How To Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

Causes Of Nintendo Not Turning On And How To Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

Nintendo Switch Dock may be newly developed to support the old machine’s outstanding features and handheld machines. The machine is often used reception, switch not connecting to tv, sort of a regular home machine, and can be carried around just like the 3DS. When reception, the machine sits during a dock connected to the player’s TV. The system automatically switch into the dock to handheld mode from the machine into the dock, allowing the user to continue playing games without reception. How to fix Nintendo Switch Dock not working?

Sometimes your machine may freeze and become inoperable. During this article, we will assist you with how to fix Nintendo Switch dock not working.

How Do I Fix My Nintendo Switch Dock Not Connecting To My Tv?

Remove the dock works and Nintendo switch dock not connecting to tv. The Dock is the machine for you to charge your machine and play on your TV. To urge your machine, you hold it by the edges and slide it up the output of the slot. How do I fix my Nintendo switch not connecting to my TV?

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working


Press the button to show on the machine. The facility button features a circular icon with a line through it. This button is found on the side of the unit, next to the “+” and “-” volume buttons.

The kickstand is the thin plastic sheet behind your console, which exposes it from underneath the implement. You’ll get to use your fingers or a flat object to open the stand, then pull it out until you hear a “click”.

Place the Nintendo turn on a firm surface. When the stand is pulled out, your console will stand on a solid surface, sort of a table. At now, you’ll hold the Joy-con with two hands and begin enjoying.

If you do not have a solid surface to put your Nintendo turn on, you’ll place it on the implement’s case. If it is not connected to tv, you’ll try to do this.

How Do I Get My Switch Dock To Work?

Nintendo Switch Fast Hot, Low Battery, Not Charging Joy-con

You’ve bought and played game console dock for an extended time, but suddenly recently the Switch is getting hot, draining the battery too quickly albeit the demand for it’s not much, and charging the Joy-Con is slow even without switch dock power. Can it be plugged into a power unplug, to check if it is still troubleshooting? How do I get my dock to work?


Because some Switches use an extended time (from 6 months or more), it’s easy to encounter the case that the ventilation position is crammed with dust, the warmth dissipation condition isn’t available, therefore the fan must run at full capacity, causing the unit to heat up quickly. more, consuming more energy than usual.

And when the dock is running continuously for an extended time, the fan also quickly breaks down and stops running because it’s too hot, resulting in overloaded machine temperature, forcing a party charging auxiliary implement like Joy con to scale back heat load.

How to fix

When this example occurs, you want to replace the new cooling fan and replace the thermal paste. We will solve the issue, following the step. Changing the fan and glue isn’t too difficult, so you’ll roll in the hay yourself, but if you’re not confident enough, you’ll bring it to the store for replacement and maintenance from A-Z.

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How to limit

To avoid the above situation, you ought to clean it regularly, about 1-2 months, cleaning once to assist dissipate heat and operate the machine better.

Analytic Drift


The explanation for analog errors on Nintendo switch dock not working is thanks to the rather fragile internal design, plus the impact of heavy gaming and usage behavior from users.

How to fix

We will solve the issue, following the step:

Step 1: attend System Settings.

Step 2: attend Controllers and Sensors.

Step 3: Next, select Calibrate Control Sticks.

Step 4: Select your drift analog (Left or right handle).

Step 5: At now, the computer will display analog drift and you would like to regulate the direction. you’ll see that the middle (+) of the analog isn’t within the middle, but it’s moving somewhere, you’ve got to insert X to regulate the center back to the middle position again.

Step 6: After completing you come back to the interface again to see the + check in the screen is within the middle or not, if not, you’ll repeat the above steps 2-3 times until you see the foremost perfect.

However, this is often only a short-lived fix, if after doing that, the analog stick remains drifting within the direction, even unable to enter the most menu interface, perhaps you ought to attend the store to exchange the new Joy-Con.

How to restrict

We will solve the issue, following the step, or video:

-You’ll also party to this example by being more gentle when using Joy-Con, don’t reap the analog sticks on the machine like reaping wildly when playing arcade machines.

– Additionally, when taking the implement out of the house, remember to place it during a separate machine console bag to avoid unfortunate collisions which will easily damage the screen or cause analog drift.

How to fix the machine power HDMI cable and power cable are inserted and switch dock not working, check this video:

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To The Tv?

The rationale is because Nintendo’s battery is exhausted

This is the foremost rare reason why the switch dock not connected to dock. During this case, you regularly have the habit of plugging within the charger and pressing power cable and HDMI cable cables and power cable are inserted immediately. The Nintendo implement doesn’t respond or only shows the brand to show off. A clear explanation is that to start a bulky machine with high graphics, strong configuration (compared to the DS, 3DS generation) just like cables are inserted. It needs a fair amount of battery to the power cable and HDMI cable is faulty up. Why is my Nintendo switch not connecting to the TV and switch not connecting to dock?

Usually, when the television switch console is 100% depleted, the time to entire charge and power cable and HDMI cable is faulty up is over 20 minutes. Can it be plugged into a power outlet, to check if it is still troubleshooting?

  • Note:

The time of 20 minutes is relative and supports the “zin” AC Adapter port on the machine properly. If you employ a USB-C HDMI cable and power cable with another Adapter, it’s going to take tons longer. Therefore, it’s best to use the facility supply that comes with the implementation to activate the charger!

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Television including battery bottles also is a drag switch not connected to tv that gamers feel uncomfortable.

Three steps to revive a dead Nintendo Switch Dock battery

We will solve the issue, following the step:

Step 1

Please discharge your Switch Dock battery by playing or turning on the facility until the battery runs out and make Nintendo switch dock not working HDMI. If the battery remains relatively low, you’ll consider speeding measures like opening the Youtube app with synthetic music clips + Max Volume to save lots of time. So, Nintendo switch dock stopped working.

Step 2

Television will return of battery and automatically power cycling down suddenly when only the battery power runs out. So, Nintendo switch dock stopped working. However, you would like to ensure that the battery is so depleted that it isn’t powered on by pressing the implement again. Do that a couple of times to form sure the battery is as low as possible.

Step 3

Now, we’ll proceed to entire charge the switch dock including battery and power continuously for the battery of the implement, but there are small notes to concentrate to:

+ You want to confirm that you simply are charging with the first charger of the device (Do not use USB charger through another adapter of iPhone or iPad)

+ The sports machine must be during a state of power cycling off while charging (Not while charging).

+ Still set for a couple more hours, albeit the battery is 100% full (about 2-3 hours more after the device is fully charged).

Cause Nintendo Switch Dock hangs Nintendo

Like PC or tablet, phone… Sometimes the Nintendo switch HDMI not working because it hangs while the charging dock is plug everything in. Depending means, you’ll not be ready to turn it on. The facility button is now useless. If you setup the on/off switch different HDMI cables 5-10 times, there’s no response.

If you hold a power HDMI cable for 40 seconds, then insert activates again, but the device only shows the boot image then turns off & a low battery signal, then connect the charger and await 20 minutes just like the 1st method above.

Besides this “secret” of holding the facility button for 40 seconds to show it off, you ought to also memorize it to use it, except just in case the switch tv dock not working and may still be used while playing and it crashes.

The machine doesn’t receive machine tapes

I just played the sport yesterday, but now the Nintendo switch dock not charging the sports tape. It’s always a bewildering solution that many users often encounter. Although you’ve installed it repeatedly, the sports tape still doesn’t display on most of the computers to play. There is even no signal on the Switch HDMI input.

  • How to fix:

We will solve the issue, following the step:

Step 1: close up the machine, then check the sports tape slot and punctiliously remove any foreign objects within the space. And in fact, don’t blow into the place because it will cause dust particles to urge deeper into the Switch HDMI.

Step 2: Check the pins of the sports tape for scratches, dust, or dirt somewhere before plugging everything back in again.

Step 3: If you’ve got performed both steps above and therefore the machine solutions sports tape, the device may have software damage somewhere, then you’ll contact HALO for the fastest repair.

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The system cannot hook up with the server

  • How to fix:

Step 1: you would like to see if the Nintendo server is under maintenance by visiting this link. Then select the partition and test. If there’s no message about the server maintenance, then attend to the subsequent step.

Step 2: Check if the switch console HDMI has updated to the newest software by getting to System Settings -> System -> System Update. If your device is on the latest update and you continue to haven’t resolved the above error, still step 3.

Step 3: Proceed to restart the Switch HDMI by inserting the facility power button and holding it for 30 seconds, then turning it on again.

Connected failure, DNS address is stable

  • How to fix:

We will solve the issue, following the step:

Step 1: attend Network Settings of the network connection you would like to use > DNS Settings.

Step 2: Under the first DNS line, setup and hold the B power button to delete and edit the default Primary DNS parameter to feature With Secondary DNS, you are doing an equivalent and alter it to eight

How Do I Reset My Docked Switch?

Reset your docked switch in the simple ways below:

Completely reformat and reset Nintendo Switch

How do I reset my docked switch? If you want to complete solve and restart your machine cables whether Nintendo switch dock not charging, clean media back, this is the method you should be using and Nintendo switch dock issues.

Note: We will solve the issue, following the step:

  • Scroll down to ‘System’
  • At the bottom of the right window, you will find ‘Format Options’.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Initialize dashboard’.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Next’ on the pop-up computer. Finally, tap the red button labeled ‘Initialize’. This is the point of no return. Once you have setup this hold the power button, you cannot cancel the reset. So make sure you really want to reset your cables before proceeding.

Reset machine console switch dock and check without erasing data

On the other hand, if you are just trying to reset your machine console to fixes some issues and you don’t want to lose your data, you will have to follow these steps. This method is a bit more time-consuming and complicated to implement. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get this done quickly.

  • First, insert and hold the power cycling button on your Switch, then turn it off.
  • Here, scroll down and tap on ‘Initialize dashboard without clearing data’.
  • Tap Next, then the red button labeled ‘Initialize’. This is the point of no return to the reset. Once confirmed, you cannot cancel the reset.


The Nintendo Switch‘s solution does not turn on is also rare, but sometimes when it happens, you do not need to be too alarmed, but calmly consider & handle it in how to fix Nintendo Switch Dock not working below!

In order not to happen that the machine console does not turn on, please store and use it properly to prolong the life of the device. Especially, when playing a machine console, be careful of the power outlet. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you and help our machine console be more durable over the years, without minor damage.



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