How To Fix Discord Blank Screen: Enjoy your own relaxing moment

Discord is a great choice for those not only wanting to chat or call videos but also provides users with a share screening function. Discord is a great choice for those not only wanting to chat or call videos but also provides users with a share screening function. While using the app, however, sometimes discord opens to blank screen that makes users annoyed. You search a hundred tabs looking for why won’t discord open and find a solution how to fix discord blank screen.

Discord is one the greatest chat apps for entertaining your friends or collaborating with your members on a vital task or project. It provided users with advanced features such as voice channels, customer services, and high personalization which make Discord become a fantastic worldwide communication app.

In this article, we would suggest you useful tips to solve this problem:

  • What causes discord showing blank screen
  • Instructions to deal with a discord blank screen
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

What Causes Discord Showing Blank Screen


Sometimes, Discord’s feature application might be prevented by the operating system in your computer or the current version of the Windows Operating system is not compatible with the Discord’s features.

Hardware Speeding

Hardware Speeding is commonly utilized by a few applications to offload a few of the asset utilization to the GPU to spare upon processor utilization. Yet, we have received contrasting opinions centered around whether we should speed up the hardware. For some people, speeding up the hardware causes a blank screen, for some, it happens when they turn it off.

Background Application

In certain circumstances, underground applications can conclude up interferometer with certain perspectives of the Discord app. Hence, it is best to clear out any unimportant apps from running whereas attempting to start the Discord app.

Corrupted cache

The stored cache was put away by the Discord app. In some situations, it could lead to the application being glitched out at startup and the blank screen would happen. It is exceedingly suggested that the cache should be cleared out so that it can be supplanted by the application consequently at startup.

Date/ Time Issue

Your working system confirms the organized certificate of each site and application that you just have introduced on your computer. Hence,  if your computer setting is misconfigured, the certificate of this web is thought to be expired and cause the black screen problem.


Ad Blocking can frequently approach arranging parcels from the web on the off chance that it considers that they are advertisements and sometimes it could cause a blank screen.


There have been a few reports from clients that were utilizing Proxies/VPNs within the foundation whereas attempting to launch the Discord app. These applications allegedly meddle with certain highlights of the Discord and can cause discord blank screen. It is best to eliminate from utilizing any apps whereas attempting to open Discord app.

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Graphics drivers

One of the popular common reasons behind screen-related problems is obsolete or harmed illustrations drivers. This trigger can be effectively illuminated and whether those drivers are the case at that point you must be confronting other screen-related problems in your framework.


Presenting fullscreen mode in another app while using parallel Discord can also trigger black screen

Instructions to deal with a discord blank screen

Way 1: Run in compatibility mode ‘

How To Fix Discord Blank Screen

Step 1: Open Discord app, choose Properties and click Compatibility

Step 2: Choose Run compatibility troubleshooter

Step 3: Choose the version of Windows lower than those you use

Step 4: Click Apply and OK then restart your computer to check the problem whether it solve or not

Way 2: Turn off/on Hardware speeding

Step 1: Click Setting icon and choose Appearance

Step 2: Disable or enable the Hardware Acceleration. If it shows disable, switch to enable to check if it works sufficiently or not.

Way 3: Eliminate Background Application

Step 1: Open Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc

Step 2: Remove non-operating application and click End Task

Step 3: Refresh your computer and check if the issues are fixed or not

Way 4: Clear Discord Cache

Step 1: Press Window+R to open the run app

Step 2: Type %localappdata% and choose OK

Step 3: Select the folder discord and delete

Step 4: Restart the discord application

Way 5: Disable discord cache

Step 1: Open the Discord Home Screen and press Ctrl + Shift + I

Step 2: Move to Network and check Disable cache

Step 4: Restart the Discord

Way 6: Adjust Date/ Time settings

Step 1: Press Print+I at the same time to open Settings

Step 2: Choose Time and Language

Step 3: Click Date and Time

Step 4: Enable the button Set time automatically


Step 5: Restart Discord app

Way 7: Remove the Adblock from your website

Step 1: Click to the three-dot symbol at the right hand up of your screen

Step 2: Choose More tools

Step 3: Click the extensions

Step 4: Click on the Tuggle of the Adblock to enable it from your browser

Way 8: Turn off Proxies/VPNs

You can choose one of these methods

  • First method

Step 1: Choose Start menu and click Control Panel

Step 2: Look for Network and Internet

Step 3: Choose Connection below the Internet Options

Step 4: Choose LAN Settings

Step 5: In “Use a proxy server for your LAN” uncheck it in Proxy Server settings

Step 6: Hit the button OK

Step 7: Restart Discord

  • Second method

Step 1: Press windows key “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open Task Manager

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Step 2: Choose all the apps connected to your Proxies or VPNs and choose End Task

Step 3: Restart the Discord and check the problem fixed

Way 9: Enable Using Latest Technologies Option

Step 1: Open Discord and move to User Settings

Step 2: Click Voice and Video

Step 3: Look for the Screen Share section

Step 4: Turn off Use our latest technology

Step 5: Launch the Disord again

Way 10: Update Graphic Drivers

Step 1: Press windows key Windows+X

Step 2: Click Device Manager

Step 3: Move to Display Adapters

Step 4: Click twice to open Properties

Step 5: Choose Driver and Update Driver

Step 6: Launch Discord again

Way 11: Update Discord

Users always consider why discord won’t open, it is because your latest version of discord is not appropriate to your Windows.

Step 1: Press windows key Window+I to open the box

Step 2: Type %localappdata% 


Step 3: Look for the folder Discord and choose Update


Step 4: Restart Discord

Way 12: Turn on reduction mode

Step 1: Move to User Settings and choose Accessibility Task

Step 2: Turn on the reduction mode

Step 3: Run Discord again and check the problem is solved or not

Way 13: Restart AMD Crossfire X

Step 1: Open Discord App

Step 2: Right-click on the screen and choose AMD Control Panel

Step 3: Move to Gaming and turn off the AMD Crossfire

Way 14: Use Discord on the browser

Step 1: Open the browser and go to Discord official website

Step 2: Choose Login at the top right corner of your screen

Step 3: Fill in your information and click Log in

Step 4: Now check whether or not your screen is blank

Way 15: Repair Corrupt System Files

Step 1: Look for Start Menu

Step 2: Type CMD in the search box

Step 3: Select Run as Administrator

Step 4: Type Command as – sfc /scannow then click Enter

Step 5: Restart your laptop

Way 16: Reinstall Discord

Step 1: Click This PC, then navigate Computer

Step 2: Choose Uninstall or change a program

Step 3: Type Discord under the Apps and Features

Step 4: Choose Discord application and Uninstall


Step 5: Open Run, then type “%appdata”, and click OK

Step 6: Choose Discord and delete

Step 7: Open Run again and type ‘%localappdata’, and click ‘OK

Step 8:  Select the subfolder Discord and delete

Step 9: Restart your PC

Step 10: Download the newest version on the Discord Official Website

Step 11: Check again if the problem is fixed or not


How to get discord invisible avatar?

It is simple to have an invisible discord avatar on the Discord profile. You’ll be able basically set a straightforward picture as your avatar and it’ll seem like you have got an imperceptible avatar.

Step 1: Download the transparent image.

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Step 2: Launch Discord

Step 3: Move to the User Settings

Step 4: Click on Change Avatar under the My Account section

Step 5: Apply the transparent picture then you complete an invisible discord picture

Why am I just seeing a discord grey screen?

For individuals who are meeting discord not loading grey screen or discord grey box, it could be due to discord attempting to log you in and it’s stuck while you log in. So, Discord hasn’t appeared on the screen since.

The cache being put away by Discord can get undermined in a few cases which can happen to the application being moved out at startup which can cause discord not opening. It is profoundly suggested to clear the cache so that it can be supplanted by the application consequently at startup.

Discord gray screen fix is similar to black screen. You just need to follow all the tips above to resolve this problem.

In case you need to promptly settle Discord showing grey screen issue, without using much exertion, utilize the Restore Repair Tool that consequently analyzes, enrolls, and corrects all registry blunders in your PC.

Why wont Discord open on Windows 10?

If you could not run Discord successfully, as a rule, is since the app is still running within the foundation. It may be vital to totally evacuate the device from your PC sometime after reinstalling it. Erasing all the ancient records related to the app can illuminate the Discord establishment’s fizzled mistakes.

Why can’t I uninstall Discord?

People have reported about can not being uninstalled Discord. To settle this trigger, make beyond any doubt that you just adjust your settings appropriately. You will be able to attempt to evacuate the program and all records and registry sections related to it.

Why is Discord so laggy?

One of the popular common problems of the Discord slacking issue is the computer program strife. Whether you are running different programs on your computer, chances are that one of your programs clashes with Friction and creates problems for you. It’s prescribed that you just turn off superfluous forms whereas running Discord.


In our latest article of troubleshooting series, we tackle the How To Fix Discord Blank Screen in an attempt to help readers have a multiple-choice to solve this problem. When you are already getting step-by-step directions on how to fix discord blank screen, it was a sincere exertion on our portion to assist you to get freed of the bug and proceed with your bother-free involvement with Discord. Finally, on the situation that you are not clear about those steps above, this video should help you to understand it clearly:



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