Steps By Steps On How To Fix Screen Tearing

For those who use the Windows operating system, screen tearing seems to no longer be a strange thing. Accordingly, you cannot see the original image clearly, so it causes great discomfort.

However, not everyone knows how to fix this problem. Therefore, we decided to publish this article to help you fix your screen. So, how to fix screen tearing? You can check how to fix blank screen on Discord.

In addition to helping you identify the condition of your screen, we also cover many common causes. From there, you will find a more appropriate solution.

In addition, below, there are many different solutions and apply to each specific cause.

  • Change resolution and refresh rate
  • Implement NVIDIA VSync On/Off
  • Check the graphics card driver
  • Turn off frame limit
  • Proceed to turn off “Game mode”
  • Turn off the ‘Smooth Scrolling’ feature
  • Use a high-efficiency power pack
  • Use another browser

To learn more details, we invite you to each of the following sections. If you don’t know what is your graphics card, you can check this post to learn how to check graphics card.

What Is Screen Tear?

How To Fix Screen Tearing


Before you decide to proceed with the fix, you must know the condition of your monitor. See if your screen is really tearing through the following characteristics:

  • Simply put, screen tearing is a distortion of the image inside the frame. Then you will not be able to see a clear and intact image.
  • You can imagine this situation as if you crop and crop multiple overlapping images. Sometimes, you will see small horizontal and vertical lines running across the screen.
  • So you will have a very bad experience, and it is very difficult to see the image on the screen.

Find Out The Cause Of Screen Tearing

  What are the Cause of Screen Tearing

First, we come to a common cause that your computer has exported more frames.

Since then, your screen cannot contain all those frames. In other words, the frame rate is higher, so the screen cannot synchronize, leading to screen tearing.

Another cause that you must be aware of is that device drivers may have problems such as being outdated or misbehaving.

In addition, many people assume that screen tearing is only due to hardware. That can also happen, and you can fix it by replacing the screen with a new one. But, screen tearing can also be caused by software.

Things To Know Before Fixing Screen Tearing

To make screen repair effective, check your hardware and software.

With hardware, try to do basic testing. Usually, hardware damage is easy to spot. To fix it, you can go to the store to replace the screen.

As for the software effect, before you fix the error on the system, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Your device is not experiencing electrical problems and is in a safe state.
  • The cable of the monitor connected to the system must be securely attached and undamaged.
  • Your device must have a stable temperature in the ventilated area.
  • The glass of the screen is not broken.
  • Test the screen on different games, videos, pictures to see if the same results are obtained.
  • After completing this step, we will begin to fix the screen tearing error caused by the influence of the software.

The Fastest Way On How To Fix Screen Tearing

Do you know how to fix screen tearing? With this section, we will present you with alternatives that can completely fix your screen tearing issue.

Depending on the status of the screen, you can choose for yourself the most suitable way.

Change resolution and refresh rate

Change resolution and refresh rate

 As we also mentioned above, one of the common causes of screen tearing is incorrect refresh rate or resolution.

If you encounter this main cause, you can fix it through the following steps:

Step 1

First, start the search application on your computer by pressing Windows + R.

You will then see a dialog box appear. Next, click on it and search for the keyword “resolution,” and then open the application.

Step 2

After opening the application, go to the “settings” section and surf for the “Advanced display settings” section.

Here you will see all the details of the screen. Inside this, there is an icon “adapter properties for display options (Display 1)”.

If you click that, the hardware properties will appear, and also, the “Adapters” tab will pop up. Now, your job is to click on “List all modes” to prepare for the next steps.

Step 3

You can now see a list of resolutions appear. Accordingly, start changing each parameter until you find the right resolution.

Finally, you restart your computer and check the screen health.

If this doesn’t work for you, we’ll move on to the next steps.

Implement NVIDIA VSync On/Off

  Implement NVIDIA VSync On/Off

If your screen is experiencing split frames plus videos with no sound, this method will most likely work for you.

The highlight of VSync is its ability to troubleshoot problems in terms of speed. Therefore, NVIDIA Vsync can completely solve the screen tearing problem automatically.


  • First, you right-click on the desktop and select “NVIDIA control panel” in the list of suggestions.
  • Also there, another options panel will show up. Your task is to select “3D settings” then select “Manage 3D settings” to get to the general settings tab.
  • At this point, you can see on the right side of the screen the line “General settings.”
  • To continue, you click that and select “Vertical Sync” to start enabling or disabling VSync.


In addition, you need to know some notes when implementing this solution are:

  • After making changes, you must immediately exit and restart the computer to see the results.
  • For AMD users, the interface will be different than usual. Typically, the appearance of an additional “Waiting for vertical refresh” place. In this case, change it to “Always on” and do everything as usual.

Check the graphics driver

Check for updating the graphics driver

 Checking the graphics driver is one of the effective methods in fixing screen tearing.

In this way, try updating your device’s graphics to the new release version. Or you can go down a notch if you still get the same result.

Here we will guide you to the graphics driver.

Step 1: Start the computer

With this step, press Windows + R to start the machine. Then, in the dialog box, select the keyword “devmgmt. MSC” by pressing Enter.

Step 2: Check the graphics driver

Next, the software will navigate the machine to the device manager. Here, you can go to see all the information about the manager.

Step 3: Search for controllers online

After the check step, you go to the manufacturer’s official website and type an online controller to update the driver.

Or you can go to the options and type the character “Automatically search for updated driver software,” the machine will automatically upgrade the version for you.

Step 4: Reboot

Finally, start your computer with the initial key combination and see the results.

Turn off frame limit


In addition, some applications often come with a frame limit mode, which causes screen tearing for those games.

So we will guide you as a workaround to disable this feature. Overall, the step is not too difficult.

You need to go to the settings of the game or application, then select the frame limit. Here, you see there are two options, on and off, always choose the off button.

Finally, you start the device and check the screen again.

Proceed to turn off “Game mode”

  Proceed to turn off "Game mode

“Game mode” or “game mode and full” is a popular feature of the software that helps you to optimize your system. From there, the playing experience will be smoother. However, we also mentioned that too fast speed would affect the screen.

So, to help the screen go back to its old state, you can disable this feature.

  • Start the device and open the game application.
  • Go to the main settings and turn off the recording and recording mode ( it might be record game clips screenshots).
  • Finally, restart your computer completely and reopen your game and check the health of your screen.

If the error persists, you can apply the trick of turning off the game’s mode and full screen optimization by:

  • Right-click on the game and select the properties section.
  • And Click on Compatibility to check the optimization
  • Finally, save and launch

Turn off the ‘Smooth Scrolling’ feature

Turn off the 'Smooth Scrolling' feature

 ‘Smooth-Scrolling’ is a rather convenient feature in handling the smoothness of images and videos.

In addition, the ‘Smooth-Scrolling’ tool helps to adjust the non-coarse output when scrolling. Therefore, this feature can be applied to the case of tearing the image by enabling the scrolling list box.

However, for some special cases like smooth scrolling is already enabled. You must choose to turn off the feature and restart the computer to test and complete.

Use a high-efficiency power pack

Use a high-efficiency power pack

 If the computer does not meet enough power for your software, leading to screen tearing, the solution of using a high-performance power plan is the best.

Here is the sequence of the steps:

  • Similar to the previous sections, you also need to start the machine with the Windows key + CHEAP.
  • But at the dialog box, by typing “powercfg.cpl” and then pressing enter to turn on the Power Options feature.

There will be an option “Show additional plans,” click on it and select “High performance” inside. Now the high-performance mode is activated (clips screenshots and broadcast).

  • Finally, you reboot and check

In general, this is also quite effective. But we do not recommend using this method for laptops because it may affect the battery and temperature of the device.

Use another browser

  Use another browser

If you are experiencing screen tearing while working with the browser, you can fix it by switching to a new browser.

By doing so, you are helping to narrow down the possible reasons for the problem. From there, it will also be easy for you to choose a remedy accordingly.

In addition to the solutions we mentioned, you can also take advantage of the following tips to improve efficiency:

  • First, you open the Windows Aero Theme of the machine.
  • Then you start setting the ‘Best in 3D settings’ mode.
  • The next step is to change the FPS out of the game.
  • Finally, you use OpenSync and G-Sync in operations.

So, with the above steps, you already know about how to fix screen Tearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the information section about how to fix screen tearing, we will share some more answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Do people get screen tearing?

Screen tearing is a common condition and is also quite common. So anyone can have this problem.

However, those using newer devices will very rarely experience screen tearing due to software. As for older devices, this phenomenon will likely happen more often.

Can you fix screen tearing without Vsync?

In fact, you can completely fix screen tearing without VSync. Typically, above, we have come up with a lot of different methods. You can try many ways. Here is a video tutorial to fix screen tearing without VSync:

How do you know if your screen is tearing?

In general, the identifying characteristics of screen tearing are quite clear. Specifically, images and videos will no longer be clear. In addition, on the screen, many lines criticize your vision. As above, we also have a deeper mention, so you can come back for reference.

Is the screen tearing bad?

The answer to this problem is yes. When your screen is torn, the aesthetics of the device is greatly reduced. In addition, it makes it difficult to see the information on your screen.


With this article, we hope you were able to completely solve the screen tearing problem on your device and bring you more information.

If you have any comments or comments about the topic “how to fix screen tearing”, please contribute below for us to answer and fix.

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