How To Connect Switch To Laptop?

Gaming on a laptop is one of the hottest entertainment activities today. Following that, devices for this purpose were born in turn. Typically the Switch game console, giving you more experience when playing games on TV.

In addition, the Switch can also connect to a laptop to play many interesting games. However, not everyone knows how to connect the Switch to their computer. So with this article, we will share with you about how to connect switch to laptop?

With 6 simple, specific steps and two alternative solutions, you can easily connect nintendo switch to laptop.

In addition, we also provide some more information about preparation before connecting to help you better understand this principle and idea.

To learn more, we invite you to the following article.

What Are Switches?

  What Are Switches

Surely, for gaming enthusiasts or a gamer, this device is no stranger to this device. Switch is a fairly famous game console of the Nintendo brand from Japan.

In 2017, the Nintendo brand released a release that became a hit at the time. Although the Switch was born quite a long time ago, this game console has not ceased to be famous and consistently achieves high sales today.

A highlight that makes many people choose the switch is the ability to connect to a TV. From there, gamers can play Nintendo games and have a great experience on the TV at home.

In addition, the above device does not stop at a single game but allows to play many different types of games. The texture of control buttons allows the player to work with most of today’s popular games.

Not only that, if you don’t want to play games on the bigger screen of your TV, you can still connect the Switch to other types of screens. For example, you can connect the Switch to a laptop like we talked about above.

In terms of home gaming experience, the Switch is a pretty decent controller and worth owning. In addition to supporting your experience on the big screen, the Switch also delivers a great experience on almost any screen size in the most realistic way.

Can You Connect Nintendo Switch To The Laptop?

  Can You Connect Nintendo Switch To The Laptop

Connecting the Switch to a laptop is entirely possible. However, if you let the Switch connect directly to the computer, it is almost impossible. Because the computer does not have many ports for connecting the switches of the switch.

For example, a laptop with a nintendo switch’s HDMI cable. However, not all laptops are equipped with HDMI-in ports and you will find many that only have HDMI-out ports.

In addition, you cannot receive output in the computer from an external device. So connecting the Switch directly to the computer is a pain.

That doesn’t mean you can’t connect your laptop to the Switch. Accordingly, you will connect the Switch to your computer in an indirect way.

Specifically, you will have to go through intermediary devices to link and use the Switch to play switch games on your computer. Therefore, you can completely connect the Switch to the computer by indirect way.

To know more about preparing the tool and how to do it, we will come to the next section. There, we’ll show you step-by-step how to play games on your computer with the Switch.

In case you do not have much experience, do not worry because the steps are not as difficult as you think.

What Do You Need To Connect The Switch To A Laptop?

To make connecting the Switch to a laptop quick and efficient, preparation is extremely important.

For the procedure that we are about to show you, we ask that you prepare the following equipment:

  • Nintendo Dock
  • HDMI Cable
  • Video capture card or game capture card
  • Software
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To better understand these preparations, we will come to the content below:

Nintendo Dock

Nintendo Dock

 The first is the Nintendo Dock, a device that makes it possible to play games on the big screen at home. Switch dock allows users to control games on the screen by docking.

When purchasing a Nintendo Switch kit from the manufacturer, the Dock will also be included. So, you don’t need to spend extra money to buy a new sole. Game capture card developers will of course earn advertising fees on their platforms. And fees by advertising will be reinvested in their business to create even more quality products.

The Dock is a great choice if you want to take your gaming device to multiple places. Because its design is simple and modern.

In addition, it is also the base of the game console. So it’s easy to put the game console on a sturdy base and take it anywhere you want.

Although the design is nothing special, this device is quite important in exporting photos to your laptop.

The specific principle is to help you display the Switch screen on your laptop, your laptop screen will act like a TV screen.

At that time, if you use the Dock to connect to the console, the game image will be sharper and more realistic. As a result, you will have a great experience with gaming on your laptop with Switch.

But unfortunately, the laptop and the Dock both have HDMI capture card out ports, but neither of them have HDMI receive ports. So, we need the next piece of equipment.

HDMI Cable

  HDMI Cable

When it comes to HDMI cables, we can’t help but think of quality definition. Accordingly, HDMI cable is the abbreviation of high quality multimedia interface kit.

The Switch manufacturer is very subtle when deciding to include the HDMI pỏ included in its Nintendo Switch kit.

Thanks to that, the value of the Switch is increasing day by day. Besides, consumers can apply Switch to any type of screen, including laptops.

The use of the cable is to transmit audio and video signals to your computer screen. Even multi-channels and uncompressed audio can’t make this cable difficult.

With our method, you only need to prepare an HDMI cable to load your entire video and audio setup.

If you accidentally lose the HDMI cable available in the Nintendo Switch kit, you can completely buy another HDMI cable to replace it. These cables are sold in online stores and electronics shopping malls.

However, please pay attention to the size of the wire that must be equal to the old wire to be able to connect easily.

Video capture card or game capture HD card

  Video capture card or game capture HD card

One of the four pieces of equipment you need to successfully connect your Switch to your laptop is a video capture card. Or you can also equip a game capture HD instead.

At this point, many people ask the question, why prepare a capture card or a video card? I have no need to record video or take pictures.

In fact, the capture card not only has a video recording function, but this tool also helps players use Nintendo Switch on your laptop. Because, the card has both HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports, something that many computers do not have to connect to the Switch. We will take advantage of this feature of the card to play computer games with the Switch.

Basically, the game capture HD card will connect the HDMI input port, HDMI output port, and USB port in the computer. In other words, the video card is like a bridge to connect the above parts together.

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From there, the laptop’s operating system can link to the Switch. When playing games, you will have a smoother experience. In addition, using a high-quality card will help minimize lag when playing games.

If you don’t have the capture card we recommend, you can purchase two types of gates. However, buying two ports is even more difficult when you buy one card. One more thing is that when you buy two separate ports you will not get the benefits like video recording and live streaming.

In fact, professional gamers use capture card as the medium for their live streams. If you love live streaming and recording your gaming videos, then a video card is perfect for you.

In addition, the card can also convert your old movie sources to a new format (HD).

What’s more, the video card can also record high-definition video streams or game streams from advanced devices such as PS4, Xbox One, Wii, etc.

So, what kind of card to buy and where? I have no experience and knowledge about capture cards.

Of course, for a novice and inexperienced in choosing a capture card, buying a good quality one will not be easy.

Therefore, we will give you a reference to a quality capture card that many people trust. It’s the Elgato Gamer card, the best certified video card on the market and the best seller today.

In addition to providing you with a lot of great functions. This video capture card also allows you to use your Nintendo Switch on your laptop thanks to the HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports included in the card.

Or you can also refer to other game cards such as Elgato by Corsair, Elgato HD60, Elgato HD60, which are quite famous and have many users.



Of course, to record video and display it on a laptop screen, software is indispensable. Additionally, streaming video to Twitch or similar platforms also requires capture software.

So Which Software Is The Most Reasonable To Use?

If you are someone who has used software for live video streaming before and you are familiar with it, you can continue using it.

If you are using this device for the first time and don’t know what software to use, you can try OBS Studio software.

Here are some reasons why you should use OBS studio:

  • The software is free to use and distribute. You do not have to pay any other costs to use this software.
  • In addition, OBS also supports operation on all leading operating systems such as Windows, Linux and even Mac.

If you want another option, you can also use Elgato, the most popular software today in live streaming. The free version of Elegato lets you record HD videos, but it doesn’t have many premium features.

Use Elgato to connect switch to laptop

 After everything is ready and complete, we will come to the steps to connect the nintendo switch to your laptop.

Steps To Connect The Switch To The Laptop

Steps To Connect The Switch To The Laptop

 Before we begin, we will briefly outline the idea for you to grasp easily.

With this method, your laptop screen will be used as a TV screen. So you’ll have to put the Switch in the Dock during gaming with the Switch on your computer.

Step 1

First, you use the Nintendo Switch to connect to the Nintendo Dock. The holes on the Switch all have information, look closely at the letters printed on the machine to find the Type-C head. The way to do it is quite simple, you just need to plug the end of the Dock’s cable into the Switch’s Type-C connector.

Step 2

If you’ve connected the Dock to your TV or monitor before, unplug the HDMI cable from them. At the same time also disconnect all things related to Switch for TV.

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Step 3

Next, you connect the Nintendo Dock to the video capture card of your choice earlier via an HDMI cable. Then make sure the HDMI cable is plugged into the card’s HDMI-in port and the other end is plugged into the Dock.

In general, identifying the card’s input and output ports is not difficult. Almost everything is available on the device.

Step 4

Install the software of your choice on your laptop and then open it after the installation is complete.

Step 5

Start up your Nintendo Switch device when you’re done docking. Continue, you take the USB cable to connect the video card to your laptop. Then you wait a few seconds for the screen to start up.

Once you see the Nintendo Switch home screen displayed right on your laptop, you’re done.

Step 6

To be more sure, control the Switch on the laptop to check if it works smoothly. If the cake encounters a problem, you have to check the end of the cable, the USB cord tight or not?

Finally, you can go full screen to experience the game and start streaming your video game. Alternatively, you can try interacting, chatting, and commenting directly on your videos.

If you are not clear and you want clearer instructions, you can refer to the following video.

Alternative strategy

If in case you are not able to connect the Switch to your laptop in the above way, we will give you two alternative strategies as follows:

  • You can change your laptop
  • Or you can install Nintendo games on your laptop if your laptop allows it.

Change laptop

how to connect switch to laptop
how to connect switch to laptop

 If you are using an older version of the laptop, the screen cannot be displayed and transmitted via the cable. As such, you are forced to use an alternative of changing your laptop. Here is Best Laptop For Gaming.

Install Nintendo games

Install Nintendo games
Install Nintendo games

 In fact, on the app market there are many popular games similar to Nintendo Switch. So to be able to experience them you can download and try them for free. However, for some games it is not free. Therefore, you have to spend money to buy applications for your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect a computer to the switch if there is no video card?

As we mentioned above, our computer only has an HDMI output port, so it can only take the signal out from the device. Without an HDMI video card, you cannot connect to HDMI. So there is no way to connect a computer to the switch without a video card.

Is it possible to record the conversion game on the computer?

HDMI capture card
HDMI capture card

 It is entirely possible to record the game when converting on a computer. Using an HDMI capture card will help you to record the game effectively. Please connect the capture card between the switch and the laptop. In the steps, we also have very specific instructions on how to record the game, you can go back and watch it.

Do you need to buy a new Nintendo Dock?

The purchase of a new Nintendo Dock only applies if you lose it. If you already have a Dock when you buy a Nintendo Switch, you can completely reuse that Dock.


We hope with this article, you will be able to connect your nintendo switch to laptop perfectly. From there, you’ll have more immersive experiences when playing games and streaming your own video games.

If you have any questions or comments, please contribute below for us to answer and fix.

Do not forget to share the article with your friends if you find the information we provide useful.

Thanks for reading!




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