6 Simple Ways How To Fix Audio Jack On Laptop

How To Fix Audio Jack On Laptop

Nowadays, Laptop users usually use the audio jack for different purposes. So many problems come when users use an audio jack. This makes all of us worry. Who is under pressure in this situation? Right your hand! Follow us on how to fix audio jack on laptop.

Is the Audio Jack on your laptop not active? Found yourself in a case where your audio jack on it is not working? OK. It’s a simple problem you can fix. Sometimes, the audio jack begins dramatic and causes a lot of problems when you see it not running.

This article will guide you through 6 simple ways to be solved the audio jack solutions. Without any delay, let’s get started.

What Is Audio Jack On Laptop

How To Fix Audio Jack On Laptop

An Audio Jack is a type of electrical plug, used for analog audio gestures. The audio jack was invented for use as a telephone hub in the 19th century and is still popular nowadays.

Audio jack commonly has 3.5 mm (¼)  size on a wide range of equipment. Because this is the standard size on mobile phones in the earliest years of the 21st century. Besides, the audio jack has another size: 6.35 mm for home and competent component equipment and 2.5 mm for connecting equipment like phones, two-way radios, cordless phones…

There are 3 types of audio jack: mono audio, stereo audio, and PC Headset. And also have three plugs, you can call all of them: TS, TRS, and TRRS.

Today, many tech brands have their own 3.5 mm jack. Apple, Lenovo, Dell,… are common related brands you can know.

6 Simple Ways On How To Fix Audio Jack On Laptop

Fixing audio jack errors on laptops is simple with the 6 tips below, learn and practice with us

Ensure your audio jack is plugged rightly

Often the problem is from a small mistake. You couldn’t plug the audio jack in the right jack. It’s a simple case. You only put the audio jack out and then put it in the correct jack. You should remember, there is a color of an audio jack or there is a symbol on the audio jack. You carefully see the right audio jack and take it correctly to be entertained while hearing music.

To be more clear, you can ensure your audio jack is plugged rightly through balanced audio. You can understand that simply balanced audio means this combines a hot signal and a cold signal from a source (mp3, mp4…) to an audio jack. In that, the audio source can hear clearly and the cable is capable of carrying a balanced signal.

You can try 2 steps:

  • See your speaker and audio jack connections for cords. You have to define all cords are connected.
  • If you use a 5mm jack, at least to know connecting to the correct jack.

5 Note for you:

  • You could turn on the volume level first.
  • Then, You could turn on the mute setting and the volume controls.
  • After that, You test connecting your speaker and audio jack on various USB ports.
  • Try in-connecting your audio jack when it isn’t running.
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Ensure your audio jack is connected

Often, you should check the sound tool on its program. You completely find it in a default device that has a built-in connection between speaker and external speaker. In this view, selecting one since both speakers will not run at the same time. You can follow 2 steps:

  • Move to the taskbar and right-click on the icon like a sound symbol. The sounds panel will appear as a new list.
  • Move to the Playback panel and right-click on the icon like the audio device symbol and choose to enable the option.

You can also check 8 audio issues to know audio jack is connected:

  • Check your speaker on the system to know the playing to the audio jack
  • Fix the audio troubleshooter in the Playing Audio dialog menu
  • Check sound settings in Volume Mixer – Speaker dialog system
  • Set as Default Device in the Sound dialog menu
  • Turn off Disable all sound effects in the Speakers Properties dialog menu.
  • Restart all audio services include Window Audio, Windows Audio Endpoint Builder, and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) in the Services dialog system
  • Try different default formats in the Speakers Properties dialog box
  • Set up Privacy and make sure to turn on Allow access to the microphone on this device.

Ensure Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) task is run

Realtek High Definition Audio is a driver operating system to connect with audio devices such as sound cards and speakers. Note: This driver can be used on Windows 10. You can find this on the web of the brand’s laptop you own. If you disable this driver, your settings sound card will interrupt and you have to install it to hear the audio again. So, we together download this driver before setting it, ok!

Case 1: Download Realtek audio driver in Device Manager

  • Move to Device Manager system, press Window keys + R to appear in the Run box. You input “devmgmt.msc” and click OK.
  • Find Sound, video, and game controller tasks, then right-click the arrow to expand more tasks. You will see the Settings Audio panel, click on it and choose Update Driver Software.
  • Or you could choose “Search automatically” to check the updated driver. The notification shows “The best driver software for your device is already installed”. It means you don’t need to update this driver.
  • When you install a driver. Let’s restart it to drive fully.

Case 2: Download Realtek audio driver from the web

There are 2 ways to download this driver.

  • Search the Realtek website, select High Definition Audio Codes (Software). After that, find the related driver with your version of Windows. Finally, download free and install the driver normally.
  • Search for a brand of laptop web you own. The type of search tool is “Realtek audio driver”. Then, click the suitable driver with your version of Windows to install.


Sometimes, you take off the sound on it and forget that. Or you set audio too low to listen. So, when you listen to music, you can’t listen to any audio from your own. No problem! 2 steps to resolve this:

  • Click the icon like a sound symbol on the far right of the lower side of the computer screen. Then you can set the mute up by selecting the icon like the speaker symbol.
  • And the audio is already unmuted, only set the mute up by clicking the volumes panel to the right.
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Ensure if not your headphones jack not working on laptop

If you have ever tried everything you can and the headphone jack seems not running on Windows 10. Maybe the bad situation lies on your headphone jack. It’s so sad. But, you can take care of this in 2 ways:

  • Press the headphone jack to plug in another pair of headphone jack into the computer and check it’s working. If it does run, then your past headphone jack is awry.
  • On the other hand, neither does run the other pair of audio jacks. The problem is not belonging to the audio jack.

Below, 4 fixes audio jack not working

  • You can drop the audio jack and headphones jack broken also the aux port not working. When you can’t listen to any audio on various devices, you just buy a new headphone jack. So easy. But they’re running well on various devices, spending time on second below.
  • Seems the audio jack is dust. When you use a laptop for a long time, dust will appear. This causes in-connection between the audio jack and the laptop. The Simplest way is cleaning into the audio jack. You can blow and can clean the jack by cotton pad or getaway dirty by compressed air. In your progress, just do it soft and slow. If you work too hard, you have to pay more money. The cotton with alcohol can do more damage to the computer. Use less alcohol! Tada, it’s done. You can check into the audio jack to review dust and dirt. If that gets out, connect to the audio jack and you can know this audio jack is running. After this step, if the audio jack not running, follow in step 3.
  • You can restart your settings. There’s a common way to fix something wrong on a computer. Click Start, choose Restart and pray god. I use this way a million times lol. Wait a minute, and check thís problem. If the audio jack is running, thank god. If not, poor guys. We need to try step 4.
  • You can contact the repairman. You know, we are standing at the edge of the hole. Click phone numbers and call a repairman, explain all of the issues you are under pressure. It takes some time to be solved but at least you can’t worry about this.

Check update your audio driver

Updating your audio driver which gets through a long term is an important thing on Windows 10.  When you see any problems – muting music, game crackling sound audio, muting Windows computer at all. Let’s update now.

Sometimes, the problem with your computer is an out-of-date driver or an unfit audio driver. You know, you have to move to manually setting and updating your laptop’s volume driver.

Check update by using windows update

  • See the far lower left, a laptop has a Start logo. Click Settings panel.
  • Then, click on Windows Update & Security panel. A guy can update the drivers right.
  • If you can see any audio drivers, oh! luckily, windows can install them automatically.
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Check update in Sound, video, and game controllers

  • Select on the Start menu and find a manager of the device menu on Windows 10.
  • Click on Sound, video, and game controllers. You will see a menu – Multimedia Audio Controller in the Other devices tab.
  • Then, click twice on this logo and the Driver Tab will appear. Select Update drivers
  • So, you will see a box with the question “How do you want to search for drivers?” Click on Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • In a bad situation, the window isn’t working. Test to select Update Driver and click on Browse tab my computer for driver software.
  • In this section, you have to drive if you have ever been downloaded. Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. You should choose Browse. Properly, the folder you need in Browse. Install this, and finally, you can see a Default Update Driver dialog box that notices “Windows has finished installing the drivers for this device”. Hope my guys can go to this advanced destination.

Buy a new laptop headphone jack hardware

You have to buy a new computer headphone jack hardware to fix the old audio board at a shop in a bad situation. It has some reasons. Maybe the laptop’s audio board can be erroneous or you try every way you can but the audio still dies. Don’t worry, most laptops still have a daughterboard to help you replace the audio hardware’s problem. So, I won’t drop you alone. I can help to install a new audio board for you:

  • Turn off it, and remove the motherboard.
  • Clean the place holding this hardware after you upping the card out of the old sound board’s place.
  • Put daughter hardware in the correct position when you remove the other hardware. Replace a daughterboard carefully into the place. Slow and slow, if not, the daughterboard will be broken.
  • Take a screw to secure the daughterboard.
  • It’s done. Now, you can turn on it and see something magical.
  • But, stop! If you see your daughter’s board isn’t identified on your windows. Don’t worry! You just update the driver properly.
  • After raining. The rainbow came here. It’s time your daughter’s board is ready.

Now, we send you a video showing how to be solved your audio jack fixes. See this 5star video in our searching.



Hura, our article just finished. There are some ways to how to fix the audio jack on a laptop. We hope that will help the guy take care of the faulty audio jack on it. To sum up, you can try these ways to fix the audio jack and start enjoying your hobby of music and video once again.

If you think we have dropped the advanced way, to be honest, send your comments to us to see. Feel free to share which of the 6 simple ways to fix the audio jack on it – if any – did best for you.




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