How To Fix Ds4 Windows Not Working: Detailed Guide And Solutions

At the present time, using console controllers to play games on ds4 Windows and MacOS PCs is not a luxury anymore. We will show you how to fix Ds4 windows not working. The outstanding advantages as well as the comfort when playing games that it brings are much better than the keyboard and mouse, of course, this is only true for a few game genres.

Game console manufacturers also seem to be very interested in the PC market when they have a move to retail their controllers with peripherals such as USB Receivers, to make them more convenient to use. However, because they are not made for computers, you will have a lot of trouble using them – except for the Xbox One S Controller, typical of which is the famous DualShock 4 controller (PS4 controller) from SONY.

So in this article, we will share as well as show you how to fix some PS4 detecting 4 controller errors and ds4 fix when used on Windows 10.

Why Is Ds4 Windows Not Working?

How To Fix Ds4 Windows Not Working

It can be said that the PS4 controller has a very good design, sometimes we receive questions like: Why is my PS4 controller not working on PC? You can play games for hours without hurting your hands. Meanwhile, the computer controller (gamepad) is quite boring compared to the same price. In addition, the PS4 detecting controller supports many functions on the computer and solves the problem of Windows 10 not recognizing PS4 detecting controller if you use an application called DS4Windows.Meanwhile, the PS4 controller supports both Bluetooth and wired play mode.

If you use a Playstation 3 controller, then you definitely need to use DS4Windows because this is an emulator that helps you play Playstation 3 perfectly on your computer.

However, with the Playstation 4 controller, you can completely play by pairing it to your computer via Bluetooth or even plugging it in and Windows 10 will receive it. However, because this controller is not designed to be optimized for computers, it is possible that many features you will not be able to use when playing games. If you use DS4Windows, you can use the full set of functions of this wireless controller, along with setting up individual handle profiles, adjusting the light color for the handle, setting macros for the controller, and so on.

Although SONY has confirmed that their PS4 controller supports computers running Windows 7/8/10 and MacOs, not all games for these two operating systems are capable of recognizing and using a connected PS4 controller with windows 10.

That is why to fully and better use the functions of the PS4 DualShock controller, we will need 3rd party software to intervene. There are quite a few names on this list but I still trust DS4.

With this software, you will be able to do a lot of things on your PS4 controller, such as instantly changing the color of the LED strip on the front, adjusting the vibration mode, setting the Touchpad, resetting key

Drive is hijacked because of 3rd software

As mentioned above, ds4 driver error or any other software is just a crack to bypass the window. Many brothers have done it many ways, as well as installed a lot of Controller software on their machines, but Windows still reports that the controller’s Drive is incompatible with 3rd party software such as Steam, Netflix, Nvidia …

Ds4 not working

Surely many people will wonder why I call the PS4 controller DualShock 4 or DS4 instead of the familiar PS4 controller, right? By the way, I would like to correct this article for those who do not know, actually this controller has the exact name Sony DualShock 4 Controller which is clearly written on the box when you buy it, you can call it DS4.

And the name PS4 Controller is a name people are used to call, and because it is more commonly used, you have defaulted to it. Of course, when you go to the store, you ask the PS4 or DS4 controller,ds4 not detecting controller most sales and sales staff can understand and get the right product for you!

The controller is an extremely important peripheral device for PS4 in particular and all types of Console games in general. If you don’t have a DS4 controller or ps4 controller not detected pc, you won’t be able to play games on the PS4(hide ds4 controller option).

One of the very common errors when playing games with PS4 is the error of the controller losing connection to the PS4 or ds4windows not working, making you unable to use the wireless connection and ds4 stopped working.

There are many causes of this error, it can be due to a problem with the wireless connection system, firmware error, wear and tear after a long time of use or ds4 not detecting the controllers connected.

How do I get Windows to recognize my PS4 controller?

This isn’t just a PS4-specific error, it’s common to many other devices as well. A faulty HDMI cable can lead to your TV.connection due to the HDMI port. The outstanding advantages as well as the comfort when playing games by ds4 controller that it brings are much better than the keyboard and mouse, of course, this is only true for some game genres because ds4 not detecting controller.

Game console manufacturers also seem to be very interested in the windows 10 PC market when they have a move to retail their controllers with peripherals such as USB Receivers, to make them more convenient to use.

How Do I Get My Ds4 To Windows To Work?

Mouse, keyboard, steering wheel, handle, joystick, Joypads… are input devices that support gaming on PC Gaming. Besides Xbox, PlayStations (PS4) is the most commonly used controller on gaming computers. While the PS4 controller works great on the PS4, it can experience some problems when used on a computer, typically the intermittent disconnection that many people report, How do I get windows 10 not recognizing ps4 controller ?.

There are many causes of intermittent disconnection errors when playing games on a computer with a PS4 controller. However, fortunately, you can completely fix most of the causes yourself before you go to the service center.

Use the right app


The PS4 controller was not born to support computers. However, users can use the software to perform control functions for PS4 when playing games on the computer. If the software glitches a bit, it’s likely that the PS4 controller is disconnected from the PC. Therefore you should choose software that works stably, such as DS4.

DS4 or DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using the PS4 controller on your PC. To use it, your computer needs the latest Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft .NET 5.0 or later installed. You can download the DS4Windows installer here.

Update Latest Bluetooth Drivers

Drivers for peripherals are always recommended to be up to date to avoid unexpected errors. Same with the PS4 controller, for it to work best you should check and update its drivers to the latest version. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Right-click the Windows icon in the right corner of the screen > select Device Manager

Step 2: In the window that appears, expand the Bluetooth item with the small arrow icon on the left.

Step 3: A list of Bluetooth Drivers appears, right-click on the name of the Bluetooth device that your computer is using and select Update Driver

Step 4: In the pop-up that appears, select Search automatically for drivers to search automatically.

Soon Device Manager will automatically search for and download the new version installation files for the Bluetooth drivers. You just need to wait until it’s done and then restart the computer.

Reset PS4 controller

Resetting or resetting the PS4 controller will be quite helpful in this case, it will restore all that you have set up and return it to the way it was when you first bought it, so the disconnection error from the PC also happens. will be remedied. Here’s how to reset the PS4 controller:

Step 1: Prepare a similar-sized metal stick sim.

Step 2: Turn the PS4 controller upside down, find the screw hole on the top right. Right next to it you will see a small hole.

Step 3: Using the prepared SIM stick or metal stick, press and hold the button inside the stated small hole for a few seconds.

So that the PS4 controller has been reset to factory settings, please re-pair it with the computer and check if the disconnection error still recurs to fix ds4windows not detecting.

Re-pair with the computer

The same way you restart some gadgets to get them to work properly, just unpair the PS4 controller from your PC then pair it again. This operation is done once before use, and if you have forgotten, you can refer to the details in the article How to connect any Bluetooth headset to your Windows 10 computer.

Why is my PS4 controller not working on PC?

Sometimes your PS4 controller has a problem but you don’t notice it when using it on your computer. To be more sure, you should connect it to your PS4 and then play a game to see if it works properly. If there are no problems, it can be said that the handle is in good working order and you will not have to repair, warranty or purchase a new one because ds4windows not working or fix ds4windows not detecting.

Check wire

If you connect your PS4 controller to your computer via a cord other than Bluetooth, it’s a good idea to check the cable. Check parts such as the head and body of the cable for signs of damage. Also, if you hold your cables by winding them too tightly, it’s easy to damage the wires inside. If there is damage, use another cable and check with the device manager that the handle is in good working order.

If there’s nothing wrong with your cable, there may be a problem with your computer’s USB ports. Test any possibility of concurrently connecting other devices to see if the port is working as expected. If not, then there may be a malfunctioning port and it is best to use another USB port.

Battery Test

If you use the controller via Bluetooth, it is also possible that a low battery charge may be the cause of the automatic disconnection. Charge the PS4 using the included USB cord and once fully charged it should work properly with to device manager.

Final solution

If none of the above methods really worked for you, then the best solution is to take it to an authorized service center whether it’s under warranty or not. Also, in any case, remember not to disassemble the PS4 controller yourself as this may void the warranty and the service center may also refuse to work on your controller.


Above is a series of ways of how to fix ds4 windows not working that gamers often encounter, we believe that this method will help you solve your problem thoroughly. If you are not one of the above cases, please contact the manufacturer to enjoy the warranty period.





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