How To Factory Reset Hp Laptop Easily

HP Laptop is the best laptop line ever, we can see its orientation is to bring customers good and convenient products. True to that orientation, they have created a really good product and when you want to install it, it will not take much of your time. Here is a guide on how to factory reset HP laptop.

In windows is installed products, there is usually a set of Windows backups in a recovery partition. Therefore, if you have to reinstall it, you can immediately do it. Follow these instructions on how to factory reset HP laptop.

Method 1: Factory Reset Your HP Laptop Through Windows 10, 7, 8 Factory Settings

Step 1

Backup any data you want to keep

This includes documents, photos, music, videos, and any other files or removes everything you don’t want to lose and keep my files. You can back up your data using an external hard drive, mass USB, or optical disc. You can use Google Drive. Data that you do not back up will be lost during the reinstallation.

Step 2

Search Click Start. This button with the Windows icon is located in the lower left corner of the taskbar.

How To Factory Reset Hp Laptop Easily

Step 3

Click windows settings search on the HP laptop

Step 4

Click Update & Security search on the HP laptop. This is the last option below the two rotating arrows.

Step 5

Click Recovery on the HP protectsmart laptop. This option is located in the left column, click next to the circular arrow icon with the clock inside.

Step 6

Click Get Started. This button is below the first option that says “Reset this PC” (factory reset hp laptop). Click get started follow the on screen:

Step 7

Click Remove everything. Options are in the second bar at the bottom. The computer will start resetting. This process may take a while, and the computer will restart several times during that time. Make sure your computer is plugged in and has plenty of battery left.

You can also click “Keep my files” (files and clean). This option will reinstall Windows without erasing data. This way can fix some computer problems but not effective. You can back up your data using an external hard drive, mass USB.

Method 2: HP Factory Reset Through Windows Recovery Environment

Step 1

Power up any data you want to keep. This includes documents, photos, music, videos, and any other files click or removes everything you don’t want to lose. You can power up your data using an external device, mass USB, or optical disc. You can also use Google Drive. Data that you do not power up will be lost during the reinstallation.

Step 2

Restart or turn on the HP laptop. If the HP laptop is already on, turn it off with the power button or the Windows start button. After the HP laptop factory reset is powered off, you need to turn it back on. If the device is already off, just turn it on.

Step 3

Immediately, do not stop immediately press the f11 key repeatedly. Before the HP logo appears during boot, press the f11 key repeatedly. This will access advanced boot options. If the computer resetting does not enter advanced mode, you need to restart and perform the previous operation again. You may have to try a few times to succeed.

Step 4

Click Advanced Options. This option is on the choose an option screen saying “Automatic Repair”.

Step 5

Click select Troubleshoot. This chooses an option screen in the middle, next to support tools icons. Follow the on screen.

Step 6

Click Reset your HP laptop (type reset this pc). This chooses an option screen on the left, next to the circular arrow icon above the white bar. Follow the on screen.

Step 7

Click Remove Everything. This is the second option at the bottom. You can also click “Keep my files.” (select keep my files). You can back up your data using an external hard drive, devices, mass USB.

Step 8

Click All Drives. This option will erase everything on the HP laptop and reinstall windows recovery.

Step 9

Reset this pc click Reset. The computer will start factory settings. This process may take a while, and the settings will restart several times during that time.

You need to make sure the HP laptop is plugged in. In addition, it is better if the battery capacity on the computer is 50% or more.

How to Factory reset any HP Laptop, check this video:

Bonus Tip: 12 Ways To Keep Your Computer Running Stable And Factory Reset HP Laptop

After an extended time of use, reset your computer will become slow and at this point, there’ll be a situation where the machine hangs, lags, jerks … making you uncomfortable when using. So, how does one keep your computer stable and dealing at peak performance? This text will show 12 ways to assist your computer in always work stably, optimize and take away unnecessary features on Windows 10 recovery in order that the click reset this pc always works as smoothly as when it had been purchased.

Please note to you that the “how to hurry up your computer to figure smoothly and stably” during this article is to stay your computer operating system during a stable state like once you bought it, not It must be to hurry up the click reset this pc to figure faster. If you would like to be faster, there’s no other way but to exchange an HDD with an SSD (for example, a Netac SSD drive).

Basically, the following pointers are often applied to Windows recovery versions (Win XP, 7, 8, Windows 10) and therefore the methods are relatively similar. inspect the subsequent 12 ways to stay your computer running smoothly!

Remove junk personal files

In the process of doing Windows-like editing documents, installing, editing or deleting personal files, the pc will automatically create junk files (select keep my files), which can make settings slow and take up tons of your time. more resources. Therefore, the primary job is to periodically remove junk personal files. You can back up your data using an external hard drive, devices, mass USB.

Remove junk in Temp folder

This is a folder containing many temporary personal files during computer use, you’ll remove all personal files during this Temp folder whenever manager. Here’s the way to do it:

Open the Run panel and sort the command %temp% ==> press Enter

Then press Ctrl + A ==> select Delete to delete or Shift + Delete to delete it permanently.

Note: you ought to not remove the Prefetch folder. There are a variety of tutorials online that mention that deleting the Prefetch folder will improve computer speed. this is often completely wrong, deleting the Prefetch file not only doesn’t make the pc run faster, but it also slows down the operation of the pc.

Disable Unnecessary Services and Startups

This is quite necessary to significantly reduce the sluggishness during startup and use. once you install, there are some programs that will automatically activate the startup mode. this is often the rationale why your computer boots slowly and shuts down for an extended time.

Open the Run panel then type the command MSConfig ==> Enter. a replacement windows 10 recovery will appear and you continue as follows:

Move to the Services Tab and check the search box “Hide all Microsoft services” to display all the programs and applications running.

In this windows 10, select the applications that you simply don’t need and check Disable then select Apply to use the above changes.

Then, switch to the Startup Tab to get rid of the programs that start leave only the applications that are really needed.

Uninstall unnecessary software

The next thing to try to do is to get rid of unnecessary software to release your disk drive and make your computer less sluggish.

First, attend the instrument panel and choose to Uninstall a program then find the unused software and proceed to get rid of it.

Use Disk Cleanup or Ccleaner

The next job you would like to try to do is to use the built-in Windows 10 cleaning tool, Disk Cleanup, to wash up all the files on the pc disk drive partition. The manager is easy.

Here’s the way to do it:

You open the Run panel then type the command Cleanmgr ==> Enter. Then just select the sort of drive you would like to scan and click on Ok.

Note: Priority should tend to scan the drive click containing the OS first because this drive we use and manipulate the foremost, so there’ll be tons of garbage.

Or you can use a garbage removal tool like Ccleaner

P/s: you ought to do that once every week if you regularly use the pc to urge the simplest results.

Periodically defragment the disk drive

Defragmenting the disk drive for stable machine operation is certainly indispensable.

Fragmentation of files on the pc itself isn’t the direct explanation for damage to the driver. But it makes the disk drive work more actually because the reader has got to stay active to seem for pieces of a file that are scattered everywhere the drive click rather than data in close proximity. As a result, the disk drive will wear out and fail faster. Symptoms of wear and tear and tear will build up day by day.

P/s: Absolutely don’t defragment SSD disk drive.

Resize Recycle Bin

Each disk drives partition features a different trash capacity, the larger the partition, the larger the trash storage size is going to be. Its working rule is that each time you remove any file on the disk drivers, it’ll be moved to the recycle bin. When the recycle bin is full, the previously deleted files will automatically be permanently removed from the pc, therefore the new file will down the old files and remove them within the same order.

Therefore, you ought to adjust the acceptable capacity for the recycle bin, both optimizing disk drivers capacity and speeding up machine operation.

Right-click on the Recycle Bin and choose Properties. Then select each disk drivers partition and hard reset hp laptop the storage capacity accordingly

Below the illustration, my BACKUP drive features a capacity of 224 GB and it creates a recycle bin with a capacity of 14548 MB (14.5GB). Very wasteful right, the user ought to leave about 4-5GB is cheap.

Disable the System HP laptop restore function

In this mode, users can return the pc to the foremost recent operating system state if the pc fails. But this feature “is less beneficial but more harmful”, by default, Windows will automatically save the state a day. Therefore, it’ll harm the disk drivers and therefore the place where the virus resides. Therefore, the user ought to close up this feature immediately. Instead, create yourself a backup ghost or use the RollBack Rx support tool.

Instructions to show off System on Windows XP:

  • Click on My computer ==> select Properties
  • In the System Properties window, select the Restore tab, then tick closes up System Restore on all Drives then select okay to finish.

Instructions to show off System Hewlett Packard factory restore on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10:

  • Right click on My computer ==> Properties ==> switch to System Protection tab ==> Advanced System Setting ==> Configure ==> Delete to delete previous backups ==> finally select Disable System Protection = => OK.

Install more virtual ram for the pc

One of the common reasons why your computer runs slow is that the lack of ram, if you’ve got the conditions, you ought to buy more Ram or not, you’ll create more virtual ram for your computer. Of course, it’ll not be simpler than adding with real Ram, but it’s also a really great way to assist you to limit the shortage of Ram.

Enable Fast Startup on Windows 8/8.1

If your computer is running Windows 8, you’ll enable fast startup, this helps you integrate Shutdown and Hibernate features into the beginning button.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

Go to instrument panel ==> Power Options ==> select Choose what the facility button does

Besides, there’s a different to extend the speed of the pc that’s to extend the number of startup errors. Its default program is 1, now you’ll leave it as 2 or 3 countings on the CPU multiplier, it’s best to extend it to 2.

  • Here’s the way to do it:

Enable Run dialog (Windows + R) ==> type msconfig ==> Enter

A new panel appears, you turn to the Boot tab ==> Advanced options… ==> check the amount of processors ==> line to pick the core you would like , during this article it’s 2.

Use anti-virus software

Anti-virus will help prevent harm from the web to your computer. This software doesn’t increase the speed of your computer, but it’ll keep the pc stable, avoiding the intrusion of viruses from the web environment.

Always keep your computer from overheating

If you employ an HP laptop, don’t put it on blankets, pillows, or objects that keep heat, put it in cool places, and always use a cooling fan for the pc.

During the operation of the pc will produce heat and this may affect the working performance and more dangerous than damage hardware like battery, ram, disk drive…

Equip your computer with a cooling fan if you employ an HP laptop and a lover if you employ a PC to stay cool and dealing properly.

Clean the pc regularly

And the last thanks to helping your computer always work stably is that you simply should regularly clean the drive your computer. Consistent with experts, you ought to clean the drive of your computer once every 6 months to wash the dirt on the cooling fan, change the thermal paste (cooling glue), help the pc always release air, and installed the interior components.


If your HP laptop is having problems, sometimes returning it how to factory reset HP laptop factory settings is a quick way to fix it. When the HP laptop behaves abnormally or is infected with a virus, you should factory reset Windows to make it “clean” and work better. The only problem with this solution is that you will lose all the data on your computer. We recommend that you back up any files click you want to keep before you begin and windows are installed.

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