How To Disable Laptop Keyboard – The Useful Tip You Should Not Miss In Life

Disabling the laptop’s keyboard is a little complicated. Right now, read our post to know how to disable laptop keyboard.

If you accidentally crash your computer and the keyboard doesn’t work correctly now. You may disable and attach the external keyboard to return to your work! Alternatively, all that is integrated may be replaced, and it is rather expensive.

In just such a scenario, or in most cases, to avoid any undesired or unintended alphabets entered in your Word documents, you would really like to give you the way to disable the laptop keyboard. In turn, we have discussed several techniques from various sources, which is evident in how we may disable the laptop keyboard.

In this article, we will give you the ways to disable your laptop keyboard.

  • How To Disable Laptop Keyboard
  • How Do I Temporarily Disable My Laptop Keyboard?
  • How Do I Disable The Keyboard On My Laptop Windows 10?
  • How Do you Lock The Keyboard On A Laptop?
  • Can I Disable Laptop Keyboard When Using External?
  • Conclusion

How To Disable Laptop Keyboard

There are several operating systems with various techniques. Deactivating the keyboard is simpler if you do it temporarily. But if you’d like to permanently disable your keyboard, it is a little more difficult. But we mentioned both of them in the simplest way, don’t worry.

How To Disable Laptop Keyboard

How Do I Temporarily Disable My Laptop Keyboard?

Via Device Manager

If you only want to disable your keyboard until the next reboot, the way is quite easy. It’s only some steps instruction for short-term uses to deactivate the laptop’s keyboard.

Let us clarify this to offer you a good picture of how a laptop’s keyboard can be locked. We’ll delete the keyboard driver that deactivates the keyboard before your computer or laptop is restarted. As most Windows operating systems include a driver installation capability, Windows will automatically install the default drivers if you reset and restart your laptop.

Let’s go step by step to the guide

Firstly, select Device Manager to open. There are several different methods to open the Device Manager now but open the Device Manager is the best approach.

Instead, just press the Windows button, press the R simultaneously, and type “devmgmt. msc”. You need to open the Run Dialog Box to do that.


That now the Device Manager is launched, browse my computer keyboard menu and find the desired keyboard.

Click right and select Uninstall, and you’re finished! Now there will be various dialogs that confirm whether or not the driver should be uninstalled.

Accept all and your keyboard will be temporarily disabled till you start the laptop again, and yet when you switch it back on the computer, the drivers for the keyboard will be reinstalled automatically.

Do not restart your laptop, remember.  The restart of your laptop will return to the functioning conditions of your keyboard.

Via Run Keyboard Locker

Go on downloading Locker Keyboard to get started. Display the file Keyboard locker folder anywhere on your hard drive you choose to preserve and open it.

A handful of files will be shown within. Several readme and icon files are part of this process. However, two crucial files are KeyboardLocker.ahk and KeyboardLocker.exe.


You will have to double-click “KeyboardLocker.exe” to launch it if you’ve not installed AutoHotKey. The file is indeed an AutoHotKey script that is generated as a standalone so you do not need to utilize AutoHotKey.

You may now utilize the “KeyboardLocker.ahk” file to execute the script directly when you are using AutoHotKey already. The advantage to using the script version is you can modify the script to adjust the shortcuts you want to lock and disable your keyboard when you are comfortable with AutoHotKey.

You may notice a keyboard icon in the notification area once you start Keyboard Locker. The utility is available now.

Press Ctrl+Alt+L to lock the keyboard. The icon of Keyboard Locker changes to show that your keyboard is disabled or locked.

Most keys, including the function keys, num lock, caps lock, and most of the media keyboard special keys, have now been deactivated.

Some key combinations, such as  Win+L and Ctrl+Alt+Delete, still operate, although they are unlikely to be struck by accidents with a paw or a little hand.

Just write “unlock” in the word if you wish to re-activate keyboard input. The symbol for the keyboard will again turn to normal to show your keyboard is enable or unlocked.

How Do I Disable The Keyboard On My Laptop Windows 10?

The producers have made the laptop keyboards smaller, making them lighter and easier to carry. Comparing the desktop with the external keyboards has rendered typing on laptops problematic. Now you may do that if you’d like to disable your laptop’s keyboard and set your keyboard in Windows 10 with the external keyboard.

There are several online apps that allow you to deactivate the Windows operating system keyboard. With the opportunity to turn off the laptop keyboard in windows, these apps will enable you with some clicks to deactivate keyboard laptop windows 10. Follow the methods of this post.

Disable Laptop Keyboard via Device Manager

We recommend utilizing the Device Manager to disable your laptop keyboard because the device manager is easy and simple. Nonetheless, a  thing you have to know is that this approach does not work for every laptop, but you can try it, it won’t take much time.

Follow the steps:

  1. Press Win+X, type Device Manager, and choose it.
  2. Find and expand Keyboards.
  3. Find the internal keyboard and right-click, then click Disable.
  4. Click Uninstall if the deactivation option is not shown.
  5. The internal keyboard of the laptop should be locked now.

This is great if you want the keyboard to be temporarily disabled. If you pick Device Manager Scan for new hardware if you ever had the device manager, your keyboard will immediately be identified and re-installed.

Disable Laptop Keyboard via Key Freeze

When turning off laptop keyboard, Key Freeze does have an excellent reputation. It may deactivate your keyboard as well as a trackpad with some clicks. An easy installation method. The primary disadvantage of the software is that one item can not be deactivated at once.

It deactivates both gadgets with a few clicks. You may click the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to enable the two devices to be appealing when both devices are deactivated.

Disable Mac Keyboard

The greatest laptop on the market is Apple’s MacBook. But if you wish to clean and disable the MacBook keyboard. It can also be deactivated. The MacBook’s keyboard can only be disabled by using the terminal command. Also available is software that allows you to turn off keyboard.

The terminal in Windows is similar to CMD, which allows you to control in a development mode your macOS system. If you only add a few instructions to your terminal connection, you can disable Mac keyboard.

We’re going with the order here.

sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext/

Just type the password and the mac keyboard will be deactivated when the password is requested.

Follow the code below if you wish to switch your keyboard on the MacBook again.

sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext

How Do you Lock The Keyboard On A Laptop?

Your kids and pets frequently play with a laptop keyboard, which could be enjoyable for them, but might cause you trouble. This technique might delete vital data from your laptop or alter the settings unintentionally. You may avoid these problems by turning off keyboard to prevent uninvited hands or animals from an error on the keyboards.

Using the Keyboard

The laptop operating system is integrated with the keyboard shortcut to disable the keyboard. By hitting “Windows” and “L,” you are able to disable the keyboard at the same time. If one is set up, you can enter the keyboard again by hitting “Enter.”

After that, the laptops automatically restart work and programs in the prior state while the keyboard is locked.

Using a Shortcut Icon

By adding the shortcut icon, you may disable a laptop keyboard. It may be done by using the “New,” “Shortcut” and the “Rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation” box in the right-clicking of a blank area on the laptop.

Click Next, then “Finish,” finish the activity. To disable the external keyboard, double-click the shortcut you’ve made on your laptop.

Using the Command Prompt

You may use command prompts to lock the keyboard. You may lock your keyboard using the “Start” menu and then click “Run” and type “cmd” in this field.

Click on “OK” to complete the action. Fulfill the action by typing “rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation.” No one can use it after the keyboard is locked. But it’s still on the laptop.

Lock Windows Session

You might still disable keyboard laptop when your laptop keyboard does not have a “Windows” key by hitting “CTRL+Alt+Del” keys for some seconds simultaneously. Click “Lock Computer” if the Security window is shown.

If you are looking at the task manager screen instead, click “Shutdown,” then choose to disable the keyboard by selecting “Lock Computer.” And you type in the password of your laptop, when you activate it, you will turn it back into the laptop.

Can I Disable Laptop Keyboard When Using External?

Caution: The trackpad can also be disabled by this technique. To improve usability, connect the external mouse.

This approach is not known as the secure way to always disable keyboard windows 10 on the laptop, because there are numerous alternative safest ways to deactivate it. In this way, we upgrade the driver with unsuitable keyboard drivers on my computer.

Go first to your Windows Device Manager. Open the keyboard section and choose the device you wish to upgrade (driver).

Click on the device right and on the Update button.

Now a dialogue, you’ll be asked how the driver will be upgraded. You must choose “Browse my computer for driver software.”

The next order to choose “Select me from my computer’s list of drivers”

Now determine the choice that shows only the driver that is compatible and that selection will be down or up. All drivers of various makers can be shown after unchecking.

This is the key section. This is the principal part. Any driver must be selected except the compatible driver. The Windows will tell you that the driver cannot work the device correctly. This is what we need. This is what we desire. Choose Yes.

Restart your laptop after you install the driver. And your integrated keyboard is no longer functional. It’s permanently disabled.


Disabling your keyboard laptop isn’t a challenging issue, but Windows does not provide any official features.

There are several alternatives when you would like to know how to disable laptop keyboard. But we discovered the Device Manager to be the most straightforward and secure on Windows. You must set up in advance when a fault might crash your computer if you wish to deactivate it.

We have also highlighted several programs from third parties that may not give all the functionality or disable both devices.




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