the External hard drive.

Sometimes, the Xbox One/S X/S can read an external hard drive if it is disconnected and reconnected again.

Do this by going to the “Power” menu in your Xbox One/S X/S and choosing “Restart”. This will restart the system and should fix the issue.

If this doesn’t work, then you’ll need to try connecting the external hard drive to another computer. See if the Xbox One/S X/S will recognize it. If it does, then a solution may be found with that computer instead of your Xbox One/S X/S.

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