How To Connect Xbox One To Laptop In The Right Way: Best Tips For The Users

You are finding how to connect Xbox one to laptop. What is Xbox? It is the name of one of the three pillars of the game console segment (home dedicated game console). The child of Microsoft Corporation, although born late, soon rose to become one of the strong forces. If you don’t know how to connect your Xbox one, join us to know that.

So have you ever wondered what the word Xbox is? By the way, let’s find out the current features of this game console with us. These are also factors you can consider when considering an Xbox purchase. Absolutely, you can use HDMI input or HDMI cable. It’s good to use both HDMI input or HDMI cable.

After a lot of rumors and leaks, today, Microsoft has officially introduced its latest generation of gaming consoles, Xbox One – a completely different name from previous predictions like Xbox 720, Xbox 8… Not only different in naming, Xbox One is really new because it is an all-in-one gaming system with a new design, a bunch of new features and new controls. You can easily hook up Xbox one. Connecting your Xbox one is easy.

The first generation of game consoles made by Microsoft itself was released on the market in November 2001 with the name Xbox. During the development process, many names were considered such as MAX (Microsoft Action Experience), MIND (Microsoft Interactive Network Device), FACE (Full Action Center), VIP (Virtual Interactive Player)…

And finally, Xbox has become the ultimate choice. It’s a portable way of enjoying video games and is perfect for gamers who travel with their console.

Using the Xbox one on laptop is not too hard. There are many ways to use Xbox, one of them is using an Xbox with a laptop. Let’s learn how to connect an Xbox to a laptop.

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Some Tips To Choose An Xbox

Officially launched in the United States in November 2001, Xbox has grown and become widely known, becoming one of the generations of consoles that dominate the market. school. So what is Xbox and how “powerful” is it? Let’s find out together!

how to connect xbox one to laptop

When Microsoft developed the Xbox, of course, they took advantage of their extremely useful DirectX technology. Hidden deep inside, this name also shows the nature and direction of Xbox.

It’s a multimedia entertainment machine that will do well in games, videos, music, and possibly more in the future. So you know what Xbox is. And how to use Xbox HDMI to laptop?

Microsoft is also working hard to expand the list of games that support “backward compatibility” over time, even some titles are upgraded to be more beautiful when played on new machines.

The upcoming Xbox Series X has also been confirmed to play many Xbox One games.

This feature also reappears on Sony’s PlayStation 5 system. Before the PS3, PS4 did not support backward compatibility.

With similar hardware architecture, many PS4 games will be playable on PS5. Sony has promised at launch that there will be about 100 PS4 games that can be played this way, and new PS4 games registered from July 2020 are also required to run on PS5.


Microsoft doesn’t have many studios specializing in making its own games, so Xbox has quite a few exclusive game brands when compared to PlayStation and especially Nintendo. The company is also less willing to invest and buy games from other studios.

Besides, Microsoft does not want to let Windows (its big fishing rod) be disadvantaged, so it has brought a lot of “own” Xbox games to PC as “common property”. In general, that has made gamers have a bad impression of Xbox. “Why buy an Xbox when I can play those games on PC, PS4?”, or “What is Xbox exclusive games?” These are the words you often come across.


Few exclusive games that create their own identity is a major drawback of the Xbox series of consoles. This situation is not easy to improve overnight, as PlayStation is more and more interested in this, leading to fierce competition. Even now, exclusive games also have a time-based model (out a period of time on a system). If Microsoft does not quickly expand and invest in its own studios, it will be difficult to compete with the PS5.

On Xbox consoles, to play online you need to subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold service, which costs a fee. Just like PlayStation Plus on PS4, or Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch Online, the Xbox Live Gold service is primarily intended for online multiplayer.

In addition, you will receive a number of other incentives such as free games every month, game discounts when buying digital forms on Xbox Store, the experience of some demos, new content sooner than others. This is a common trend of consoles, needing to pay to play online. Thereby, the company will return to reinvest in network infrastructure, servers.

Xbox One (also known as Xbox OS) is the operating system software for the 8th generation Xbox game console, allowing users to download applications to add to the console’s functionality. In addition to being designed for gaming, the Xbox One has also been developed into an entertainment hub for television, music, and video.

Although it integrates a lot of things in one, the interface of Xbox One is not confusing, but on the contrary, it is simple and friendly to many users. In addition, Snap multitasking also allows users to open multiple frames at once in a single window.

Microsoft says it’s always working to improve and roll out new updates regularly for Xbox One. The updates are mainly new features and optimize the use of the software by users such as installation speed, game and application startup speed.

The Xbox One Controller is a game controller that can be said to be very good today. It is not exclusive to Xbox One but you can take advantage of it to play computer games easily. This article will show you how.

Microsoft controllers are always designed to bring users comfort when playing, high accuracy when manipulating the game, and this time is no exception when Microsoft has spent millions of dollars to design. New controller line for Xbox One.

Redesigned trigger buttons integrate vibration capabilities so you can feel the vibration of the trigger, the power of the engine when you press the gas. The analog sticks and D-pad keys have been upgraded to increase accuracy when you operate in the game.

Ways To Connect Xbox To Laptop: You Don’t Want To Miss

Here are some effective methods for you to connect your Xbox console:

Connecting a gamepad

Some people say that the best way to play a computer game is to use a gamepad. If you share the same opinion, then you will be extremely happy to learn that Microsoft has a way to make it easier to use the Xbox One controller on Windows 10.


Play your Xbox One controller to your computer with a USB cable


This is probably the simplest way. Windows 10 comes with the driver for the Xbox One controller. You can use a USB cable with a micro-USB end (similar to Android cables) to connect.

Plug and play, you don’t need to care.

Connect Xbox One controller to computer via a wireless dongle

Microsoft also designed an Xbox One controller input for you to connect the Xbox One controller to your computer. The advantage of this device is that it supports wireless, and allows multiple controllers to connect at the same time.

Connect Xbox One controller to computer via Bluetooth

If you purchased the new generation Xbox One controller (the one that came with the Xbox One S), it has Bluetooth support.


Using the Xbox Accessories app

We know that Microsoft’s handheld device is designed with a modern design to give players a great feeling. The operations performed on the handheld device are highly accurate.

Use a wireless adapter

To connect the Xbox 360 wireless controller to your PC you can do it in many ways. Currently, the following two methods are in common use.

The product supports well on Windows 10 for attractive playing emotions. The ways to connect the handset are as follows.


Connect Xbox 360 controller wirelessly to PC via Bluetooth

The way to connect a wired Xbox 360 controller to a PC is no longer common. Because wired devices get in the way of playing and using the computer.

A wireless device brings more convenience to consumers. It also helps to make the house space more organized.

Update gamepad

Connecting Xbox handhelds via Bluetooth is becoming popular in this new generation of consoles. This is the solution to connect the handheld device to the computer.


The gamepad will be calibrated when it comes out of the box, but you can use the Windows calibration tool to adjust it or to check how the gamepad is working.

Note, this is an old tool, not updated in Windows 10, or specifically designed for Xbox One controllers.



How to play Xbox one on laptop?

After completing the ways to handheld to your PC, you need to proceed to use and play the game. At this point, you are already 90% of the way.

You just need to turn on the game you want to play and use the device to play it.

You also can use Xbox HDMI to laptop or Xbox to laptop HDMI for playing Xbox on laptop.

What are the benefits of using Xbox one when playing games?

How to use the handheld device after connecting is very simple and not difficult. With handheld devices, there will be buttons to move left, right, go up, go down.

There are also other function buttons, depending on the device, there will be corresponding buttons. However, most handheld devices have similar function buttons.

What are the effects of gaming?

With basic function buttons, you can play games quickly and efficiently.

Your games will be more attractive if you invite more players. Depending on the game, you press the up and down buttons, left and right to bring high results in the game. That’s the way for you to connect console to laptop.

Does Xbox need a warranty?

Depends on your usage

How long can Xbox be used?

Yes. But it is up to you.

Can we connect console to laptop?

As revealed by the head of Xbox Live – Marc Whitten, Xbox One includes 3 operating systems, the first is Xbox OS for games, the second is the Windows kernel for applications such as Internet Explorer, Skype… and the third is an operating system that bridges the gap between two platforms.

Thereby, Xbox One not only changes in appearance but also in the internal interface. The Xbox One’s Home screen is designed in a Modern UI style and supports multitasking with the Snap feature similar to Windows 8.

Users can both view content and Skype friends right on one screen.


You are finding how to connect Xbox one to laptop?

Don’t worry because just with these simple tips, you can play the game to your heart’s content. It’s not too hard to play Xbox on laptop or hook up Xbox one.

Windows 10 has drivers for the Xbox One controller by default. However, there are many situations where you have to update the gamepad.

If you’re having any trouble with the gamepad, try updating before performing other troubleshooting measures.

You will really need a specific app to perform the controller update. Do a search for Xbox Accessories in the Store, then download and launch the app. Connect the gamepad using one of the methods above.


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